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CanadianZinger t1_iu51xf3 wrote

I use both a S21Ultra (work phone) and Iphone 14 Pro (personal phone) on the daily. So don't necessarily miss the features but I do wish iPhone had them.

  1. USB F*CKING C, charging on iPhone just sucks. Yes iPhones have good battery life, but they also take double the time to charge fully so it's definitely a tradeoff. Takes 90 minutes to charge iPhone fully.
  2. Split Screen
  3. Better file/photos management, like why tf does a photo still remain in the "recents" after I add it in an Album. There should be an option to "move to album" or copy to album. The photos app just looks clunky and gives me a headache because of how poor the file management is on iOS.
  4. Multimedia volume controls. Like let me keep the ringer volume up while keeping notifications and media on mute. Seems like a basic software thing.
  5. Universal back swipe, users who have never used an android don't often understand the importance of this. Navigation is so much simpler and reliable on android because of this.
  6. Samsung Knox secure folder.
  7. Siri sucks to the point where it's not even worth using, I feel like it's actually getting worse over time. Google Assistant is easily a decade ahead. Voice controls are better on android all together.

EDIT I chose to buy an iPhone because I like to keep my working and personal mobile workflows separate. I have now used an iPhone as my personal phone since 2015 and have owned 3 iterations in this time. I primarily opted for the iphone such that I could remain in both Android and IOS and avoid carrying two of the same phones while utilizing the strengths of each system. I certainly enjoy many aspects of the iPhone. Though if I were to lose my work phone or be required to only carry a single device, I would probably choose the latest Android flagship. I think Android has matured quite a bit and most anti-android sentiments are driven from social reasons as opposed to actual product technical assessments. People somehow judge android's flaws more harshly while often turning a blind eye to Apple's crap. iPhone is a solid product, but it is most certainly over-hyped and is not good value for money IMO.


OptionalCookie t1_iu76bgr wrote

Oh #4.

When I connect my S8 to my Google Home Mini... I get an extra bar for volume control on the mini, the ringer, and phone media.


WeReallyOutHere10 t1_iu88hul wrote

Oh #1, #4, #5, #7 I miss so fucking much… I didn’t appreciate how good google assistant is


moonshwang t1_iu6r4lj wrote

Regarding universal back swipe: If you’re wanting to go back to the previous app, you can just swipe to the right (to go back) and to the left (to return to the same app) along the bottom of the screen where the gesture bar is.


CanadianZinger t1_iu7gjw2 wrote

Yeah, it is not the same thing on iOS. This feature is implemented extremely differently on android and Samsung's OneUI. Can only be initiated from the left side. Furthermore, it is not relievable, and every app utilizes this feature differently. Meanwhile many apps and menu options aren't optimized for this feature at all, and you have to use the standard back arrow.

Whereas the universal back swipe on android just works the same way across all apps/services and is reliable.

Again, this is coming from someone who uses both flagship devices on the daily.


moonshwang t1_iub3e1n wrote

I’ve also used Android for years until I started using iPhone. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve had to use the top left back arrow after two years of iPhone usage, I always just swipe back from the left which works pretty well.

Can you explain exactly what you mean by universal back swipe?


NotSureWTFUmean t1_iu9xwu9 wrote

Agreed, google assistant is definitely better. Having said that, I never used it much except to occasionally start a navigation while driving, schedule an occasional reminder and make the odd hands free text or call. In that context both systems do what I need. I never did delve into anything deeper than that on my pixel although I was aware of the other stuff.


GlitchParrot t1_iu82oe1 wrote

> USB F*CKING C, charging on iPhone just sucks.

Charging speed has nothing to do with the port, the iPhone’s charging circuitry just cannot handle more than ~20W.

> Multimedia volume controls. Like let me keep the ringer volume up while keeping notifications and media on mute.

While you can’t keep ringer and notifications separate (which you also cannot do on Android iirc), media volume and ringer volume are two different volumes in iOS. Settings → Sounds → Ringtone and Alert Volume is a different slider than the one in Control Centre.

> Universal back swipe, users who have never used an android don’t often understand the importance of this. Navigation is so much simpler and reliable on android because of this.

iOS pursues a very different model with this, that can’t easily be changed into Android’s. Android’s design started out with a physical button for “back”. The back gesture was an afterthought in Android 10, and simply displays an arrow on the side of the screen when used.

iOS’s design is all about fluid animations creating intuitive motions. If a page opens by sliding from the right to the left, you close it by swiping it back where it came from, from the left to the right (a page in an app). If it opens from the bottom up, you swipe it down to close it (modals). This needs to be under the control of the app so that it can actually physically animate the page when you swipe it. This is the model that Apple recommends any developer to implement in their apps. If an app does not adhere to these gestures, it’s badly designed.


Odder1 t1_iuerxnw wrote

Tell me, why can the iPhone's charging circuitry (the proprietary lightning tristar) unable to handle more than 20w?


GlitchParrot t1_iuf062m wrote

Because it is designed that way.


Odder1 t1_iuf0az6 wrote

So, if they design it with USB-C instead...


