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Hey everyone, I'm getting an iPhone 14 soon! But before I get one, I’ll need to figure out which MagSafe power bank to choose. There are so many options out there, and I'm not sure which one to go for.

I found an article on choosing the best MagSafe power bank for an iPhone. It explains what to look for in a power bank, like battery capacity, wattage, extra features, and passthrough charging. This was on the list:

  • The ESR HaloLock Kickstand MagSafe Battery (best overall) - they have a 10,000mAh MagSafe power bank with USB-C cable and kickstand, which can charge two devices at once.
  • Anker 633 MagGo 2-in-1 Charging Station (best premium) - It has dual-device charging station that offers 7.5W charging. It also doesn’t have a built-in kickstand on the battery pack and doesn’t allow for simultaneous wired charging.
  • Baseus Magnetic Power Bank (best budget) - It has a 10,000mAh or 6,000mAh battery capacity that supports PD fast charging up to 20W. It also has a small kickstand hidden in the base and an LED display.
  • Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (best official) - It can be charged using a 20W or higher power adapter and can also charge the phone while attached. The battery pack has been getting positive reviews for its reverse charging feature, which allows it to charge wirelessly while attached to the phone.

Have any of you had experiences with any of these brands listed? Let me know what you guys think.



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k4l1m3r t1_jdv7gfy wrote

The Apple one is the only one that gives truly optimized charge. And with this I mean thermally, it has a thermal sensor and communicate with the phone to stop charging it when temperature could be an issue. Plus it has the option to charge the phone up to 90% and keeping it there to extend its battery life on a hard day. Keep in mind that this is a battery EXTENDER, not a charger.


wanjuggler t1_jdv8pik wrote

Not only that, but the Apple one is also the only one that prevents your phone from doing dumb things when you connect the battery.

With all the other battery packs, your phone thinks that it's connected to a wall charger, so it will start wasting power: updating apps, processing photos, running background tasks. When you connect the Apple battery pack, iOS acts as if it's still on battery power.

(You can verify this with the developer APIs.)


k4l1m3r t1_jdvb59g wrote

Yes, the OG Apple MagSafe battery pack is a different product and plays in league of its own. The others are just wireless chargers with magnets. Apple’s is a dedicated MagSafe product


heynow941 t1_je2bylx wrote

Is there such thing as a “Made for MagSafe” battery pack? Seems like the real Made for MagSafe are the magnet ones that still plug in or are on a stand.


k4l1m3r t1_je3u8x4 wrote

I don’t know. What I do know is that the Apple battery pack is the only MagSafe battery which is thermally throttled by the phone and also the only one that can be set to charge the phone up to 90% and keep it there.


henrydavidthoreauawy t1_jdwni2s wrote

They should open up that private battery API. It’s not fair that other batteries are less effective because the phone thinks it’s plugged into the wall.


wanjuggler t1_jdwphk9 wrote

Apple opened up its MagSafe tech to the new Qi2 Magnetic Power Profile standard, which "will also support new types of accessories that magnetically attach to the back of the phone, like an extra battery."

Presumably that support would include the signaling for the charger to tell the device that it is an external battery. So there's a path forward.


LacroixDP t1_jdvdhdx wrote

Same reason I got Apple Magsafe packs myself


OhHeyItsBrock t1_jdvvbtr wrote

Yep. I have a few of the Anker ones but always use the Apple when I need a battery pack. With that being said I don’t need it that much, just when I forget to charge overnight and want to top off.


LacroixDP t1_jdvx87w wrote

I like em for trips as a just in case. My 14 Pro Max rips through battery, usually averaging 10.5hrs of screen on time.


Link_69 t1_jdviuyl wrote

I've been using it for months with my 13 Mini and while it's a great battery this feature can't be turned off and is cumbersome when doing a lot of video calls as it drains the battery quite fast and the battery won't charge because it's "too hot" (most of the time it's far from it imo).


GlitchParrot t1_jdvy8ki wrote

> and the battery won’t charge because it’s “too hot” (most of the time it’s far from it imo).

Are you sure about that? It is quite damaging to both batteries if they kept charging and increasing their heat even more. Video calls do generate a fair amount of heat. Disabling such a safety feature would be rather unwise.


Link_69 t1_jdwp78l wrote

Yeah it could be 5°C or less outside but the tiny bit of heat will stop the magsafe battery from charging. I didn't try FaceTime tho I mostly use Line.


sfernandes30 t1_jdyxfgd wrote

Barely get 50% out of the apple version an it gets my phone super hot I hate try not to use it


t1chy t1_je0h6nc wrote

the only issue i have with the apple one is it cant even give some phones a full charge which kinda sucks


k4l1m3r t1_je0jyxt wrote

But that’s not meant to. It is not a charger, but rather an extender


t1chy t1_je0py2p wrote

maybe, tho its quite pricey as for an extender


NefariousnessNo5717 t1_jdv30k0 wrote

I have the Apple Battery Pack and I like it. The only downside I see with it is that its capacity is very small compared to others you have mentioned on the list.

