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cmotdibbler t1_jebfed9 wrote

Instructions were emailed to you.


Comprehensive-Ask26 t1_jed3gis wrote

I called 19 times but he didn’t pick up


8ball-coco t1_jedzwpv wrote

Maybe he didn’t get the calls? Could be an iOS bug, looks like there’s an update available.


afour23 OP t1_jecqobl wrote

Lol hell yea..I needed that laugh


RWTF t1_jeea14a wrote

Not sure if you care, but as a fellow unread email person, you can have it so that specific things like email don’t have a number. I got used to seeing nothing there after a week.

Settings -> notifications -> mail -> badges

No judgement if you don’t care but someone posted this on Reddit the other day so figured I’d pass along the tech tip.


Strvctvred t1_jebk2vu wrote

Bwahaha, you deserve more than an upvote. Hat tip to you.


Any-Listen-1867 t1_jebe4mm wrote

You can technically do this by creating a shortcut for each app. When you create the shortcut you just don’t give it a name. A little annoying and take work but it looks pretty good when done. But it does mean it won’t show notification bubbles on the app icon.


ResolvePsychological t1_jecp1kn wrote

who let him cook 🔥🔥🔥


kelvach t1_jedeoos wrote

Oh man, apart of me wants to go ape shit with customising my home screen. Where did you get the transparent icons from?


leon0399 t1_jee98ba wrote

I have a feeling OP won’t regret not having em, especially on email app 😂


seira87 t1_jebk59s wrote

I used to do this back in the jailbreak days.


mydnytefantasy89 t1_jecs57a wrote

Came looking for this comment. Wasn't sure how many people remembered this. Man, that was like ios 7 days. I used to have those glyph icons and no app names, my home screen looked so damn clean back then.


ResolvePsychological t1_jecp5rh wrote

what happened? is ios 16/new iphones not jailbreakable?


mydnytefantasy89 t1_jecscpy wrote

Well, ish. Looked into it recently, a lot seems to have changed. I think up to like 16.1 can be jailbroken, something like that. Seems most jailbreaks aren't untethered though, so once you restart your phone, you have to go through the jailbreak process again. Easier the second time around when it's already set up, still a pain though


FreakG175 t1_jedps70 wrote

I got my phone jailbroken till iPhone X. Every time you restart you need a computer to redo the jailbreak. Later it was an app. But the JB were pretty stable. So you could get 30 days of uptime with it.


mydnytefantasy89 t1_jedqlnh wrote

Hey, that's nice. I haven't jailbroken anything in a couple years. Switched to Android for necessary reasons, and I don't mind it. Kinda miss having an iphone, kinda fine without it. I always try to stay up to date though, fixing phones and whatnot. The older blackra1n untethered ones would crash often for me, it was annoying. I still did it though, I was addicted to icon packs lol never had more than a week of uptime myself, probably had bad tweaks or just too many, I could never help myself.


paulstelian97 t1_jedy04g wrote

For me a semi tethered jailbreak is good enough in the end.


TheSadLifeOfADreamer t1_jeec9z8 wrote

newer iPhones (A12 and after) don’t have the security exploits in ios 16 that jailbreak developers need in order for them to develop a jailbreak method. my 11 is jail broken on ios 14.4 but it can’t be jail broken on ios 16 as of yet to my knowledge. every iphone (A11 and before) can be jailbroken regardless of ios version but it’ll be untethered. the chips have been getting harder and harder to get into (code wise) to find a way around the security “checkpoints” apple has implemented.

add the fact that jailbreak devs get less and less incentive every year to sit down and code for hours, and the truth is the community has been dying a slow death. sad but the days of finding a tweak for every single thing you wanted customized is gone. no one knows if they’re ever be a jailbreak release for ios 17 when it does come out.


miliwili t1_jeb2tpr wrote

Check your emails!


t171 t1_jed5ji4 wrote

At this point, just disable the notifications/badges.


pupoabratte t1_jee9qnp wrote

Select All - Delete.

If you are able to keep more than 25k emails UNREAD, probably none of them is really important.


azulshotput t1_jeeiz8u wrote

Yeah these notifications are really suggesting larger problems at play.


SomeGadgetGuy t1_jeb6ro6 wrote

LOL I still hate how iOS tracks emails.


WritersGift t1_jeb7wix wrote



SomeGadgetGuy t1_jeb8bas wrote

Because a lot of people don't clear every message, and some services like to organize email into categories where it's not critical to clear your inbox. And the phone just lumps that all into one big number as seen in the screenshot of this post.


WritersGift t1_jeb92zw wrote

Ah, ok, i guess i just use them differently. I always instantly unsubscribe out of everything I don’t want on my main emails and only keep the notifications on for the inboxes I want, so my ”trash” emails don’t show up on the number.


Wintercult t1_jebirjv wrote

Why are you bothered about the text while you have over 25.000 emails? O right, YOU DON’T READ.


Suretime_sus t1_jeb3fnm wrote

you WISH they’d add a feature that basic and easy to implement!


blue_socks123 t1_jeb7nmw wrote

25287 mails!


DarkLord55_ t1_jebqx39 wrote

I constantly do read all


blue_socks123 t1_jebsdsr wrote

Oh, I don’t do it lol. After commenting this i will check my mail, but i am sure i have no notifications maybe bc i don’t have it on


-thenorthremembers- t1_jebxrrm wrote

App Store has NEVER shown update notifications for me

How did you get it to work?


DarkLord55_ t1_jebxwsq wrote

It only shows if there is apps to update it won’t send you notifications


B_B_Rodriguez2716057 t1_jecihew wrote

If you have App Store auto update enabled it won’t show the notification.


Yolo3362 t1_jecspp4 wrote

i have auto update turned off and it doesn’t show for me, idk why but apparently i have 21 apps that need updated.


Desiree12345 t1_jeej8n2 wrote

Because it’s automatically on auto update. Only if you change it to not update automatically you get notifications.


blue_socks123 t1_jebvk6a wrote

What notifications does app store give lol?


mb3581 t1_jebplrh wrote

I mean...why not just turn notification badges off at that point?


jthrilldr t1_jecjyzv wrote

Your email app is giving me agita


gommerthus t1_jedduo4 wrote

Turn off the notification badge for mail. You don't check it anyways.


keshab_passa t1_jedu6xu wrote

You’ve got bigger problems than words under icons


secondbushome t1_jebe39s wrote

I did that when I had a jailbroken iPhone and it looked clean AF. I wish they’d offer the option stock but I imagine this is one of those ‘protecting users from themselves’ kinda thing


erik307k t1_jee0ut4 wrote

Only 25k? Rookie numbers


Bacon_is_my_Crack t1_jee6lb0 wrote

Clean up that inbox. It’s giving me anxiety.


Mightychallenge t1_jeeid2l wrote

I know right. 25,000 emails. But is worried about the apps having a name.:.


eurosonly t1_jee4gcy wrote

No but there was a tweak you could get in Cydia after jail breaking.


svgd3z1 t1_jef379s wrote

Lmao it’s an iPhone. You can’t customize anything.


Messiah_Knight t1_jef5kra wrote

Wtf? 😂😂😂😂 Not even android does that.


Hermes3978 t1_jedpnl7 wrote

Tim here STFU this is not what you want, because I said so. Just because of this shit a 100 bucks more for the new to come iphone 15.