GlitchParrot t1_iuf0jw1 wrote

They would need to specifically design it to handle more than 20W to handle more than 20W. The port has nothing to do with it, it all depends on what voltages and current the charging circuitry microchips can send to the battery.


Odder1 t1_iuf0rmm wrote

To use usb-c like the ipads, they would need to use the same chips, which can handle more than 20w, no? They're just going to create a new, worse one for more money?


GlitchParrot t1_iuf1acw wrote

I’m no expert in what exact chips they use inside the iPads, but the charging circuitry of iPads is designed for much larger batteries and therefore would probably need much more unnecessary space, so they would probably need to design a new one.

If they could just use the same chips as iPads, they could’ve done this with Lightning too, given that the 2017 iPad Pro could already charge at 30W.


Odder1 t1_iuf1wg8 wrote

latest iphones actually do 30w too (13 pro max and 14 pro max)

No, the charging circuitry for USB-C isn't designed specifically for higher capacity batteries, that doesn't make any sense. My android phone can charge with usb-c at 65w, more than any iPad. Battery management is typically done with a battery bms attached to your iPhone's battery cell(s). There is no excuse.


GlitchParrot t1_iuf26zi wrote

You still emphasise my own point: It has nothing to do with USB-C. They could do 65W charging over Lightning. And they could do 20W charging via USB-C if they don’t change the charging circuitry from the current one. That’s all I’m saying.


Odder1 t1_iuf2fwe wrote

65w charging over lightning, probably not tbh... may need a cable revision for that one


Simon_787 t1_iu5apra wrote

The S21 Ultra also has really slow ass charging speeds compared to anything but the Pixel, which is somehow even slower.


124psu t1_iu5c8lb wrote

  1. You’re missing out if you don’t own an apple usb c fast charger. Chargers my phone in less than 20 min.

CanadianZinger t1_iu5gnku wrote

Okay that is simply not true. It takes a little less than 2 hours to go from 0-100 when using Apple's own 20w usb-c to lightning charger. You actually get better results in using Anker and Spigen chargers.


dskatter t1_iu4xr3e wrote

Not an android feature I miss but one we had from the Pixels: call screening. Such a brilliant concept.


Fun-Pea-880 t1_iu64if7 wrote

Spam protection in text messages was also very good. The options for spam filtering I found so far in iOS are terrible.

> I'm assuming this is because Apple hasn't provided the APIs for this to work.


mostancient t1_iu84y85 wrote

My country has a terrible spam problem. I did not realize just how terrible it is until I switched to an iPhone this month. I really took Google Messages for granted.


MrSh0wtime3 t1_iu58yjr wrote

i never had a single human being stay on the line once google answered. I have no idea how people find this useful. I guess if you get a lot of calls from NPCs


dskatter t1_iu5bwrc wrote

For someone who gets quite a few spam calls a day, it’d be pretty nice.

Dump an unknown number to it, let fate decide.


GlitchParrot t1_iu81zcp wrote

If only that one was a available outside the US. One of the reasons to be unhappy with Google is how many features they region-lock and seemingly never being over to Europe.


c0smogfd t1_iu4y0de wrote

  • Scrolling/long screenshots
  • Google Phone app's spam call detection - worked way better than anything I've tried on iOS.
  • Customisable notifications (e.g; turning vibrate off for certain WhatsApp/Telegram contacts)

Hunter_Ware t1_iu52kzv wrote

You can still do long screenshots on some websites on an iPhone. Just open the built in maps app, screenshot, and click on the screenshot icon in the bottom left. It will have 2 options at the top and one will be “Full Page.” click on that one. Click done. It will ask you to save the PDF to your files app and from there you can share the .pdf .

Less convenient than android probably but still possible on some applications


tiagojpg t1_iu5qpme wrote

Still, I use Picsew for long stitching screenshots. Way better than the iOS feature saving to PDF.


Polrous t1_iu6uoqp wrote

This this this! The app is amazing, not to mention that compared to competition as far as I found (others charging 8-10 plus Canadian dollars) for all the features it only costs 2.79. This isn’t even mentioning that it has a widget for the left-side widget menu which has a quick access scroll shot combining feature without having to open the app itself.

I can’t recommend the app enough if the topic of scrollshots comes up so it was nice to see someone else mention it. It was the only feature I greatly missed from the Samsung phone I had before, and it filled that role wonderfully.


tiagojpg t1_iuajnv2 wrote

Oh yeah, definitely worth it for the little price. I’m just afraid to do it and then it gets implemented into iOS. Nerve racking.


Polrous t1_iuank6i wrote

Honestly when it comes to stuff like this, I think the cost it takes now until the potential who-knows-when-if-ever of it being added in the future officially… it’s worth it for these kinds of features if it’s something one wants, especially if the app is actively updated like Picsew is.

Even if I don’t use the app 24/7, if Apple did add the feature officially I wouldn’t regret small amount I spent back in like November 2021 for it before Apple did it.


tiagojpg t1_iub2vur wrote

Awesome, I’ll definitely have a look.


RandyLeRam t1_iu80y3b wrote

Some. Not good enough.


