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mtanderson t1_ja8n297 wrote

I mean that isn’t great but let’s chill over a minor software glitch


ToffeeCoffee t1_ja8wi06 wrote

Dynamic island is going to take a few updates to work out most of the kinks, or even until next gen phone even. Being limited to Pro phones makes the userbase relatively small atm, I see lots of issues of it blocking things not only on Apple's side, but app developers as well - like a search bar on top of the app or display info being covered by the island.

Not being on a regular model probably slows the development and evolution of it, bit of a catch 22.


dropthemagic t1_ja9rmal wrote

Has anyone who makes these posts ever heard of Xanax.

I miss actual feedback on iPhones:

I want SMS pictures I want an App Store I want full encryption

This sub is turning into a weird bitch about anything you can find thing


gdbjr t1_ja9pz2x wrote

Oh the humanity.


Dietcherrysprite t1_ja9k0zx wrote

On a serious note, how essential is Dynamic Island day to day? Is it just a gimmick?


TAbramson15 t1_ja9yah5 wrote

Most people I see talking about it say they used it for the first week they had the phone and then never touched it again, so I’m guessing it’s just a gimmick apple put in place cause the tech to put all the Face ID sensors and selfie camera under the display, isn’t ready yet.


mtanderson t1_jaa7st6 wrote

Is it something you actively use though? everything happens by using your phone normally