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Checking out a 14 Pro Max at a shop, just wanting to know if 4K 60fps video is available on the main 1x lens only, and if the 0.5, 2x and 3x options available are just a digital zoom/crop, not using the optical zoom lenses?

They're not sure, and I can't find that info specifically?



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SomeGadgetGuy t1_ja68m7m wrote

In the past, the iPhone would shoot from the telephoto in good light, but indoors or at night, it would crop into the main sensor. It's really easy to test. Cover a lens with your finger.

Switch to the video mode, select the telephoto, and then cover the telephoto lens with your finger. If it switches to the main camera, then you can assume it will do that at night too.

While in video, with the telephoto selected, then cover the main camera sensor. If you still see an image, then it's recording from the correct sensor.

iPhones are some of the only phones that should properly record 4K60 from all three rear cameras, but so far I believe only the Pixel 7 Pro can SWITCH between all three rear cameras while shooting 4K60 in one clip without having to stop recording to switch sensors.


RPA031 OP t1_ja70f1o wrote

Thanks, I'll have to give that switching a try next time I'm looking at one.


PeanutButterChicken t1_ja6rey4 wrote

2x isn't a lens, it's a crop. 0.5x, 1x, and 3x will use the lenses themselves unless you're on 1x and do a macro shot or the lighting is shitty on 3x.


mavere t1_ja63fez wrote

How would they “crop” out to 0.5?

3x lens can do 4k60 natively.


RPA031 OP t1_ja648xn wrote

Yeah sorry I worded that poorly, just meant which focal lengths are true optical zoom for 4K60 video, with conflicting information from a couple of different shops.


Busy_You_9712 t1_ja66wsx wrote

You can shoot 4k60 video on all lens on 12 pro max , same goes for the 14 pro max


newecreator t1_ja6gfua wrote

I'm pretty sure 4K 60 is available on all lenses. Even the selfie lens.


_FaceOff_ t1_ja70blg wrote

You can shoot 4k 60FPS on any of the lenses dating back to at least the 12 Pro (possibly even the 11 Pro). So if you select the 3x telephoto lens and start recording video at 4k 60fps, it will be true 3x and not a digital zoom of the 1x main lens.

There is also a "Lock Camera" setting under Camera settings that allows you to control automatic switching between lenses during recording.