Hunter_Ware t1_iu8107n wrote

I agree, I wish that the full-page screenshot had more uses in more apps.


c0smogfd t1_iu5lmm4 wrote

Yeah I've used it for websites before, but I find myself wanting it most for screenshotting posts and threads on here/Twitter/Instagram/messaging apps. Hopefully they'll expand the functionality eventually.


TonytheNetworker t1_iu4yacb wrote

The back button was super convenient, I occasionally miss that. Significantly better file management to organize my files. Faster charging speeds are also nice when I’m in a hurry.


tim3assassin t1_iu51nk9 wrote

Not exactly the same but swiping from the left edge goes back one menu and swiping along the bottom white line goes back to the previous app.


4sneed4club t1_iu5sz96 wrote

THANK YOU FOR THIS I kept reaching to the top left


RandyLeRam t1_iu810dn wrote

It’s not universal though, and some apps don’t had swipe from left side to go back. Can be frustrating.


Fueled_by_sugar t1_iu8qxll wrote

can you give me an example of one? i always thought the backwards swipe was the equivalent of a back button in terms of technical behavior, not something that an app has to specifically support, and i've never used one where it didn't work.


RandyLeRam t1_iu8ry4p wrote

I’ll have to test all my apps again, it’s defo opt in for devs. It’s what makes it so jarring and annoying. As it works 90% of the time, then it doesn’t and it’s like I said jarring.

Forced use of it would be preferable so it’s no issue.

The Scottish power app is one of them, it has back swipe on only some menus.. wtf. Universal would fix that.


tim3assassin t1_iu91yt5 wrote

That’s because some third party apps don’t build it into their app. I wish it was 100%.


GlitchParrot t1_iu82u2l wrote

Apps that don’t have the gesture are badly designed and probably have an alternative that’s better designed.


RandyLeRam t1_iu83bpt wrote

True, but doesn’t stop the lack of universal back gesture being a pain. Especially when said apps are your energy suppliers app etc.


GlitchParrot t1_iu83h2b wrote

It’s just difficult to change iOS’s gesture model into Android’s, as they were designed with completely different priorities in mind.


MarvelousTravels t1_iu894n4 wrote

The pixel actually utilizes a ton of gestures, still has back buttons


GlitchParrot t1_iu8czxn wrote

I know. But iOS’s gesture model is designed with fluid animations and intuitive motions in mind, which can only be done if the app has control over how the gesture is performed and rendered. Android’s gestures do not utilise animations like that, the back gesture is just an arrow that appears on the side of the screen, that’s much easier to enforce universally.


jordan9585 t1_iu7cbpr wrote

Notifications and the keyboard, They are flat out awful on iPhone


geeneepeegs t1_iu7dmto wrote

The superior Android notification shade which craps all over the rather pitiful notifications center


Warsum t1_iu4y7w0 wrote

Being able to customize my notifications greatly. I don’t want my screen to light up for a majority of things except maybe a call.

Also I like different sounds per app or per person.

I also miss having a true file systems that work like windows.


tiagojpg t1_iu5r9dz wrote

Referring to the 1st point:

You can actually switch off Notifications on Lock Screen individually per app. Go to Settings → Notifications and then select the app you want to switch off Lockscreen Notifications. Looks like this.


Warsum t1_iu5ru5a wrote

Yes but that isn’t customization. I’m talking more unique sounds per app/individual. The ability to have only texts light up my lock screen but all apps have a notification on the Lock Screen.

Speaking of locks screen. What they did with notifications in iOS16 is a travesty. I wanna see all my notifications without having to continue to swipe to see “older ones”.


tiagojpg t1_iu5u1p2 wrote

Oh how I understand you. Notifications are a mess, and yes it’s about time we get some proper notification control in iOS.


Polrous t1_iu6v2qu wrote

Edit: I seriously don’t understand this subreddit, I state a factual “you can set up custom sounds for specific people” as I literally have custom sounds for multiple contact right now and then people are like “welp time to downvote as if you said something that is incorrect!”

Unique sounds per individual as in person in messages and calls? That can be done, but otherwise per app notification sounds is kind of an annoying area as it completely relies on the developer to provide a custom notification sound otherwise it does a default one.


sevenandwater t1_iu4ze6h wrote

Going to the phone keypad and using the numbers/alpha to search the directory-so if I wanted to call Nate I could type 6283 and it would pull up all the Nates in my phone (and also anyone named Mave but whatev)


c0smogfd t1_iu51j6j wrote

Agreed. I don’t get why the iOS dialler even has letters on it when we can’t use T9.