Apple battery pack should be thought more of a battery extension rather than a power bank(generally speaking). So say, you have 10-20% charge, and you will get it back to perhaps 80% or so without much usage in parallel.

So in this sense, if you want something that brings your phone from 0 to 100, while you are using it, don’t go with the Apple pack.


Puzzleheaded_Tone723 t1_jdv9lr7 wrote

The charging rate is kinda rough which is important to mention especially if you’re outside or in a warm climate as it heats up in your pocket it’s gonna slow down your battery drain.


bv915 t1_jdvam5f wrote

But it charges at 15w, no? While others NOT Apple-branded are locked at 7.5w.


SlovenianSocket t1_jdvbs34 wrote

Apple MagSafe battery bank only charges at 7.5w


Puzzleheaded_Tone723 t1_jdvdly3 wrote

It charges at 15 after a firmware update


SlovenianSocket t1_jdvdwfd wrote

7.5w after firmware update, it was originally 5w.


foxyguy t1_jdvzlci wrote

You’re correct, although you can get 15W when connected to a power adapter.

> If connected to a 20W or higher power source, your MagSafe Battery Pack can charge your iPhone with up to 15W of power. In order to get 7.5W charging on the go, update your MagSafe Battery Pack to the latest firmware. The firmware update begins automatically after you attach your battery pack to your iPhone. The firmware update can take about one week.


TheWhyOfFry t1_jdy8o89 wrote

Only while plugged in via pass through charging. While just a battery and not plugged in, it’s 7.5w and I haven’t seen higher anywhere (again, while running on battery).


bv915 t1_jdyf2yu wrote

Whoa, cool. Thanks for making that distinction.


Hopeful-Tax7416 t1_jdv86dq wrote

Apple's MagSafe Batt Pack is only meant to top up in an emergency or urgent basis which will last your phone to get to a proper wall adapter.


Gump3558 t1_jdvqb5w wrote

Not really. It’s a battery extender, more than a charger.


Hopeful-Tax7416 t1_jdvrxph wrote

I use it only when I know I'm low on batt but won't be getting back soon to charge, so I'd stick it on the back.


BranFlakes32 t1_jdwe0sh wrote

Try using it when your phone is at 100%. When your phone drops below 90% the battery pack will charge it back to around 90% then stop charging. This is basically using it as a battery extender so at the end of the day when the battery pack is dead, your phone will still be at around 90% which is cool


ShabbyLifeblood t1_jduvvua wrote

I've used ESR brands before and I have to say, they're pretty great actually. I’m more of a fan of their Halolocks.


eyn15 t1_jdv2aa8 wrote

I have the Anker 633. It does have a kick stand and can simultaneously charge wired and magsafe.

Edit- corrected spelling.


planetf1a t1_jdwz2pb wrote

I have the anker 633. Works well and nicely sized. cabled for faster charging, or use magnetic. attaches really strongly.


SurealGod t1_jdvzsfe wrote

Anker and ESR are typically my go to's whenever I need Apple accessories or other tech products.


Historical_Gur_4620 t1_jdzgu3s wrote

Do you use both Mini and bigger ESR with the kickstand ( a feature I like) Am torn between buying either one and Apple charger, but worry about overheating and slow wireless charging for 14 pro max.


v0yev0da t1_je0r38z wrote

Yeah the HaloLock has a plug on the side of it so it can be a kickstand and charger while being charged. That’s why I went for it and no regrets.


UpbeatFancy t1_jduweo6 wrote

ESR is my go-to for power banks. They have a wide selection of products to choose from, and they're known for their quality. Plus, their prices are reasonable.


ImaginaryAirr t1_jduxmpv wrote

I've always heard of ESR but never bothered to take a look lol, but I'm definitely going to check them out now. Hopefully they aren’t too bulky.


SlothTheHeroo t1_jdvelk3 wrote

I like the official apple one. I’ve used others and they don’t work as well as the apple one. I like that it keeps my phone around 90% until the battery is dead. If I know I’ll be burning through phone battery I usually throw it on at the start of the day and remove it once it’s dead.


nitroben2 t1_jdvq4mr wrote

That sounds like the intended use for the Apple brand.


HighFivesJohn t1_jduvix0 wrote

I have two Ankers. For my 12 Pro Max, one will charge about 80%. I like them more than I did the Apple battery pack. Cheaper, too.


rayquan36 t1_jdv7xqu wrote

If only the Apple one was USB-C. I'm so tired of Lightning.


nitroben2 t1_jdvpw2m wrote

I would definitely list the lightning connector in the downside column for the official MagSafe battery. Particularly considering it has reverse charging So it can be charged by the phone.


