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valhellis t1_jdzgis0 wrote

The microwave is probably a better choice, dont forget to put it in microwave mode before tho


EvaMae234 t1_jdzmr5d wrote

If you want to speed up the process throw a marshmallow wrapped in tin foil.


valhellis t1_jdzq3hy wrote

Or wrap your phone in tin foil or baking paper


operablesocks t1_je0242x wrote

Include 20-30 match heads to speed up the process, is what I've always read.


N3rdLlama t1_jdztmjj wrote

Once upon a time in a cell phone store, I definitely had a customer bring in a phone they microwaved to dry. They didn’t know it would cause a fire….


__-____-_________-__ t1_jdzcod4 wrote

Thank you for bringing up this topic. I agree that it's important to share accurate information on how to save a wet device.

While your suggestion of using a dry area with sufficient airflow is helpful, it would be great if you could provide some reasoning or evidence behind why putting a wet device in rice is not effective. Simply saying 'trust me bro' isn't helpful for those seeking reliable solutions.

Perhaps sharing personal experiences or linking to trustworthy sources could support your argument and help people make informed decisions. Thank you for your contribution to this discussion!

Edit: yes I used ChatGPT


popson t1_je0ld1m wrote

My AI senses are tingling…


__-____-_________-__ t1_je13b68 wrote

You’re correct.


PepeSilviaLovesCarol t1_je1d2pq wrote

Genuine question… why? Could you not type that up yourself?


__-____-_________-__ t1_je27llv wrote

Honestly, I didn’t think much of it. I was interested in what ChatGPT had to say about the topic and then asked to write a comment about it.


xdracx t1_jdzh0nx wrote

I have used isopropyl alcohol to remedy this issue. The reason why I dislike rice is because sure it dries up everything but not fast enough. It could corrode the board. Isopropyl alcohol dries faster and should prevent water from corroding the board in any way. Though I may be wrong but it has worked for me perfectly when I dropped water all over my MacBook pro


IndividualSchedule t1_je25ski wrote

So you dropped iso alcohol all over the mac to deal with that?


xdracx t1_je27xvg wrote

yeah I disconnected the battery and poured it on the Mac and the internals. I made sure it was completely powered down and nothing remained. I then blew air on it to make sure there wasn’t any residual water left inside small places. It was essentially dry.

But I don’t usually recommend it if you aren’t handy. If you can’t comfortably open up a MacBook and take it apart and put it back with ease then I don’t recommend it. Though it may be somewhat easier.. sometimes people lose the screws or tear connectors.


IndividualSchedule t1_je2cwf9 wrote

Oh ok. Makes sense. You needed to open up the mac. I just imagined you dumping it on the keyboard all that 😄


xdracx t1_je2efha wrote

I mean I got an old 2007 MacBook Pro I can try that on


Hanz_VonManstrom t1_je2360l wrote

I used to work at Apple and opened a lot of wet devices that were put in rice. Rice has a bunch of dust that will get inside the phone and instead of drying it out it turns in to a gummy paste that often makes things worse.


Psiphistikkated t1_je6jvnp wrote

The trust me bro is the one piece that made me believe that it wasn’t AI content.


lucellent t1_je0ravq wrote

I know the comment might be from a bot but I will give the answer to anyone genuinely curous.

If your device is wet, chances are there's water inside the device. Simply placing it in rice won't do anything because rice grains are way too large to enter the device and suck out the water (even if they weren't, you'd end up with a device full of rice inside. That's worse that a wet device.)


Thecardinal74 t1_je0y6pw wrote

you do know that rice absorbs moisture from the air, right? That it doesn't need direct contact? It makes the air incredibly dry, which increases the evaporation rate for moisture inside the device.

If you only wanted to dry the surfaces rice can contact, why wouldn't you just use a paper towel?!


Ok-Calligrapher1345 t1_je1fmuz wrote

I love how this guy took the time to let us know that rice couldn’t fit inside our phone and suck out water


Hodgej1 t1_je1im06 wrote

I'm glad someone with sense posted in this thread.


darrellgh t1_je0lh86 wrote

Mr or Ms Underline, I like your comment very much.


EvaMae234 t1_jdzllly wrote

Just throw it in silica and get drunk while you cry yourself to sleep like a normal person


example555 t1_je0jkla wrote

Tape the silica underneath your eyelids. No more tears !


amberbmx t1_je22twh wrote

instructions unclear, i are all the silica packets


EvaMae234 t1_je24nsq wrote

You want us to stick our phones inside you?


nero40 t1_jdzialf wrote

Nice try, but you aren’t going to make me throw away my “emergency-rice-just-for-drying-my-phone” stash.


