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culturedrobot t1_je0ef5f wrote

This is just a bog standard SEO article that doesn’t cite anything for its claims that rice doesn’t help. The only links in the article are to other articles from this website.

So, in this case, The Family Handyman says don’t - we unfortunately don’t know what the science says because they didn’t show their work.

(The arguments against it do make sense, though. I’m just using this to soapbox about how you shouldn’t trust SEO articles like this that don’t cite their sources)


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0fbo1 wrote

There’s a study including.

  • Summary
  • Experiment Design
  • Water Ingress
  • Methodology


culturedrobot t1_je0h4so wrote

I mean, this is a white paper from a company that wants to sell you a service to dry out your phone and has a real interest in getting people to stop believing the rice myth. Maybe better than an SEO post that doesn’t cite any sources, but not exactly “the science.”


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0he39 wrote

That’s the study. If you disagree, refute it.


culturedrobot t1_je0ii27 wrote

Lol no, that's not how the burden of proof works. If you're going to come in here and say that "the science" says not to stick your phone in rice, you have to back that up with actual evidence. A white paper from a company with a vested interest in convincing people that the rice method doesn't work is not "science." It's a conflict of interest and that alone is enough to doubt its accuracy.

Someone with a username like yours should know the difference between actual studies and white papers with a motive.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0jh6r wrote

> Lol no, that's not how the burden of proof works.

Read their study and find a flaw. Repeat their experiment and prove it’s wrong.

Informally, they’re in the lead until/unless someone proves otherwise.


culturedrobot t1_je0kybc wrote

Okay, how about the fact that they didn't even use phones but instead used damp paper towel in a "simulator" meant to mimic a smartphone? That simulator was a box with holes in it.

How many absorbent motherboards and chipsets have you ever seen? Do you think a damp paper towel is a good stand in for these things?

This isn't a scientific study, it's a bare bones experiment using paper towel so they can dupe people into paying for their service. Did you even read this before you shared the link or did you just grab the first thing that seemed to agree with what you said?

I mean I don't even give a shit about this whole argument and tend to agree that rice probably doesn't work, but if you're going to say the science shows us that rice doesn't work, you have to back that up with better sources.