GlitchParrot t1_jdvyep2 wrote

Idk, as long as iPhones are still Lightning, having iPhone accessories also be Lightning just makes sense as you don’t have to carry another cable just for your accessories.


sofadip t1_jduw7na wrote

I just use the official Battery packs. I’ve been a long time user and their cases are stylish and affordable, and they offer good protection.


vicious_volcano t1_jduwvfq wrote

I've never tried the official ones, but I've heard good things about them. I usually go for Anker ones because they're known for being some of the best power banks on the market


byParallax t1_jdv2w10 wrote

Are they still only available in white? That’s my one issue with them


wanjuggler t1_je0thxq wrote

I do seriously hate the look of the white battery pack. I considered spraying it with black vinyl dye but wasn't sure how that would handle any moisture.

With all of the thermal challenges of wireless charging from a battery, maybe they were just like, "Fuck 'Midnight black', we're only selling this in the coldest possible case color."


jarrough t1_jdv7azb wrote

My 14 pro max is typically at about 60% when I go to bed, I’ve never had to charge it mid day. What are y’all doing that would require a battery pack? I used my gps for 5hrs and played video on cellular and was only at 50% when I went to bed that day.


Kotaro_14 t1_jdwgrgi wrote

I have the same phone and use it when I travel, going to theme parks, and basically anything that has a long line(s)


bv915 t1_jdvarqd wrote

No you didn't.


jarrough t1_jdve6xv wrote

Every time I go to Vegas, so yes and multiple times.


Bestfortniter t1_jdv2m16 wrote

i have the official magsafe one and it’s perfect for me, the smallest and lightest one


HungrySummer t1_jdv8hmd wrote

I just plug it in when the battery’s low. If it dies, it dies


truteki t1_jdwcgqt wrote

This is a hell of an under rated comment.


spankmydingo t1_jdvp0kx wrote

While it has lower capacity and is more expensive, the Apple official has a few advantages - it is Lightning so it uses the same charger cable as your iPhone and it can do reverse charging so phone will charge battery if the phone is plugged in. When I’m traveling I just plug in the phone to power and it charges both phone and battery with one cable. It is also integrated into iOS so you can see charge status and control charging from iPhone. Lastly it is smaller than most so it fits easily into a pocket. Basically turns my 13 Pro into a 13 Pro Max in terms of battery life.


looped10 t1_jdv0cmy wrote

get a wired one. it had much more capacity and charges way faster (iphones are dead slow at charging to begin with already)


kremenatlc t1_jdv0f8e wrote

I have the one from Baseus. It's 10.000 mAh, can charge via USB-C connector (yep the connector works both ways) or through MagSafe. It holds on really good on my 14 Pro and can charge it about two times from around 10% to 100%.

I got is as a present and love it, since I don't use my phone that often when charging, but it's nice to be able to move it around when charging. The only downside (if I cared that much) would be the thickness of the power bank, which is about two iPhone 14 Pros. But again, I don't use the phone while charging, so ... meh, it's good. :)

edit: I see that you mentioned the one with the kickstand. I don't have that, because I don't need it.


ibo92can t1_jdvaal1 wrote

I have the Belkin magsafe 10.000mah powerbank and it charges up my 13pro two times, can also use as wireless charger while powerbank is on cable.


galaxyd1ngo t1_jdvoe28 wrote

I have the Apple magsafe pack and I agree with everyone calling it a battery extender. If I’m out and about ALL day wiith no guaranteed chance to sit by a wall socket, I’ll bring an additional external battery just in case


FabianValkyrie t1_jdw3wad wrote

If you want a power bank for charging your phone, get the Anker or ESR

If you want one that lives on your iPhone to increase battery life, get the official


AckwardReflection t1_jduxrz9 wrote

I don’t have a MagSafe power bank but I do own two Anker ones (wired charging). They’re my go to for stuff like that.


Kranon7 t1_jdvc8oc wrote

My wife uses the Apple battery pack. She likes it. I don’t really know how to gauge “best” but it works well for her uses.


olithebad t1_jdv91e5 wrote

Use pro max. Built in powerbank basically


Obi-Lan t1_jdvba4o wrote

None. Wired with 20w PD. Magsafe Just makes it too hot, especially while using it.


nitroben2 t1_jdvs5sq wrote

Nothing wrong with using a cord charger, some of us just want to wander while charging.


Interdimension t1_jdw9zlk wrote

Same for me. I can see this being more useful for people who don't typically carry around handbags/satchels. If you are, though, there's just no advantage to carrying a battery-powered wireless charger: just go wired. It's much faster, generates minimal heat, and can top your phone off multiple times (depending on your battery pack).

