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Lil_Twist t1_jdkagqd wrote

Well a trick I learned was to go to your text editor / autocorrect and add a word like “@@“ which you tell it to autocorrect to your email. So even if you have more than one you can keep adding different autocorrect words and phrases, ie “@1” or an “@2”. It’s whatever you want to do.


Cheddre t1_jdku6oa wrote

I have like a hundred shortcuts like this for various symbols and copypastas and stuff. i use the prefix && so they can never be used unintentionally somehow.

And yes, my emails are among them.


TheMercDeadpool t1_jdkvaw4 wrote

What’s the shitpants one


Cheddre t1_jdkvibt wrote

here this is it in plain text

😃 i just shit my pants! ≤))≥ _| _

it works much better in a text message though


doob22 t1_jdlx43d wrote

Thank you for showing me this one, it will make my conversations go much smoother


rubiojp t1_jdltt7y wrote

How do you add the new line in the text replacement to have the emoji come up like that? 🤔😊


VxJasonxV t1_jdlya9f wrote

Open Notes

Hit enter

Select all


Go to Shortcuts


Alternatively, just get it set up appropriately in Notes or Messages once, select all, copy, and then paste it into keyboard shortcuts.


SenorW00tles t1_jdmtarq wrote

To add on to this… you have to hit shift before return to add the line breaks. It doesn’t look any different, but it definitely is. Tap shift like you’re capitalizing something, then tap/hold shift again while pressing Return where you want the line breaks. I just spent way too long getting “shitpants” set up because I still think poop is funny at 36


meandgoliath t1_jdl1mer wrote

How much math are you doing that you need two square root shortcuts??


Cheddre t1_jdl3m6g wrote

There’s three! i add duplicates for almost everything in case i forget what i call them. so i could use &root or &radix and still get √


drink_water_plz t1_jdmb0q4 wrote

On a side note, you do know that there’s a greek letter keyboard, right? Meaning you don’t really need shortcuts for stuff like Σ,π,Δ,δ,μ,… or maybe even others in case you do physics and need like λ,ω,ρ,σ or whatever


[deleted] t1_jdl72su wrote



yeahbuddy t1_jdlcsko wrote


Seeing this in the wild is never not funny


eternaxv t1_jdl0osa wrote

And how about the YT link? Why do you need one as a shortcut 😂

Anyway I use them to insert my home addresses


burgerRamli t1_jdlo3m6 wrote

Why there is a Chinese song 😂


Cheddre t1_jdmt4vb wrote

Super idol 的笑容都没你的甜 八月正午的阳光都没你耀眼 热爱105 °C度的你 滴滴清纯的蒸馏水!!!!


Neil_LP t1_jdn1kkb wrote

How often do you have to type sigma, square root, shwa e, or the Saturn symbol? I’ve never had to type Super idol in chinese.


Cheddre t1_jdn3fhr wrote

Not particularly often for any of them, but it’s very nice to have in case I need to. i do a lot of science both for school and in my free time, so i find it convenient in these cases and i have a lot of other shortcuts for those purposes. like for example i have shortcuts for subscript and superscript numbers, useful for chemistry [C₂H₅OH] and math [9² = 81].

Planetary symbols are just nice for shorthand in astronomy. for example, Jupiter has a mass of about 310 M⊕. other symbols are just nice to have access to whenever i might use them

here this one is for you:



allholy1 t1_jdn7lpg wrote

How did you get the right arrow


Cheddre t1_jdn8093 wrote

There are unicode symbols for them. here are all of them if you wanted them for yourself:

↑ ↗ → ↘ ↓ ↙ ← ↖


thechadmonke t1_jdl77eb wrote

Yeah but it doesn’t work if you have a third-party password manager, at least not for me. Whenever I go to a username text field it’ll just say “passwords” without letting me dismiss it. My shortcuts don’t even work.


Mecharuva t1_jdl8kox wrote

I believe that’s up to the app developer to indicate what the input field is so that iOS keyboard will behave appropriately, and password boxes can be specified. Odd they’d do that on a username field.


GlitchParrot t1_jdljqat wrote

It’s not odd at all. The username field will also be automatically filled in by the password manager. It’s actually really convenient, especially if you don’t use the same email/username for all apps/websites.


Ignivomous t1_jdm273z wrote

I use this, too, but it only works about half the time I need it. It mostly fails when I’m using my email as a log-in field, like saved passwords feature overrides it. Anyone have a fix?


mysteryman447 t1_jdlerkj wrote

I use that to get apostrophized words without the annoyance of spell correct lol


barchueetadonai t1_jdm9av8 wrote

Two very useful shortcuts I have are “weel” for “we’ll” and “weer” for “we’re” since they’re very common words that conflict with other very common words.


fishbiscuit13 t1_jdlc30x wrote

That doesn't help here, this is the default email suggestion when you highlight an email text box, which pulls from your contact info.


Lyra125 t1_jdmjemi wrote

I have not been able to get this to work? is it because I'm using a non apple keyboard?

most of the time when there is a text field my text shortcuts don't work so it ends up being useless


ElectricBrain t1_jdk3arf wrote

This feature sucks. I have multiple emails I all use however it always brings up this one email even when I manually type in another. There’s no learning ability at all. The email it brings up I never want to auto enter.


zajjyzaj t1_jdkhl61 wrote

I think it’s whatever email is listed first in your contact card.


