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Clipsy1985 t1_je3xprg wrote

These are the only states that legally allow Digital IDs - so whenever new states pass legislation.


0000GKP t1_je4kxhu wrote

> These are the only states that legally allow Digital IDs - so whenever new states pass legislation.

Louisiana has been using a digital ID app since 2018. It has your driver’s license, hunting & fishing licenses, concealed carry permits, and vaccination records.

State law requires that the app be accepted for specific things and also soecifies certain things that it can’t be used for. As far as I know, there are no laws yet that make a digital ID valid in every state like a physical ID is.


TheWhyOfFry t1_je40ov4 wrote

> At least 11 states have passed legislation allowing digital IDs

As of Dec 2021, it’s not just a legal issue for more states…


Feeling-Orange3229 t1_je6xq5d wrote

The only states that allow digital id through Apple. Foe example I live in Florida and they allow digital ID, but through Florida’s digital ID app


lntenseLlama t1_je8m41t wrote

Where can you actually use it? Never seen it accepted in anywhere in CO.


Clipsy1985 t1_jeaz6vo wrote

State agencies, Interacting with law enforcement, buying booze, pot, etc. It came in stages like police was the end of 2019, state patrol was the end of 2020, and I think booze/pot was this year.


NomadicSplinter t1_je60kzy wrote

Are you asking for the government to work faster? You expect the government to be technologically up to date? 🤣.


2Adude OP t1_je62d0u wrote

Nope. Not at all. Government is never efficient.


Tahns t1_je6mtj3 wrote

I, for one, don’t really want my government to use the “move fast, break things” mantra.


2Adude OP t1_je6pb7a wrote

Oh, they’ll break things anyway along the way, they always do , bunch of complete morons


YTKingDoublePump t1_je6uipf wrote

Fr it doesn’t help they’re all so old they don’t know about how the Internet or tech in general works. By the time our government allows us to use the things we think are new now. We as a generation will all be middle aged.


infinityandbeyond75 t1_je546a9 wrote

The sad thing is you’re still going to have to carry a physical license for quite some time. Even if your state approves digital IDs your bank may still require a physical ID for quite some time. Places like hospitals or places that require a credit check may require physical IDs. If you are buying age restricted products such as alcohol or tobacco, not all locations will immediately have a way to validate a digital ID. Also, if you’re traveling, you may leave from a state that the airport accepts a digital ID but go to a state that doesn’t. Upon traveling back, you may have to show a physical ID.

It’s going to take 10-15 years or more before we can expect to see things start to really take off for digital IDs.


HousePlant21 t1_je5l43p wrote

I’m fine with all that. I just want to be able to run the store real quick without my wallet.


infinityandbeyond75 t1_je5mxi8 wrote

I know a lot of people that just keep their license in their car. I don’t even think I’ve had to show my license to anyone in over a year.


HousePlant21 t1_je5ngbi wrote

Ehh idk. If my car gets stolen now I lose my car and my ID. If I had my ID on my phone and my phone was stolen, I’d still have my physical ID as a back up.


ArizaWarrior t1_je5r0n2 wrote

So annoying that more states aren’t allowing this i’m sick and tired of carrying a wallet, even the magsafe one


Independent_Goat88 t1_je5l0hr wrote

I don’t know. But I’m kinda weary about adding it - I mean the whole purpose is to be an ID replacement right? So the police ask for your ID, you hand them your phone with the ID popped up, Aren’t you essentially giving them access to your phone for whatever purpose? I don’t know the legality‘s here maybe someone else can chime in but that’s just my thought.


Relevant_Day801 t1_je6n54h wrote

Would be cool if you could airdrop them a temp copy of the license and insurance card that disappears in 15 minutes…


f60faith t1_je6o9im wrote

I’m not sure how it works for Apple wallet but if your state has digital ID the police scan a QR code on your screen, so they don’t actually physically touch your phone. I just looked at my digital ID and it actually says…share your info scan QR code( and my camera comes up)So maybe you use your phone to scan a QR code that then somehow sends your information to a device the officer has🤷🏼‍♀️


ThatYoungBusinessGuy t1_je70hew wrote

In my state our Digital ID is added to the iPhone wallet and it has a barcode an officer can scan and they could just write down your DL number from the ID pass. Has your picture, name and DL number along with the barcode.

I can access it with my iPhone locked. Double press lock button and tap my ID in the wallet.


Gengar1221 t1_je60cut wrote

I just got a digital app yesterday for Florida, but I've been told nobody accepts the digital ID yet. I'm curious if that is how they'll integrate everything.


Sacred_succotash t1_je66az5 wrote

Does anyone know what the benefit is in Maryland? Like where can it currently even be used?


lost_in_da_sauce t1_je6vr5h wrote

I was in National (DCA) for a flight Sunday and TSA said it was an acceptable form of ID for Maryland residents.


PotatoesDealer t1_je8g5uo wrote

Really? I flew through all 3 airports and not once they accepted it always saying this machine doesn’t support it…


bushwickrik t1_je73c5l wrote

They were in talks with New York State last year but we’re still waiting.