Same reason why I use wired charging in my car, even though it has wireless charging available. I'd... rather not have my phone get hot to the touch from wireless charging + the sun beaming into my car, especially if wireless CarPlay is active. Wired will charge it faster and be cooler, so what's the point?


MinisterforFun t1_jdvbf74 wrote

Here’s my take:

I tried the first Anker one; the black one. Then I tried the Apple MagSafe battery pack; didn’t work. Worse than Anker.

Then I tried Anker 622 and now I’m trying Anker 633.

The only difference is that this time I’m actually not relying on wireless charging as the main way anymore.

Initially, I thought it’ll be helpful when running errands because I hate cables but it kept throttling the phone and charging was slow.

I decided I’ll use the fastest possible charging with the Anker 633. Wireless charging will just be something nice to have (or in a pinch when I didn’t have a cable).

There’s another brand I was interested in but doesn’t have a stand and that’s Zendure. ➡️ I think good choice if you don’t need wireless or you don’t need a stand.


nitroben2 t1_jdvtlhn wrote

For sure, wireless chargers don’t keep up with heavy use. It’s a very passive charging speed and that’s one big advantage to the Ankers and others that support wired charging. If you need higher speed charging you can plug it in.


MinisterforFun t1_jdxw3od wrote

Thing is, I didn’t expect it to be as fast as wireless charging.

I just didn’t want the phone to drain even when it was just in my pocket or bag but it did, especially with the Apple one. Very disappointed with that one.

I could even accept that my phone would throttle when in use but never understood why it wouldn’t charge when it wasn’t, i.e., bag or pocket.

Doesn’t help that my country is hot and bright AF. I’m pretty sure those anecdotes that claim the Apple model works fine are from users that live in cooler countries.

Figured the faster I’m done charging, the faster I can put the power bank back into my bag, hence my switch back to cabled fast charging.

Side story:

It’s partly why I regret getting the 14 Pro Max as I almost always leave the house with even a tiny bag/satchel so bringing a power bank like the Anker 633 isn’t a problem.

Then I wouldn’t have to deal with the phone too big and still have plenty of battery life.


roomsocks t1_jdvrc51 wrote

I understand the novelty of a magnetic portable charger, especially if you’ve just bought your first MagSafe compatible phone. But a small wired charger is a cheaper, much faster charging option and holds so much more power. I carry this really small 10,000 mAh battery and a 10cm cord. It charges an iPhone incredibly fast.


__reddit_user__ t1_jdzwrze wrote

I have the Anker 633. When phone is heating up, phone will pause charging until temps are not too high


ProperLineup t1_jduydle wrote

You can request for some custom ones if you want. I've had some really cool ones from Etsy sellers in the past, and they're always a great conversation starter. Plus, it's nice to support small businesses instead of big corporations.


chaotik_penguin t1_jdv4mza wrote

I have the weetla one for my iPhone 13, usb type C and kickstand, works great. Thinking about ordering a second one


aka_liam t1_jdv7j32 wrote

Anker 521, I love it


FallenTheDoge t1_jdv7mip wrote

Not a 14, but a 12 mini. Wanted a powerbank that isn't overly expensive as I wasn't gonna use it much.

Went for the first generation of Anker, the PowerCore Magnetic 5K (as I also wanted a tiny one that wouldn't be bigger than the phone itself).

I was expecting bad performance (charging speed and capacity) but I'm quite surprised as it works better than expected so far. In the end I'm especially happy about the fact that it only costed about 30€ and fill its job perfectly.


[deleted] t1_jdv7mzf wrote



WarSport223 t1_jdvf60p wrote

If you have an iPhone, start using MagSafe accessories. I regret that it took me as long as it did to get on the bandwagon.

They are awesome!!

The wired MagSafe charger charges your phone unbelievably and insanely fast!!


nitroben2 t1_jdvrtv0 wrote

No kidding, my partner’s family are all Apple die hard but they never used MagSafe until I got an iPhone and started showing off my accessories.


Tumblrrito t1_jdvg6hw wrote

The Apple one because the others don’t look as nice nor do they properly fit my 13 Mini. The Apple one has plenty of juice. It’s just a means to extend my battery on days with lots of photo or video taking. More capacity wouldn’t even benefit me.


NGWhitey t1_jdvgxbj wrote

I use the ESR HaloLock battery that you have listed for my iPhone 14 Pro. I absolutely love it and would recommend. I think I got it for half the price of the apple battery pack on Amazon (Australia).

It makes the phone a bit thick (the battery pack is a little bit thicker than the iPhone) but honestly I either have my phone on the desk or hold on to it, so it doesn’t bother me that much.