Alik013 t1_iu73wlg wrote

The way android handles Notifications is better in my opinion and the keyboard


Nightronic t1_iu53pr2 wrote

Switched from Pixel 6 Pro to 14 PM today and i miss only the universal back swipe.


bizarre_pencil t1_iu5i2kz wrote

Doesn’t iOS do that too? In any app I can swipe in from the left edge and it goes back to last page/menu


mondo2023 t1_iu7bbit wrote

unlike android, iOS is inconsistent with how one returns to the previous page. even some of apple's own apps - photos, for example - don't feature the back gesture, forcing one to use the back arrow in the upper left corner or to swipe down from the top of the screen


Diakia t1_iu6kmdb wrote

Nah the back button in Android is by far the biggest gap between the two OSs imo, I was in the market for a new phone about three months ago when I got a new job and they gave me an iPhone so I decided to give that a go instead of purchasing a new Android and (among other things as well) it was one of the main things that drove me insane and made me get a Pixel 7 haha.


moonshwang t1_iu6qrof wrote

If you’re wanting to go back to the previous app, you can just swipe to the right (to go back) and to the left (to return to the same app) along the bottom of the screen where the gesture bar is.


Nightronic t1_iu7of5m wrote

I know but that is Not a „Universal“ swipe and not from right edge possible. But thanks for the tipp.


moonshwang t1_iub3fwe wrote

Right, so universal means it’s from the right side?


Nightronic t1_iuc4mpm wrote

Yeah left and Right side. And it can close the Keyboard as well as pop ups.


thomrg15 t1_iu7ovw1 wrote

recent switcher back to ios from pixel and this one kinda confuses me. on ios all you have to do to go back to the previous app is swipe right towards the bottom of the screen. while in android yeah you can do that from the middle of the screen but one of the things I missed when I switched from ios to android initially was being able to navigated in app back to previous screens or menus.


Opposite_Guidance895 t1_iu7xdo8 wrote

In android, you can adjust the volume of the notification,ringtone,system sound and media independently. I miss being able to do that with iOS. If I want to keep the ringtone volume high and notifications low, I cannot do that as both are tied to one another.


muzik_dude7 t1_iu641e1 wrote

I switched from a Pixel 6 Pro to a 14 Pro Max after using Android phones for the last 7 years. The 14PM is an excellent device, and I had a great experience overall, but there were just too many things that I missed from Android that affected my day-to-day usage, and I had a hard time trying to get used to those things. So I ended up deciding to switch back. I ordered a Pixel 7 Pro and it was just delivered to my house today. As far as specific things that I missed from Android, there were a lot, but a few bigger ones are:

  • Pixel-specfic features (call screening, now playing, swipe for Google Assistant, etc.)
  • Swipe back gesture from any screen
  • The way notifications overall are handled
  • Being able to double tap to lock screen (I know you can double tap the back on iPhone)
  • Having an app drawer (not limited like iOS)
  • All of the usual Android customizations (arranging icons, custom launchers, installing 3rd party apps, etc.)

Here me again though, iPhone 14 is an excellent phone! Easily in the top 2-3 phones available right now. I could rattle off a bunch of things about the phone that are amazing which I will miss switching back. But, I've just come to realize that Androids (and specifically Pixel phones) are definitely what work best for me and my lifestyle.

Edit: Grammatical corrections


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu713dl wrote

Agree with your note overall, and I also made the same decision (had Pixel 6 Pro, bought an iPhone 14 Pro & Pixel 7 Pro and carried both around for a couple weeks, decided to make the Pixel my daily driver).

Re app drawer, though... iOS has one, just not as convenient:

- swipe all the way to the right-most screen
- swipe down, or tap in the "App Library" search box


muzik_dude7 t1_iu77716 wrote

Nice! How are you liking the P7P so far?

You’re absolutely right. iPhone does have an app drawer. It’s just so basic and limited that I never considered it a true app drawer and never used it, but you’re right they do have it there.


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu7e62f wrote

I'm loving the the P7P and -- though I was initially skeptical about trading in my P6P for it -- the deals with the Google Store and Best Buy were too good to pass up.

My only minor frustration so far is that even though the fingerprint unlock is pretty good, it's still not as great as the system-wide face unlock on the iPhone 14.

Oh, wait, one more minor frustration: while I hate the sharp-brick form factor of the bare iPhone 14... with a case it does fit a lot better in my pocket, and I really wish Google would make their best-camera flagship phones in a smaller form factor.


thanirs t1_iu5znza wrote

A few things I miss dearly:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Voice typing (accuracy, punctuation, grammar etc.)
  3. Phone functionality (Call screening, Hold for me)
  4. Notifications
  5. Astrophotography (Pixel specific)
  6. Search. No suggestions and auto-fill when searching. Great for searching within the phone but always a multi-step process to search the web unless I launch Safari and search there.
  7. Universal back gesture
  8. Lastly and in general, I found Pixel phones are "smarter" than iPhones with built-in AI and ML sprinkled through out the phone.

You didn't ask, but the things I love about iPhone:

  1. Widgets - better looking

  2. FaceID

  3. Visual transitions and animations

  4. Battery on standby


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu7177w wrote

I'll also add to the "love on iOS" list:
- Seemingly signs me into apps (with Chrome passwords) far, far more often/reliably than on my Pixel


thanirs t1_iuafpr5 wrote

I use a 3rd party password manager. I wouldn’t rely on either Google or Apple’s built in. Also makes it easy to switch ecosystems


ThatAdamGuy t1_iuaqjw3 wrote

Luckily ecosystem issues are less of a consideration now, with Apple thankfully supporting passwords from Chrome.


bristow84 t1_iu6x2zz wrote

Photo Management. I can forgive or deal with other stuff but the photo management on IPhone is complete ass. There is no reason why photos taken with the camera can’t be put into their own folder off the bat and there is no reason for photos that are part of an album to still show in recents.