Vampireh7 t1_je7511j wrote

I have the one for Florida, no one accepts it yet!


Frantik508 t1_je5gcon wrote

Haven't looked at the comments yet, so this may have already been stated, but it's not up to Apple to add states; it's up to each state to legally allow digital identification. I'd say within ten years, all states will allow it, and physical IDs won't even be required anymore.


Bacon-80 t1_je5vnxn wrote

Honestly this may happen before physical RealID is required 😂


rwills t1_je5ws7s wrote

Kentucky was originally announced alongside this feature, and we still dont have it.


-_-_-_-__-_-_- t1_je64p1s wrote

tbh im kind of shocked that they used other states than california on the list, like their HQ is in San Jose if i aint wrong


everymanakang t1_je6rc20 wrote

This stuff is like Apple Pay. It’s based on government permission.


Excellent_Cloud1943 t1_je82r8i wrote

States need to get out of the stone ages. Washington for being such a tech state is so behind when it comes to driver’s license service and plates.


ajcmaster t1_jeay1qa wrote

Well, well, for once Brazil is ahead in something.

We have this nation wide for a couple of years already.

Edit: it's not this app from the photo, but one from the government itself.


TAbramson15 t1_je4c0m4 wrote

It’s all dependent on state by state law/ legislation. They have to approve it individually and have to be willing to apply it to all their state and local police agencies as a valid form of ID for all purposes of a physical one. And or make exceptions to some purposes and deny others based of individual views on it. It’s a complicated thing to adopt a digital ID nation wide when we’ve had nothing but physical id’s for so long.


FakeNewsGazette t1_je59wzy wrote

You are not missing much. I am in one of these states and have set it up. At the moment there literally are only some very specific TSA airport checkpoints that can use them. So it only would use useful if you are flying from stay Phoenix to Baltimore. Even then you still need you physical wallet card in case your plane is assigned to a gate that might be on a different checkpoint that does not have this capability.

The state cops don’t know about these for Terry stops, let alone retail, restaurants, bars which might need to check ID.


2Adude OP t1_je62xwc wrote

I had not thought of the tsa point. Interesting


Becc00 t1_je5o5ww wrote

What are those state icons? I love the look of them


rage1026 t1_je5plco wrote

Are you referring to the cactus, ram and crab ?


Becc00 t1_je5pomw wrote

yes, idk what to call them except icons. Flags seem wrong


rage1026 t1_je5zn0r wrote

I’m curious what my state would be. I imagine a oil rig or just a plain Star. Though a space shuttle would be nice.


Sacred_succotash t1_je6648m wrote

Hi 👋🏼 Marylander here. It’s a blue crab. Our “state crustacean”. Blue crabs are also found in other areas but Maryland is particularly known for its high availability and an entire food culture around blue crabs. If you’ve never had them and ever get a chance to, I highly recommend it. I’m not sure about the other states. But both our state flag and the blue crab have been featured on drivers licenses for years.


rage1026 t1_je7lyys wrote

Oh I could definitely easily get them. I’m basically in gulf coast and next door neighbors with Cajun Country.


Sacred_succotash t1_je7nj4s wrote

If you can find them get some! Steamed Cajun style would be just as good as JO seasoning from md!


Jameson_G t1_je8gfud wrote

does it work in Canada?


[deleted] t1_je8ph0n wrote

I know these are legal and all that. I have forgotten my license many times while pulled over.

You can give a cop your name and they can look it up. I know some states have fines if not in possession of your card. I also keep pics of it securely stored. Have done this for years with no issues. The same goes for insurance and registration.


Hue_Boss t1_je9f9qn wrote

New states? When do they add more countries? 😂


iridescentsocks t1_je3zd4g wrote

When it becomes legal in the other states.


TheWhyOfFry t1_je40pcp wrote

> At least 11 states have passed legislation allowing digital IDs

As of Dec 2021, it’s not just a legal issue for more states…


iridescentsocks t1_je41ows wrote

Quite the miracle. I honestly never bothered to look back into it because I didn’t believe the states would be on board.


HousePlant21 t1_je5ku1n wrote

Ya I need my state so I can run out real quick without my wallet.


rynoman1110 t1_je6gtk3 wrote

Co here. Tho didn’t even irk for me.


Ok-Status7867 t1_je72v3o wrote

Ok this is nice and everything, but i dont want a cop snooping my phone when i hand him this. Hopefully this page will lock to prevent anyone from browsing my personal stuff in the car while hes writing my ticket.


2Adude OP t1_je7345e wrote

My cousin in Colorado said once u pull that up , it then requires phone to be unlocked to make it go away


[deleted] t1_je48fgd wrote



infinityandbeyond75 t1_je51rug wrote

You’ve completely missed the point of this post. They are asking when more than 3 states are going to have the option for a digital license. Even when it was announced there were like 10 states that they listed as coming soon but it’s been such a slow rollout. Each state needs to implement their state individually.


trs21219 t1_je5g5dz wrote

Who has broken face id in the first place? Get your phone fixed if you want to use all of the features.