Bonus is that it is also USB-C charging and none of that Apple non-usb-c sh*t, which means I can carry just one cord in my backpack for my laptop, phone, headphones and chargers!

EDIT: Made a typo


mjcc-p t1_jdvit0m wrote

cables, chargers/bricks and batteries: anker

dont forget the docks/adapters if you ever need one: anker


Trystan80 t1_jdvj08b wrote

I use the Anker Power Bank, 633 Magnetic Battery, 10,000mAh, it’s MagSafe and it’s brilliant, the battery last for 4 days with solid use, well worth the money.


DasPike t1_jdvkn8e wrote

Been using the Belkin piece for while now. I get about one extra charge for my 14 Pro. And the kickstand comes in handy.


rdldr1 t1_jdvlsjh wrote

Tech Squared MagSafe Wireless Power Bank with Stand

This is only $20 at Sam's Club so I had to get this one.


Twatberriesandcream t1_jdvmbtl wrote

I just bought a Casely power pod and it seems to work fine. It gets a little warm when charging and using but not too hot to hold. It’s only 5000mAh which is consistently half a charge for my 14 Pro Max (while also using it heavily. Just got the thing so I’m really trying to test it’s limits) but I think that’s enough for me. Happy to answer more questions if there are any


Visvism t1_jdvnhxp wrote

I have the Anker 633. It does have a kickstand and does allow simultaneous charging via the USB port and wireless charger. Love this thing as it keeps me going all day and then some. The weight is very noticeable though.


stealthdawg t1_jdvoqhe wrote

depends on your application I suppose i.e. when do you think you're going to need to use the powerbank and in what conditions?

induction charging is 75% as efficient as plug in.

Between improved phone battery life and the ubiquity of available power, I find myself very very rarely needing a power bank and the old Anker one I bought years ago serves that well enough.


WingedGeek t1_jdvr6wk wrote

I went with the Apple pack for its intelligence (throttles at 80%, or when thermal conditions warrant), and it doubles as a travel charger since I can leave it on a Lightning cable and it will charge itself and the phone.


OwlsKilledMyDad t1_jdvs3ak wrote

Anker 633 has been working really well for me. Large capacity, fairly compact, and nice features. Can’t go wrong with that one.


DaHeldo t1_jdvtiwn wrote

Anker 622 MagSafe Powerbank is really good


anhuys t1_jdvuo6n wrote

I have an Anker MagGo with a flap that makes it double as a stand. I really highly recommend it as a "battery extender" to have in your purse/pocket for convenience. I make sure it's always charged and with me. No cables, and it's still very comfortable to hold your phone when you have it on the phone. That's the only reason I'd go for magsafe on a battery pack, to get that convenience and compactness. I love it for on the go, fast commuting etc.

For larger capacity I have an Anker powerbank with 20,000mAh without MagSafe, with usbc power delivery. It fast charges my iPhone 13 pro max and my M1 iPad Pro and can trickle charge my airpods and other headphones etc. I can fully charge my phone with it multiple times at great speed, and it allows me to comfortably work anywhere with my iPad without worrying about finding an outlet to charge. When choosing this one I prioritized capacity, fast charging and multi device charging.


Intensional t1_jdvxuvl wrote

I have the Baseus one. I have a couple other products of theirs and this one is great. I don't have any others to compare weight, but the Baseus isn't uncomfortably heavy. I also have no issues carrying it attached to the phone in my pocket, despite what the review said.


art_of_snark t1_jdvytys wrote

I have the Anker 633, and it does have a small kickstand, not quite as beefy as the fold out stand on the 622.

I opted for the 633 specifically because of the kickstand and passthrough charging. It’s a bit on the hefty side, but I have been able to carry it in a pocket comfortably - and it stays attached.


Straight_Truth_7451 t1_jdw49y4 wrote

Got the belkin 3 in 1 cause i have a watch and airpods. Does the job but 150 bucks is a bit steep


chachahindustani t1_jdwvtkt wrote

Best charging that you will get will be with a wire. I suggest get a powerbank with both weird and wireless output. Also with 14 the battery is decent so you won’t need emergency juice most likely. A wired powerbank would be a better choice overall


skriefal t1_jdxr9tu wrote

> I suggest get a powerbank with both weird and wireless output.

That's gonna be interesting!

I agree that wired is usually more reliable. And probably faster.


dropthemagic t1_jdxerm5 wrote

The Apple one. The rest get super hot and don’t really charge faster anyway


Key_Part_402 t1_jdyuny0 wrote

Have the Anker 633 version with the kickstand (doesnt come with the dock) and it’s been great! Using it right now as I type.


shemer77 t1_jdzamzn wrote

This guy is just link farming the article he posted. Look at his other posts and comments


GeoffDeGeoff t1_jdzi0w8 wrote

None MagSafe charging is too lossy. Just like all wireless charging.