MrSh0wtime3 t1_je0mlt4 wrote

i mean....unless you have a pretty old phone or dropped your phone in the ocean its kind of not a thing anymore. Every decent phone can withstand water for quite awhile.


Ok_Literature4158 t1_je64hfu wrote

  • Not necessarily when i had my 12 Pro i was at work and some juice splashed on the screen and it instantly turned off and wouldn’t do anything i put it in rice right away and 2 hours later i was back working…Idk that’s just my testament…

PoetryRadiant6278 t1_je1mll3 wrote

The point is that putting a wet device in rice will dry it out, but it will also pull all the starch from the rice and potentially into your phone, causing more problems than it would fix. Silica packets are always the way forward.


dgtlfnk t1_je1vge5 wrote

You’re not supposed to shake vigorously. Lol. If it’s just sitting there, no starch should make its way into your phone, save for just a little at the port openings… MAYBE. Stop making up boogeymen.


SmartPipe3882 t1_jdzncis wrote

There is no problem in life that cannot be resolved through immersion in rice.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jdzoo8p wrote

I got dunked in honey once.

Being immersed in rice made that situation worse.


SmartPipe3882 t1_jdzov7i wrote

Well did you take the time to ensure you were making the correct rice choice?

Basmati rice? Yeah, bad times. Puffed rice? You’re a walking dessert, everyone loves you, you’re worshiped as a god.


chachahindustani t1_je0609n wrote

Rice is the most easy to find and cheap alternative to desiccant at home.


ROBe7904 t1_je08dmd wrote

But it’s a myth. It does nothing


chachahindustani t1_je0gfue wrote

Rice scientifically absorbs water/moisture


ROBe7904 t1_je0gxl5 wrote

That doesn’t mean it works when you put wet electronics in it.

Did the link I post not work?


chachahindustani t1_je0q7ik wrote

Your link did work, but it was just the author’s take on the issue, when carefully done, it will still work. Agreed not the most efficient or the best thing to do but it should not be completely disregarded as an option in emergency.


JimmerUK t1_je0ueej wrote

It doesn’t work any better than just leaving it out in the open. It could make things worse because the rice might insulate it.

Rice doesn’t aid evaporation just by being near electronics.


chachahindustani t1_je19yrg wrote

Rice absorbs moisture by itself but i see your point. The dust and powder can make a problem if not cared for properly.


Gigantdutch t1_jdzd8cn wrote

Putting the device in a hygroscopic area is what matters. Sometime a dry, ventilated area is enough, but putting it in rice or some chemical product ( the stuff you find in packaging ) Also woodshavings can be used, as long as the surrounding temperature is high ( and preferably dry ) enough

The choice for rice is mostly made because of availbility en cheap price. And the tiny Chinese men who com to repair the device like to eat the rice better then woodshavings.

and to be somewhat more serious ( first half )


drewtootrue t1_je0rlvy wrote

Have you tried putting yourself in rice?


witnessthelight t1_jdzgpr3 wrote

I have personally used a container of rice to dry a phone out before. As it worked for me quite well, I will continue to maintain the belief in rice as a remedy for wet electronics.


hillandrenko t1_jdzmc77 wrote

The real problem apart from it not working - your phone would probably have dried out in a non-rice environment – is rice comes with dust — rice dust which sets like concrete once it gets wet so if this rice dust gets into the crevices of your iPhone where it's wet you're going to be left with this concrete material and for example your charger won't plug in or your volume buttons are sticky.


haroldhecuba88 t1_jdzotd0 wrote

He just stated it worked out well for him.


hillandrenko t1_je0ij3d wrote

I know and I addressed that. Read my comment properly.


haroldhecuba88 t1_je0z4wc wrote

I did. It doesn't sound like he has concrete on his phone. He seems pretty happy with the result. Also safe to assume his charger is working.


hillandrenko t1_je10x75 wrote

I wrote "your phone would probably have dried out [anyway] in a non-rice environment". I added the word in square brackets to bring the quote back into context before you start bleating about that. The concrete reference was a general statement of what can happen with rice dust, not with that commenter's phone, as is plainly obvious if you read it with an open mind instead of deciding what it says beforehand.


