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I’ve owned at least 8 different iPhones, the 14 Pro is the glitchiest and laggiest one I’ve ever had. I traded in an 11 pro for an “upgrade” and I got a downgrade.



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FirstAd6165 t1_jcb3yb1 wrote

It has nothing to do with the hardware. It’s iOS 16


zedsmith t1_jcb7k4g wrote

Does iOS 16 ruin the image processing for phones other than the 14pro?

It’s not all software, it’s how the software is designed to use the hardware. You can’t talk about one without the other with apple.


CrippleSlap t1_jcba7oe wrote

and iOS 16 isn't that bad. Its definitely not perfect, but I'm hoping iOS 17 is much more stable.


TWYFAN97 t1_jcbd2sk wrote

It’s likely the software. Some have issues some don’t. My 14 Pro Max and the smaller 14 Pros my family members have are very pleased. It’s one of the best iPhones I’ve owned and I’ve had nearly all of them.


oVerboostUK t1_jcgrww3 wrote

Well this isn’t the case for the majority, otherwise every other post on here would be a complaint! Take the phone back to Apple or simply return it for a refund.

I’ve had almost every new iPhone released, and the 14 Pro I bought on launch day has been faultless. Great battery, great display, good signal etc…