Smart_Interaction_34 t1_jdv91s6 wrote

I went with the Apple one because of the heating concern. All the others are meant to be more for like rescuing a low battery, I wanted the extension which is what apples is designed to be. It’s rated to give my 12, 70% more battery life.


Trip_Se7ens t1_jdvarww wrote

I just use the official apple one since it doesn't cause overheating/overcharging etc. I know its not as strong or as much capacity as the others - but just having the peace of mind is worth it to me.


HaywireVRV t1_jdvcdg4 wrote

Anker with kickstand is nice.


look_away t1_jdvdu5n wrote

Anker 633 with the kickstand. Solid piece!


Friendly-Rock3226 t1_jdve8e0 wrote

This is all great advice about the power banks. Explain to me which ones you can take on a flight with you. Thank you.


nitroben2 t1_jdw1jjj wrote

According to my quick web search the TSA asks for spare batteries to be carry on (not checked bag) and under 100 watt hours (exceptions on request for 101-160Wh).

The largest MagSafe battery bank I’ve seen so far is 10,000mAh which at the typical 5V only comes to 50Wh so it should be a non-issue so long as you keep it in your carry on.

TSA website link:
Let me know if I misunderstood what that’s saying


jway5929 t1_jdwsqmn wrote

Just an FYI, the nominal voltage of most battery banks is 3.7v. The circuitry bumps it up to 5v (or higher) to charge the phone. However the 3.7v should be used when calculating the overall capacity. So 37wh for a 10ah (10,000mah). So a 3.7v nominal battery pack with a mah rating under 27,000 can be taken on aircraft. Which make sense why manufacturers top out near that rating.

One exception is the apple MagSafe battery pack. That uses a 7.4v nominal voltage. This is why despite the lower mah rating it still has similar overall capacity to the Anker options.


nitroben2 t1_jdwusen wrote

That is good to know! It can be hard to find the official Voltage on electronics batteries.

That the Apple pack uses double the voltage explains why its performance Is so close to the 5,000mAh options from others even though it’s posted capacity is under 2,000mAh.

I wish all battery products would use Watt-Hours for capacity measurements instead of Amp-Hours with varying degrees of obfuscation on the voltage.


jway5929 t1_jdx84sx wrote

I could not agree more! Many times the only way to know is to take it apart and look at the marking on the battery cells. However you also need to look at the wiring of the battery cells. For example that apple battery pack actually uses 3.7v battery cells, but has two is series for the total 7.4v. Other brands, like Anker use one larger cell or several 3.7 cells in parallel. Knowing the number of cells, their configuration and their individual rating is all needed to truly understand the battery bank’s raw capacity.

However, raw capacity doesn’t mean much. It’s the net capacity the battery bank can output. Some brands use more efficient circuity than others. Therefore it is entirely possible a lower [raw] rated battery bank can outperform one with more raw battery capacity.

Thank goodness for YouTube channels that take everything apart and do rigorous testing.

Wish manufacturers listed raw wh rating and charging efficiency, but we are stuck with less meaningful, but bigger, more impressive sounding numbers.


WarSport223 t1_jdvelmv wrote

I got the Anker 621 & love it. I have a couple other power banks that are larger (and non-magnetic, but do support wireless charging) but I am a lot more reluctant to carry & use them because of their bulk. A slimmer power bank you always have on you is obviously much better than a thicker one you leave at home.

I love my 621!


jway5929 t1_jdwu6k9 wrote

Agreed. I have many battery banks of many sizes - some with wireless (but not MagSafe) chargers built in. I have found if I need to charge my phone via a battery bank, it’s because I need to use the phone. The Anker 621 is small enough that I always have it with me, but also keeps the phone very usable while charging. It easily charges my 13 pro over 80% which is plenty to hold me over till I get to a wired charger in my car or at home. In the heat, it does slow the rate of charging but it’s so small on the back of the phone, there is no rush.


WarSport223 t1_je6oc8a wrote


As I said, I have some that are those enormous bricks, about the size of 2.5 iPhones stacked on top of each other; it’s a nightmare to use. No big deal if you can sit your phone on a table or in your car’s center console while it’s charging, but it’s a gigantic pain to lug around.

The 621 is small enough that I can always keep it with me without a thought, and slap it on the back when I get around ~60-70%, and I can still actually USE the phone…

I really like mine!


Mikedaddy0531 t1_jdvelmp wrote

I’m curious why you want to go the MagSafe route. I’ve been tempted to buy one more for the novelty then anything else. Is there a benefit to a MagSafe charger I don’t know about?


WarSport223 t1_jdvfftf wrote

The convenience factor is very high. They charge very fast - I believe faster than if you plug your phone into a battery pack.