ElectricBrain t1_jdl2ux8 wrote

Not for me. Last email in the contact card. And also my work phone which is second listed.


caspararemi t1_jdlx26h wrote

Mine brings up a gmail address I haven’t used in years and isn’t on my contacts or in my Mail app. No idea how to get rid. But more annoyingly if I’m signing up for something after half a second it pops up the button to create a hidden iCloud address, so the gmail one always pops to the right and I always tap on that option then have to cancel. No idea how to disable that.


Lloyd_Christmasss t1_jdkqlf2 wrote

I created text replacements for each of my emails under keyboard settings to make up for this.


notheatherbee t1_jdm51ut wrote

I have this too but sometimes it doesn’t recognize it and I still have to type it all out.


Lyra125 t1_jdmjlwl wrote

most of the time that's the case for me super annoying


Schly t1_jdkp9cj wrote

I have corrected mine in the past but I sure can’t recall how I did it.

I do think I did it right from the texting screen, though.


islifeball t1_jdl0qhv wrote

I have my main email setup as a shortcut for @@


KithAndAkin t1_jdkqhg9 wrote

Are the other comments helping you see how it works?


footpole t1_jdo8aen wrote

For me it brings up my number correctly as +35840… but when I use it to auto fill a form it becomes 40… which doesn’t work as it should be 040… without the country code.


jestr6 t1_jdpibwx wrote

One of the biggest things I miss from Android. Love my phone but there are definitely things I miss.


spazzcat t1_jdm3uql wrote

Add all your emails to your contact, then they will show up.


14letters3numbers t1_jdkq4bi wrote

It is not the email address that is listed first on my contact. For me, it is always my second email address and it is completely inflexible. I hate it so much.


Bacon-80 t1_jdkojls wrote


cd247 t1_jdlacrp wrote

Why is it sometimes I get my top (home) email and other times I get my 2nd and 3rd (work and school)?


Bacon-80 t1_jdlelvi wrote

I'm not entirely sure but my guess would be that frequently visited websites can detect a pattern maybe? For the email that may be more commonly used on its domains and suggest similar? Not really sure tbh.


cd247 t1_jdlgv8o wrote

I don’t know either. I don’t think it’s that though because I never use my school email since I graduated. Most of the time it just shows my “home” email address though so it’s not a huge issue. The only annoying thing is that usually when it doesn’t pop up, text replacement shortcuts don’t work either


Bacon-80 t1_jdmq2we wrote

Oh really? I didn’t know about the shortcuts not working cuz I was gonna suggest having like @@ be a shortcut 😓


SexySalamanders t1_jdlvnuq wrote

I believe iOS is trying to be „smart” and predict which e-mail you’ll want to use instead of just allowing you to force it to always suggest the one you set as the default one…


clipboarder t1_jdlcz28 wrote

It’s not unfortunately.


Bacon-80 t1_jdleo0g wrote

Weird - that's how mine is set up & that's what I get as my suggested emails. I usually get both as a suggestion 🤷🏻‍♀️


clipboarder t1_jdlexv3 wrote

It feels random since its different emails at different times. I’m sure there’s some logic behind it but I’ve not figured it out.


LlamaRS t1_jdko749 wrote

You know people can still make out what it is, right?


fetzu t1_jdljiro wrote

Unfortunately it is not the first (or second, or third…) email listed in your contact card. Mine is still autosuggesting a gmail address I have phased out in 2019…


Murder_Not_Muckduck t1_jdl5zvv wrote

Thank God you circled it


RawDataCore t1_jdmifhx wrote

I thought the same, it was difficult to know which one OP was referring to among the 12 emails from the picture


fjwright t1_jdmt35u wrote

What about that username OP


jmills64 t1_jdkv7ep wrote

This is all very helpful


turbo_dude t1_jdlnloc wrote

Why would you want to edit it? Apple knows best.


JagerKnightster t1_jdm4uz2 wrote

It keeps suggesting an email that i haven’t used in years. It’s not on my contact card, and the account is not logged in to my phone. Super frustrating


PretendMuteTrain t1_jdn68mj wrote

You can change the email circled by clicking undo and drawing different shape. You can try triangle, rectangle, square, maybe rombus too. You're welcome.


jkfall t1_jdln1nt wrote

Go to your contact and change your email there


Phani_i_ t1_jdmi6a0 wrote

I thought by holding it .


magsbunni t1_jdn08cl wrote

Tell your dad to stop biting your nipples


mevaz8 t1_jdqkcsv wrote

You realize you don’t have to circle it since it’s the only email you’re showing, right???


master_shifu- t1_jdla66o wrote

Maybe text replacement can be a option


Still_Ocelot930 t1_jdle4fm wrote

What if the email that comes up isn’t mine? Is there another way other than text shortcuts?


footpole t1_jdo8svy wrote

That’s a screenshot from someone else’s phone. You’ll get a different one, don’t worry.


BellamyRFC54 t1_jdlyir2 wrote

Start typing in another email and it’ll change


tarsins t1_jdlsle4 wrote

Switch provider.


Partayof4 t1_jdlj1pl wrote

Login in gmail and change whatever setting you wish to change