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lucellent t1_je0ravq wrote

I know the comment might be from a bot but I will give the answer to anyone genuinely curous.

If your device is wet, chances are there's water inside the device. Simply placing it in rice won't do anything because rice grains are way too large to enter the device and suck out the water (even if they weren't, you'd end up with a device full of rice inside. That's worse that a wet device.)


Thecardinal74 t1_je0y6pw wrote

you do know that rice absorbs moisture from the air, right? That it doesn't need direct contact? It makes the air incredibly dry, which increases the evaporation rate for moisture inside the device.

If you only wanted to dry the surfaces rice can contact, why wouldn't you just use a paper towel?!


Ok-Calligrapher1345 t1_je1fmuz wrote

I love how this guy took the time to let us know that rice couldn’t fit inside our phone and suck out water


Hodgej1 t1_je1im06 wrote

I'm glad someone with sense posted in this thread.