The wired MagSafe charger, charges INSANELY & unbelievably fast. I too thought it was a gimmick until I bought a few MagSafe accessories.

The hype is real. :-)


Mikedaddy0531 t1_jdvxcgm wrote

I don’t think it’s possible for a wireless charger to charge faster then a wired version…


Interdimension t1_jdwagxn wrote

This is not true at all. MagSafe is useful for convenience, not charging speeds. All iPhone models are capped at 15W charging via MagSafe wireless charging (assuming you used at least a 20W charging brick). If you use wired charging, you'll get the full 20W charging rate from your 20W charging brick.

Apple's own MagSafe battery pack tops out at 7.5W when charging on-the-go, primarily due to heat concerns. You only get 15W when the battery pack is plugged into a power outlet that's at least 20W. If you go wired, plenty of battery packs off Amazon will offer you 10W+ for very cheap.

TL;DR: MagSafe is for convenience. It is not faster than wired charging.


Shloomth t1_jdvgaf4 wrote

I chose the apple one. some people say it sucks and I kinda see their point maybe, but for my use case it has been perfect. For me it’s when I forget to charge my phone overnight and don’t have time to wait for it to charge. It’s a perfect stopgap solution until I can get a proper charge, at which time I can also recharge the apple battery. And it charges up really fast. Like it may not have an impressive capacity but it can keep your phone continually juiced up without having to stop to charge the phone itself. Like an inflight refueling. Like how the AirPods case battery can be charging while you use the AirPods so it’s kinda like you never have to charge them because you’re charging the case while using them and the case charges them up so you don’t have to think about it


gus2155 t1_jdvi08u wrote

Anker. I have a non magsafe case and it can actually be used to charge the phone with a wire.


bearabl t1_jdvpz3y wrote

I have the apple one and love it. I will say that it's something you need to plan to use. You should leave the house with it already attached and it will slowly top you up to 90% the whole time until it runs out. I have used it when my phone is almost dead to charge my phone but that is definitely not as efficient but still can help in a pinch. I use it a TON and its never fallen off (im using an official apple case). I also use it to charge my phone at night and its nice to have a wireless charger for the few occasions i need to peek at my phone in bed.


MichiganYooper t1_jdvqz34 wrote

Just tried an Belkin MagSafe one and returned it. Absolute garbage.


truteki t1_jdwabdq wrote

I'm surprised to see as many non apple magsafe responses. I figured most if not all responses would be the official apple magsafe. That being said, consider the otterbox 5k mAh in your list as it allows you to charge the iphone wirelessly as well as the battery pack. It's pretty much double sided so you can charge the magsafe battery with a magsafe charger.


dakkottadavviss t1_jdwbvf1 wrote

I have the Anker one. Most of the time I basically just use it as a pass through charger. Don’t need a special brick to get the charge speed out of it. Just throw it on any USB C cord. The phone charges at full speed and the battery takes whatever it can get from the power source

Portable use. It’s great for short periods of time. I love it can keep my AirPods charged. Most valuable benefit is you don’t need to bring any cords. I typically use it when I leave the house for a handful of hours and my phone is at a borderline level. Like 30%

Going somewhere like Disneyworld all day and heavy usage, it’ll struggle. Could be just enough. It doesn’t hold enough to charge 0-100%. I’d say like 60-70% probably. I’d end the day less than 20%. My phone would die before I get home if I didn’t have a charger in the car. Very rare circumstances though


Lazy_Nata t1_jdwgwwb wrote

I'm use Baseus magsafe powerbank for my iPhone 12


Kotaro_14 t1_jdwi9jm wrote

I use the Apple one. It’s great if u start w/ it attached to your phone. Extends my battery life by about 2~3hrs. It’s also the smallest out of everything. I can see the charge levels of it too on the phone.

IMO if ur looking for something to just charge your phone and other things then just get a normal power bank. They’re cheaper and there’s efficiency loss by wireless charging. You can just charge 20W and then put the charger away, reducing bulk. The MagSafe battery pack fulfills a certain niche in some people’s lives which is reflected in the rather high price. You can find it on sale sometimes at Target


Aurick t1_jdwivgi wrote

The Anker 633 does have a built in kickstand. And it’s great.


mrmexican87 t1_jdwpz7j wrote

I love my Anker 633 and it does go on sale from time to time!


Crusnik909 t1_jdwv0g4 wrote

I have the Anker and I love it. No problems with it and it will last a while.


zach15000 t1_jdwxah3 wrote

casley when they have a 50% sale they r only 30 bucks


Nihiliste t1_jdwxv3l wrote

I'm using the Anker 622 for my iPhone 13. It's fantastic for my purposes - I use it plugged in for overnight charging, and take it with me if I'm traveling. Sometimes I'll just slap it on mid-day if my phone is draining more than usual.