JimmerUK t1_je0upjd wrote

I have a special rock to sell you. It keeps tigers away.


Kickmeiamadog t1_je0xkmz wrote

Ah, so the tumble dryer must be the perfect location 👍


hiimlockedout t1_je599yy wrote

So many people in this thread (probably including OP too) who think that people actually try to dry a literal dripping wet phone with rice…

Rice absorbs moisture in the air. So if you’ve dropped your electronic device in water and want to be sure it gets completely dried out even on the inside, you would dry the outside of said device first, and then place it inside a container of rice or another moisture absorbing material (like cat litter). You would leave it in there for at least 24 hours or more depending on how sure you want to be that it is dry inside.

OP is not wrong either, as air flow in a dry room should also do the trick. The caveat is that you need to be sure the room is dry enough to allow the moisture inside the device to evaporate away.

That’s why it’s easier to use a bag or container filled with a moisture absorbent(rice) because it’s easier to achieve a dry environment inside a small container than it is to maintain the same level of dryness in a room.


CelticBlue22 t1_jdzf7gv wrote

Follow the science


culturedrobot t1_je0ef5f wrote

This is just a bog standard SEO article that doesn’t cite anything for its claims that rice doesn’t help. The only links in the article are to other articles from this website.

So, in this case, The Family Handyman says don’t - we unfortunately don’t know what the science says because they didn’t show their work.

(The arguments against it do make sense, though. I’m just using this to soapbox about how you shouldn’t trust SEO articles like this that don’t cite their sources)


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0fbo1 wrote

There’s a study including.

  • Summary
  • Experiment Design
  • Water Ingress
  • Methodology


culturedrobot t1_je0h4so wrote

I mean, this is a white paper from a company that wants to sell you a service to dry out your phone and has a real interest in getting people to stop believing the rice myth. Maybe better than an SEO post that doesn’t cite any sources, but not exactly “the science.”


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0he39 wrote

That’s the study. If you disagree, refute it.


culturedrobot t1_je0ii27 wrote

Lol no, that's not how the burden of proof works. If you're going to come in here and say that "the science" says not to stick your phone in rice, you have to back that up with actual evidence. A white paper from a company with a vested interest in convincing people that the rice method doesn't work is not "science." It's a conflict of interest and that alone is enough to doubt its accuracy.

Someone with a username like yours should know the difference between actual studies and white papers with a motive.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_je0jh6r wrote

> Lol no, that's not how the burden of proof works.

Read their study and find a flaw. Repeat their experiment and prove it’s wrong.

Informally, they’re in the lead until/unless someone proves otherwise.


culturedrobot t1_je0kybc wrote

Okay, how about the fact that they didn't even use phones but instead used damp paper towel in a "simulator" meant to mimic a smartphone? That simulator was a box with holes in it.

How many absorbent motherboards and chipsets have you ever seen? Do you think a damp paper towel is a good stand in for these things?

This isn't a scientific study, it's a bare bones experiment using paper towel so they can dupe people into paying for their service. Did you even read this before you shared the link or did you just grab the first thing that seemed to agree with what you said?

I mean I don't even give a shit about this whole argument and tend to agree that rice probably doesn't work, but if you're going to say the science shows us that rice doesn't work, you have to back that up with better sources.


Night__Prowler t1_jdzhd08 wrote

OP doesn’t like you wasting rice. 🥴


passion4film t1_je0nbsa wrote

What a surprisingly contentious comments section. lol


[deleted] OP t1_je0s04b wrote

The best thing would to be to open it up, disconnect the battery and keep it open to dry


h1r0ll3r t1_je1lxgc wrote

Which rice is best rice for drying out your iPhone? Basmati? Medium Long Grain?


Captain_Murder t1_je224rw wrote

This entire thread feels like a fever dream.


CandyLost1180 t1_je2h3yq wrote

A nuclear powered Hoover Max Extract Pressure Pro model 60 will do the job. Apparently it's a new air blower specifically designed for this.


ultratiem t1_je2xr52 wrote

Honestly the fridge is the best option. Totally safe and it’s drying ability is far superior to that of rice.


ThatBrownDoode t1_je5bv8p wrote

Rice isn’t a magical product but it does attract magical people to do their magic.


ROBe7904 t1_je0839g wrote

The rice trick is a myth anyway.


tta82 t1_je3l7ii wrote

Just buy a new phone. Peasants.


mozzamo t1_jdzfhnz wrote

Rice draws moisture from moist things. Rice it up