_Suspended_Account_ t1_iu79f4y wrote

I tried using Apple Photos for a week. It was painful. Went right back to Google Photos.


aetherfawkes t1_iu58udx wrote

Phone settings, notifications, pixel phone screening, & google assistant


DeadEndStreets t1_iu5cv08 wrote

A working notification system lol.


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu71f4n wrote

So here's something I don't get. It seems even overall Apple fans (like in this subreddit) generally don't like how notifications work in iOS. Why hasn't Apple made more strides in this area? Is it just that those of us upset with iOS notifications are a vocal minority (which I concede could very well be the case)?


DeadEndStreets t1_iu73tbn wrote

I think most people maybe haven’t tried anything that isn’t iOS? Like you won’t know it’s bad if you haven’t tried something else.

Either way android and iOS has pretty much coalesced to very similar things imo and the differences are pretty much minor annoyances about preferences. Like iOS could have better file access, but android apps were generally more buggy for me due to all the os fragmentation of having a bunch of different oems making phones on all sorts of android builds, notifications could be better on iOS, android phones could have more thought out hardware, iOS could benefit from more adjustability/customization of home screen setups, etc etc.

There’s always a trade off but I think the differences are pretty small these days.


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu75c7j wrote

I largely agree with you, but I think some of the differences are kinda major.

  • Only iOS has Airtags. For people who travel, or who have wandering pets, that feels like a pretty major thing.
  • When I switched my primary SIM to my iPhone, I couldn't believe both how many spam calls I was suddenly getting and, clearly, how many my Pixel had been blocking.
  • Some aspects of a genuine "it just works" with iOS (like what I understand is the case with airpods, for instance)... if it involves something you do multiple times a day, that's really gotta add up.
  • And Support. I've been tempted to get my parents iPhones because knowing they can literally walk into a local friendly Apple store and get help anytime is... really something. Not possible with Pixel.

To your larger point about... not knowing what you're missing if you haven't tried it. Heh, I often think the same way about people who've never left their home country. Like... of course you won't realize how awesome public transit can be or how great it feels knowing your waiter is getting a fair, consistent wage and you not having to worry about tipping ... until you actually go to a country where those things exist.


mostancient t1_iu7zdfb wrote

Samsung has SmartTags if you’re looking for an equivalent to AirTags.


ThatAdamGuy t1_iu7zh6x wrote

I hear ya, but in the U.S. at least, I don't think the 'Samsung network' is equivalent to the Apple one. Do Samsung phones even serve as finder hubs by default (like iPhones do), or do the users have to install an app first?


mostancient t1_iu84ost wrote

Samsung SmartThings is installed by default on most Galaxy phones. They also work practically the same way like Airtags with iPhones. The only difference is that Samsung provides two versions; regular (cheaper) SmartTags which only use BLE, and SmartTag Plus which uses UWB like in AirTags.


ZicReddit t1_iu6hesy wrote

Notification System


henrokk1 t1_iu70cn0 wrote

-Call screening on the Pixels

-System wide back gesture that works everywhere

-Android notifications


I’m loving the iPhone, but man I miss these things dearly.


thatwasnotokay t1_iu64vib wrote

Real folders for my images :( I hate that everything is lumped together and it forces me to archive game info / artwork / ect off my phone.


EnchantedTikiBird t1_iu7i8wb wrote

The ease of groups and management of the contacts.

The ability to customize apps and folders and change colors for organization

The ability to create a direct dial icon in minimal steps vs using shortcuts.

Not having to convert a sound in garage band to get a notification sound or ringtone.


sjsharksfan12 t1_iu7utmx wrote

I miss the notification icon at the top of the phone. I think Android does handle Notifications better than IOS does.


MarvelousTravels t1_iu89e5p wrote

Universal back button (always works, no matter the app), Customizable notification sounds, and proper photo management. Looking for a photo is a disaster on iphone, in comparison to Samsung/Android


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iu9c8lt wrote

  • AMOLED Display more vivid
  • Object Eraser or Magic Eraser for photos
  • App Pairs in split screen mode (super useful)
  • Remaining Charge Time Indicator
  • Reverse Wireless charging
  • USB-C port can be set to OUTPUT mode to charge other devices
  • Screenshots Have Embedded "Goto Website" Link to launch original page
  • Too many others to list haha

Beautiful_Cow6458 t1_iu54eqy wrote

Spam indicator, amend keyboard and make it slightly bigger, numbers above the letters on keyboard, delivering messages quietly, personalised fonts that you only pay once and ones that don’t steal what you type, customisable icons, moving icons wherever we want, copying multiple texts and it remains in the clipboard area thingy, back button, recording phone call, home button, finger print scanner, but most importantly….you know when you got dial a number for someone and you just the buttons using the letters and the person’s name pops up….I dunno if I’m explaining it right and also I’m sorry, at this point I dunno why I’m even using an iPhone besides the bad ass battery 😂😭🤣


MonkeyAlpha t1_iu5rwja wrote

The select all button for photo selection. iOS 16 and still nothing equivalent. Have to swipe and hold or manually backup one by one.