ClevelandSteamer81 t1_jdwysgo wrote

The one I bought. Excellent for traveling. Somewhat bulky, but huge capacity.

Power Bank 10000mAh, Yiisonger Bateria Externa Magnético Inalámbrico Bateria Portatil Carga Rapida 22.5W Plegable Powerbank USB-C Compatible con MagSafe iPhone 14/13/12/Pro/Pro MAX/Mini(Azul


PeteRit t1_jdxc94o wrote

I've had the Anker 622 for a while now. It's about the same size as the official apple magsafe pack but it has a stand and that's mainly why I use it. It's nice to be able to prop the phone up when I'm washing dishes or whatever. Bonus is it's charging as well. Not super big, will take the 13 and 14 pro max up about 58-65% maybe. Handy when you need it, stays on well, and half the price of others at the time.


Bacon-80 t1_jdxztv1 wrote

I’ve heard the non Apple ones get really hot and heat affects the battery life over time. I’ve also seen reviews of it not fully charging the way it says it does. So far Apple is the best.


tilted1013 t1_jdy0st0 wrote

Anker is a 100% full stop for me, what their parent company did with Eufy their “local only” (that’s a lie btw) home security cams is unacceptable and I strongly discourage everyone from buying Anker/Eufy products from now on.


bigervin t1_jdy28mw wrote

I have the anker 633. It’s got a really solid battery. It’s a bit heavy on the phone. Not sure I’d want to take it out at night attached, but it’s great otherwise. I use it for AirPods too


chinook_aj t1_jdy7r6v wrote

I got a mophie with a pocket for my cards and I love it


Clessiah t1_jdyf9b0 wrote

Apple. That’s more than plenty for me to be absolutely sure the phone can last through my longest day.


Baaastet t1_jdyfmxh wrote

I didn’t go for the Apple one as it hold such a small charge. From what I’ve read it can’t even charge it full once.

The Angker 633 seems the best but we can’t get it here. So for now I’m sticking with cables to my Angker power bank which, as expected, is super fast and I can charge 2 phones (PM) fully without running out.


victuringan t1_jdysex5 wrote

The Apple one. Doesn’t heat up and it shows battery percentage.


overlordbeta t1_jdyzg6o wrote

Stay away from otterbox. The magnet is weak


blumhagen t1_jdyzs6m wrote

Anker has 2 entirtely different products named the Anker 633. Honestly this alone makes me hate buying their products, even though they're good.

Just pick normal names if you can't keep your numbers straight Anker.


Countryside_3561 t1_jdz2j6z wrote

I have a Baseus Magsafe powerbank, 6000mAh, without kickstand. It charges my iPhone 14 Pro at reasonable rate (it’s 7.5w. Only Apple’s $99 charges at 15w) and has enough power to top me up each day for at least two days without charging it up. Magnet is strong enough that it doesn’t slip off when I put it in my jean pocket.


callmemaybe88 t1_jdz7wg2 wrote

I have both Apple magsafe battery pack and Zeera magsafe battery pack. The Apple original one is great in all ways except the price and battery capacity. So I bought the Zeera one as backup. It works better in battery capacity and price. Also can be used as a stand.


MaxJrrrr t1_je4a5ei wrote

I have Baseus 10000mAh, it's working great. But only Apple Official products can charge phone with 15w, power banks from other brands only support 7.5w. Fine by me anyways. Apple's products are always the best since it is the most compatible, but if you're looking for a budget choice, Baseus is my go-to.

Mine is this one without the kickstand, but I choose this one because it has the design that perfectly fit with my camera.


NESpahtenJosh t1_jdvbf4p wrote

Do people actually trust MagSafe to stay on their device? With a case? I would never trust that MagSafe wallet to stay on taking my phone in and out of pockets, bags, etc.


nitroben2 t1_jdvt59m wrote

I’m finding it stays on while in pocket but usually slips off when I’m taking it out, then I just pop it back on while I’m holding it.


jocamero t1_jdwlhw9 wrote

Yes. No case. I've used Apple's MagSafe wallet for a couple years now and only carry driver's license, primary CC, and debit card around. I use the software based Apple Wallet for nearly everything and the physical cards are just a backup. I have photos taken of the other crap I would keep in a traditional wallet, like an insurance card. I've never lost the MagSafe wallet and if you were to leave it behind while detached, you can setup a Find My alert.

I hesitate to say this, but it was (slightly) life changing (in a great way) to no longer be forced to carry around a larger physical wallet in my other pocket.


sooner2016 t1_jdvpvac wrote

Anker isn’t actually MagSafe. It’s just magnetic wireless charging.


Spiritual-Luck-8404 t1_jduxjpc wrote

I've never really understood the obsession with the power banks. I think getting the official ones is all you need.