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chachahindustani t1_je0gfue wrote

Rice scientifically absorbs water/moisture


ROBe7904 t1_je0gxl5 wrote

That doesn’t mean it works when you put wet electronics in it.

Did the link I post not work?


chachahindustani t1_je0q7ik wrote

Your link did work, but it was just the author’s take on the issue, when carefully done, it will still work. Agreed not the most efficient or the best thing to do but it should not be completely disregarded as an option in emergency.


JimmerUK t1_je0ueej wrote

It doesn’t work any better than just leaving it out in the open. It could make things worse because the rice might insulate it.

Rice doesn’t aid evaporation just by being near electronics.


chachahindustani t1_je19yrg wrote

Rice absorbs moisture by itself but i see your point. The dust and powder can make a problem if not cared for properly.