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witnessthelight t1_jdzgpr3 wrote

I have personally used a container of rice to dry a phone out before. As it worked for me quite well, I will continue to maintain the belief in rice as a remedy for wet electronics.


hillandrenko t1_jdzmc77 wrote

The real problem apart from it not working - your phone would probably have dried out in a non-rice environment – is rice comes with dust — rice dust which sets like concrete once it gets wet so if this rice dust gets into the crevices of your iPhone where it's wet you're going to be left with this concrete material and for example your charger won't plug in or your volume buttons are sticky.


haroldhecuba88 t1_jdzotd0 wrote

He just stated it worked out well for him.


hillandrenko t1_je0ij3d wrote

I know and I addressed that. Read my comment properly.


haroldhecuba88 t1_je0z4wc wrote

I did. It doesn't sound like he has concrete on his phone. He seems pretty happy with the result. Also safe to assume his charger is working.


hillandrenko t1_je10x75 wrote

I wrote "your phone would probably have dried out [anyway] in a non-rice environment". I added the word in square brackets to bring the quote back into context before you start bleating about that. The concrete reference was a general statement of what can happen with rice dust, not with that commenter's phone, as is plainly obvious if you read it with an open mind instead of deciding what it says beforehand.


JimmerUK t1_je0upjd wrote

I have a special rock to sell you. It keeps tigers away.