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ElectricBrain t1_jdk3arf wrote

This feature sucks. I have multiple emails I all use however it always brings up this one email even when I manually type in another. There’s no learning ability at all. The email it brings up I never want to auto enter.


zajjyzaj t1_jdkhl61 wrote

I think it’s whatever email is listed first in your contact card.


ElectricBrain t1_jdl2ux8 wrote

Not for me. Last email in the contact card. And also my work phone which is second listed.


caspararemi t1_jdlx26h wrote

Mine brings up a gmail address I haven’t used in years and isn’t on my contacts or in my Mail app. No idea how to get rid. But more annoyingly if I’m signing up for something after half a second it pops up the button to create a hidden iCloud address, so the gmail one always pops to the right and I always tap on that option then have to cancel. No idea how to disable that.


Lloyd_Christmasss t1_jdkqlf2 wrote

I created text replacements for each of my emails under keyboard settings to make up for this.


notheatherbee t1_jdm51ut wrote

I have this too but sometimes it doesn’t recognize it and I still have to type it all out.


Lyra125 t1_jdmjlwl wrote

most of the time that's the case for me super annoying


Schly t1_jdkp9cj wrote

I have corrected mine in the past but I sure can’t recall how I did it.

I do think I did it right from the texting screen, though.


islifeball t1_jdl0qhv wrote

I have my main email setup as a shortcut for @@


KithAndAkin t1_jdkqhg9 wrote

Are the other comments helping you see how it works?


footpole t1_jdo8aen wrote

For me it brings up my number correctly as +35840… but when I use it to auto fill a form it becomes 40… which doesn’t work as it should be 040… without the country code.


jestr6 t1_jdpibwx wrote

One of the biggest things I miss from Android. Love my phone but there are definitely things I miss.


spazzcat t1_jdm3uql wrote

Add all your emails to your contact, then they will show up.