PlantbasedBurger t1_iu8j43x wrote

I read a lot here and I think many need to install Truecaller and allow it to monitor the spam calls. I don’t have any issue, I don’t live in the US, but that should solve it. Also, for “app drawer” I just swipe down on the Home Screen and type the name of the app - or Siri suggestions already knows what I need from habits.


These-Description-46 t1_iu9fa22 wrote

Small rotate sign shows up at the bottom corner when rotating an image or video while rotate screen is off


Carter0108 t1_iu55jd8 wrote

I've gone back to Android mainly because of the amount of FOSS apps. Notifications were probably the other thing I missed the most.


MrSh0wtime3 t1_iu58uzj wrote

I miss Android Auto and bluetooth choosing not to work at random times. Keeps you on your toes.


_Suspended_Account_ t1_iu7ac6s wrote

I personally found CarPlay to be better than Android Auto in every way.

I just looked on YouTube though, and it appears they’ve updated it since I left Android, and it does look pretty nice now.


MrSh0wtime3 t1_iu7cegc wrote

Its not really the interface thats bad. Its just totally unreliable regardless of phone or car. Carplay on the other hand has never once not worked on first plug in.

Same with bluetooth generally. Every time I turn my bluetooth speaker or headphones on they work on Iphone. Never the case on Android. Small things but it really makes a difference to me.


Neuweltgeier t1_iu6cmsh wrote

Reliably selecting and changing what opens in which app. On ios I’ve to paste a link into notes long press it and then the app opens instead of safari. And the reverse


BigLipidAss t1_iu739gn wrote

  1. Google assistant, it’s 100x more useful than Siri, who is an imbecile.

  2. Sideloading apps, aka piracy. It’s stupid easy on android.

  3. Emulators. Piracy again, except this time instead of pirating apps, you’re pirating Nintendo DS games from 15 years ago.


_Suspended_Account_ t1_iu78hnw wrote

Number one thing I miss: Google Assistant, without a doubt. Siri is terrible. Yeah sure, I can install the Google Assistant app, but I can’t long press to activate her, or say “hey Google”.

Notifications are a very close second place. iPhone notifications are atrocious, and they just don’t work in a way that makes them helpful.

I enjoy everything else on the iPhone more than Android. Switched to Apple in February, and haven’t even been slightly tempted to go back. Granted, I still use a lot of Google apps, which I find superior. Google makes incredible apps, but sub par software and hardware.


wilsonsea t1_iu7abgr wrote

I just swapped recently from the Galaxy Fold 3, and before that, had Sony’s Xperia 1ii. The best Android feature is hands down the multitasking. Having two squared apps on the Xperia 1’s 21:9 display and more than 3 apps on the Galaxy Fold 3 was killer in my opinion. I’ve used more than 2 dozen phones in the past 10 years, constantly trading, selling, and buying devices. Android is the king of PC-familiarity, and since Apple wants to distance themselves from Windows (understandably, they’re Apple), we’re never going to see the iPhone have multi-app functions.


SteveMcQueen87 t1_iu7c5y9 wrote

The main thing I miss is ad blocking. Being able to set a custom dns that blocked 90% of ads was amazing. Also, side loading apps such as YouTube vanced which blocked ads, enabled background play, screen off play and tons of other features.


boschrick t1_iu9pgkb wrote

Check out nextdns and wipr. Easy peasy.


SteveMcQueen87 t1_iu9rf6g wrote

They work pretty great for the web but don’t seem to block in-app ads.


grazeyone t1_iuf59md wrote

NextDNS and ControlD block all adds in apps for me. Various different blocklists block everything.


jesus3065 t1_iu7pi1i wrote

Using 2 apps at the same time using split screen


eurosonly t1_iu7qw3t wrote

Faster scrolling

being able to use my phone as a portable storage device via explorer and plugging it into a computer. No need for iTunes to put stuff onto the phone.

Better use of on screen space. I find the iPhone takes up too much space when bringing up the keyboard. There's just so much wasted space.

One for Samsung phones, the stylus. Can't live without it and I've had the note phones since the 2nd one and it's been my number one reason for purchasing them.

Being able to set any gif as wallpaper.

Other than that, I miss the removable storage and batteries. Back when Android was unstable and buggy. At least on Samsung phones.


RendiaX t1_iu7zte2 wrote

Having just switched over from my Galaxy S10 to the 14 pro max in the middle of my work week I miss the fade in alarms. Sleep schedules are nice, but clunky for how I wake with two alarms every day and since I’m in retail my schedule is all over the place.

