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xdracx t1_jdzh0nx wrote

I have used isopropyl alcohol to remedy this issue. The reason why I dislike rice is because sure it dries up everything but not fast enough. It could corrode the board. Isopropyl alcohol dries faster and should prevent water from corroding the board in any way. Though I may be wrong but it has worked for me perfectly when I dropped water all over my MacBook pro


IndividualSchedule t1_je25ski wrote

So you dropped iso alcohol all over the mac to deal with that?


xdracx t1_je27xvg wrote

yeah I disconnected the battery and poured it on the Mac and the internals. I made sure it was completely powered down and nothing remained. I then blew air on it to make sure there wasn’t any residual water left inside small places. It was essentially dry.

But I don’t usually recommend it if you aren’t handy. If you can’t comfortably open up a MacBook and take it apart and put it back with ease then I don’t recommend it. Though it may be somewhat easier.. sometimes people lose the screws or tear connectors.


IndividualSchedule t1_je2cwf9 wrote

Oh ok. Makes sense. You needed to open up the mac. I just imagined you dumping it on the keyboard all that 😄


xdracx t1_je2efha wrote

I mean I got an old 2007 MacBook Pro I can try that on