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RandyLeRam t1_iu83bpt wrote

True, but doesn’t stop the lack of universal back gesture being a pain. Especially when said apps are your energy suppliers app etc.


GlitchParrot t1_iu83h2b wrote

It’s just difficult to change iOS’s gesture model into Android’s, as they were designed with completely different priorities in mind.


MarvelousTravels t1_iu894n4 wrote

The pixel actually utilizes a ton of gestures, still has back buttons


GlitchParrot t1_iu8czxn wrote

I know. But iOS’s gesture model is designed with fluid animations and intuitive motions in mind, which can only be done if the app has control over how the gesture is performed and rendered. Android’s gestures do not utilise animations like that, the back gesture is just an arrow that appears on the side of the screen, that’s much easier to enforce universally.