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mrchumblie t1_ja2085s wrote

They’re definitely not the best in terms of audio quality, but they work very well in the Apple ecosystem and the Pros are pretty dang decent for an audio ear bud aimed at the mass market. Plus noise canceling is very convenient. If you’re looking for something more hi-if, I’d go on YouTube and research the best bud options from companies like klipsch, sennheiser, beyerdynamic, etc.

The ease of us with iPhone is really nice with phone calls. However, sometimes they disappoint me when it comes to calls. I feel like the microphone doesn’t pick up my voice as well as my iPhone does if I’m in a noisy environment. Mostly if I’m out in the city and it’s loud. Shouldn’t be an issue if you’re at home or in a reasonably normal environment.

I believe this is more-so an issue with how Bluetooth technology handles sending and receiving audio signals simultaneously (sending your voice audio and receiving the voice audio of whoever you’re speaking to) then it being an issue that is specific to AirPods. Hopefully we’ll develop a new standard or version of Bluetooth that isn’t as constrained by this.

Will say I definitely recommend the pros over regular AirPods for sound quality and comfort (and probably better mic quality too). There’s tons of YouTubers who have videos breaking down the difference between different AirPods models and competitors. I’d recommend watching a few of those videos if you’re torn over what to buy. Cheers.