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[deleted] OP t1_ja5atu0 wrote

Yes but if you read my post again I state that I was having problems with my phone before the anger incident. I threw my phone because it froze for an hour. The freezing, malfunctioning & glitching happened way before I threw it. It’s really hard to keep storage low on my phone, I have a 64gb so every month I’m sorting through my photos mainly which is stressful but at the time of my purchase, the bigger storage you opt for, the more you pay and i couldn’t afford it.


TWYFAN97 t1_ja5b7ed wrote

If as you’ve said been having issues prior to the incident since initial ownership you may have a defective device. Unfortunately since it’s been four years your not covered under warranty for defects.


[deleted] OP t1_ja5blly wrote

Ahh I see. I was going to upgrade my phone to possibly a 13 or a 14 but wondered is it worth saving up for the 15? I don’t know a lot about it atm but wondering is it worth waiting for


TWYFAN97 t1_ja5btuz wrote

Unless you can get a crazy deal on either of those phones via a trade in for example I’d wait for the 15.