Will likely just have to learn how to make a custom tone and port over Samsung’s Homecoming :\


Mysterious-Foot-806 t1_iu81lky wrote

Always on display, the one on my 14 just really ain’t cutting it compared to Android


h3is3nb3rggg t1_iu8241z wrote

File manager, Back Gesture, Call Recording, Notifications and general ease of access

But iPhone is sweet, I don’t regret


funkyAstronaut t1_iu8282y wrote

Custom and fine tuned notifications and notification centre hanlding, gestures to go back a screen, Android's gallery and file system sync and categorisation, the awesome GBoard (gboard on ios sucks)


nuggetsandsodaaa t1_iu836o9 wrote

Notifications management, call recording, gallary and apk files


djdes879 t1_iu854nn wrote

The OnePlus slider & charging speed


adrianmthethird t1_iu87w2q wrote

Not exactly a feature but I miss the sleep as Android app. One time payment of a couple bucks, and the devs are still active on forums and adding functionality to this day. Nothing I've found compares without a monthly subscription fee.


MarvelousTravels t1_iu89y4d wrote

I haven't seen anyone mention this, but a properclip board. I have one shot at copy paste something and then it's gone. Android phones let you see the last few things and re-paste or even lock certain messages to use at discretion. This is great for work, where a lot of my responses are similar and I can respond quickly


PlantbasedBurger t1_iu8j5ob wrote

And it’s a huge security risk.


MarvelousTravels t1_iuarvzb wrote

That’s not even a reasonable rebuttal, being able to copy more than one thing doesn’t create a malware portal


PlantbasedBurger t1_iubn2jp wrote

Security is not about Malware always.


MarvelousTravels t1_iubnerc wrote

It’s a clipboard, not a payment processor. Or military databases. There are no security risks


PlantbasedBurger t1_iubp59k wrote

You obviously are 15. Or you don’t have a job where you deal with sensitive information. Or you don’t work in IT.


MarvelousTravels t1_iubprfd wrote

So you want to try and invalidate my credibility because you think people in highly professional positions couldn’t possibly use a clipboard feature? Most businesses run on windows platforms, which most certainly include clipboards


PlantbasedBurger t1_iubq7kt wrote

You still try dismiss it as something that’s not a security risk and that’s nonsense.


NeverendingStarving t1_iu8dx6t wrote

• More apps in gPlay or you can download them from web its not that safest way but sometimes its good

• Phone app, spam detection etc.

• screen recording not visible on snapchat😂😂😂

• more codecs, audio files and video files supported and easier to convert to phone with anything, simple plug and play, no itunes and another shits

• sometimes I miss days with SD cards but my last android dont have slot bcs of dual sim or one sim and sd

• miss better battery life on DualSIM


Roddrick09 t1_iu8er7m wrote

  1. Call history
  2. T9 smart dialler
  3. side loading apps
  4. frequently change OEMs (iPhones cost too much) :/

rpool179 t1_iu8izay wrote

Status bar. Apple needs to legit just copy it straight from Android. I should be able to see all notifications and if my phone is on ring, vibrate or silent straight from the top of the phone. Not swipe down or have to check the physical button on the left.

I also miss being able to just click on videos in the web browser and download them straight to my phone.


Fueled_by_sugar t1_iu8ql06 wrote

connecting to PC and transferring a gigabyte of music


frfrfr222 t1_iu8r76h wrote

  • App split screen. Mostly fixed with PIP.
  • Being able to turn my screen upside down. Ive bent a couple of cables when using my phone in bed, with the charger plugged in and the phone on my body.
  • Ad free app alternative for youtube
  • Super fast charging
  • Sharing wifi by scanning something on another android
  • Widgets/heavy experience customization. Ex: If I want more than 3 time zones on my lock screen

_xyza t1_iu8upps wrote

  • Youtube's Save to Watch Later in notifications
  • gboards swipe left from backspace to delete words
  • gboards clipboards (but found Clipboard app as alternative)
  • swipe down from home screen to show notifications (i'm using AssistiveTouch's double/single tap for notifs and control center)
  • Back button for scenarios where Back/Done is on top left of screen (use of Reachability doesn't really solve it)

I don't miss OnePlus 7 Pro's fingerprint scanner :) Not unless when my iPhone is flat on the table.


COT_87 t1_iu8w958 wrote

Being able to reply and mark as read any message from the Lock Screen. Native google keyboard. Google assistant. Faster animations


CreamyAdmin t1_iu8zd3q wrote

  • Searching for messages (unable to do so in iMessage)
  • Being able to edit a phone number in phone dialer
  • Have numbers and also special characters on your keyboard
  • Being able to switch off NFC
  • Back swipe from the right hand side of screen as well
  • Having parallel apps - installing 2 WhatsApps with two numbers
  • Pinning an app on screen
  • Hidden apps drawer
  • Creating a separate account on one device e.g. like having 2 logins on an android with isolated settings
  • Setting a different wallpaper for lockscreen and a different one for the app drawer screen
  • The way apps move around the screen makes it hard to organise on Apple - it's easier to do a switch apps on the screen instead of everything moving to the bottom
  • Long scroll screen shots as an image
  • Set different notification sounds/volumes to apps and contacts
  • Using and setting the LED dot to see what app just sent a notification alert based on your own predefined colour you set
  • Using the numbers to get a contact e.g on Num pad you will type 7383 to get your contact named PETE
  • Right swipe on the backspace to highlight and delete text
  • Pin/store copied text to your keyboard
  • Inbuilt spam call/text filter
  • Maps is just far better

Rardenn t1_iu92aj5 wrote

haptic feedback for keyboard for sure.


