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CBHPwns t1_ja2c2qd wrote

In terms of AirPods Pro 2nd Gen. Overpriced. Sound quality not impressive for price point.

Functionality on it’s own and with other apple devices? Satisfying and impressive.

Some examples:

With most modern apple devices, macbook or iphone etc if you are listening through external speakers on said device and then put the AirPods in your ear, it automatically switches to output to the AirPods.

Noise cancellation is really cool and great for silencing all white noise and mostly silencing louder sounds. I can still hear say, a tv at an acceptably loud volume, but its very muffled though still there. The feature does mostly work just not 100% noise cancellation. You can also switch to “transparency” mode to let external sounds in. Ive also been told they can work as de facto hearing aids, and will focus on someones voice and silence out other sounds and amplify their voice. (Haven’t tried that out)

All in all the features are great, just wish noise cancellation was 100%.

At the end of the day, for a product that is at its core an audio device, the sound quality is not worth $250.