CaptainSpectacular79 t1_iu93f8i wrote

Double-tapping the power button to launch the camera. So much better for getting the camera ready while pulling out of your pockets.

Notification categories per app


Johnpltsui2 t1_iu94wgs wrote

Better keyboard auto complete and text suggestions


D-Bluewater t1_iu99wyf wrote

Keyboard - I literally disabled autocorrect a month ago. And typing with my mistakes have made more sense than all the previous autocorrect sentences ive typed before.

USB-C - Pretty self explanatory


mmc227 t1_iu9ghyd wrote

LDAC or any other hi resolution Bluetooth codec. And USB 3.0 transfer speeds.


kb3_fk8 t1_iu9u96l wrote

Spam filtering for calls on my Pixel. It’s the only feature I miss, but I miss it so much I might go back to pixel after my 14Pro dies. If apple added this feature I feel no one would look at Pixels anymore.


golf1415 t1_iua10n3 wrote

Universal back button

Google assistant

Google keyboard

Long screen shots

Scheduled text message. I know there a shortcut to do this on iOS, but it is far from the same.

Notifications. How apple hasn’t fixed notifications to something better is beyond me.

Call screen and Messages intercepting junk messages.

Split screen

Interactive widgets

I miss android, but the iPhone also does good things as well. I tend to think that android is a little more intuitive and easier to use because you can set it up the way you want to use it. With iOS you are caged in doing things the way apple wants you to do them. If you are ok with this, iPhone is king of the hill.


Lowforge t1_iua21b2 wrote

I miss being able to schedule a text to be sent later.


cybermodz t1_iucmas2 wrote

I just switched from my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5g to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Some android features that I miss are.

Notification history An universal back button mine was a swipe up from the bottom bar The ability to get modified apps for Spotify and YouTube.


Grumpywino t1_iu58lrt wrote

Samsung has an app that allows total customisation of gestures, I really do miss that app.


_hello_____ t1_iu6mcrl wrote

Universal back, call screening, and most of all notifications. I really can’t wrap my head around his bad iOS is with notifications.


Messiah_Knight t1_iu76e0i wrote

Customizable features. The Play store has TONS more options Being able to chose a different brand/design Faster charging speeds Better/ bigger batteries USB FUCKING C


lfguard10 t1_iu92gnu wrote

Samsung removing capability for band-selection is the sole reason I jumped ship. I like both Android and iOS, but that pissed me off enough to leave.


AuntieTara2215 t1_iu547c5 wrote

None that I can really think of.


kailron t1_iu5d5a4 wrote

Things I miss coming from s21:

  • real 120hz display. iPhone’s 120hz display is full of shit, a ton of animations run at 90hz and apple not updating them for some reason. Overall, Samsung and other androids 120hz feel significantly smoother
  • mapping custom functions to double pressing the power button. it’s insane how apple only lets you have apple wallet or bullshit accessibility stuff, I loved having my flashlight bound to it
  • notification/control center implementation. Combining controls of your choice with notifications coming out from swipe from any part of top of the screen is just better, and if you are on Home Screen I’d take over spotlight’s gesture for notifications any day. I also hate how in iOS you now have a literal lockscreen coming from the notification swipe, like, I don’t wanna see the giant clock with micro widgets taking half the screen when I’m already logged in. Also the ios 16 “feature” with you having to do an extra swipe to get old notifications is ridiculous
  • usb-c (**** you apple)
  • keyboard number row. I don’t like gboard for iOS, looks ugly and you can’t customize the time it takes for numbers to activate

Things I don’t miss/are overrated about android:

  • split screen. Tiny ass smartphone screens just feel unnatural for it imo
  • theme customization. I gave them a shot, always ended up coming back to stock.

Actual reasons why I switched to iPhone:

  • AirPods
  • mac connectivity goodies
  • car only supports CarPlay
  • iOS aesthetically is better than one ui, one ui’s dark theme looks bad.
  • prefer iOS default apps to Samsung/google (except calculator, iOS calculator is dog****)

Truly_Unending_ t1_iu75nuj wrote

As a guy who uses both Samsung S22 Ultra and iPhone 14 pro max, I can assure you that the Samsung definitely doesn’t feel “smoother” lmao. You must be partially blind. iPhone is a smoother experience period.


kailron t1_iu7685g wrote

You and many other people can’t distinguish between refresh rates


Truly_Unending_ t1_iu76ge6 wrote

I can distinguish enough to where I absolutely refuse to use anything less than 120HZ because of how ugly it looks.


kailron t1_iu76xyu wrote

Then not enough to tell 90hz from 120, by calling me partially blind you actually are accusing a ton of people who have been begging apple to fix this to be full of shit


jwink3101 t1_iu5oq3p wrote

It’s not as seemless but you can make a shortcut to open the calculator of your choice every time you try to use the built in one