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maziar37 t1_irok52m wrote

I will just go home


mjrkwerty t1_irot5mt wrote

I’ll be honest I switched to the iPhone 14 pro max from the 8+ and not thrilled.

I’m not finding the battery life to be as great as everyone is saying, I feel like my 8+ lasted just as long if not longer. I feel like the touch screen is not as sensitive and I find myself banging on the screen. I thought it was just me but my wife mentioned it about her 14 plus as well.

The dynamic island is good in concept though I think could be better executed. That pill def gets in the way in a number of apps that I’m sure won’t redesign around it given it’s a feature in only one device. Feel like they could have done something similar with a riff on the notch that would still be cool but not in the way.

Camera is better than 8+ and the screen looks great. I’ve had some issues with CarPlay but I’m not sure if that’s the device or one of the updates that came after iOS 16.

All in all - my 8+ was fine for me and I was going to upgrade this cycle or next just due to age and support. I was kind of sold on the gimmicky dynamic island. The thing that cinched it was I have a 1 year old son and wanted a better camera sooner than later to capture memories with him.

As someone that tries to own a phone as long as possible - I’d consider taking the L trading for the 15 or I guess 16 if it solves some of those issues most notably the distracting island and touch sensitivity.


Midwest__Misanthrope t1_irowhsl wrote

Your 14PM battery is straight up defective if it’s lasting as long or less as your 8 Plus


mjrkwerty t1_irpjwo6 wrote

I appreciate that this response is constructive. What has been your experience with the touch screen on the 14 plus / plus max relative to your last iphone?

My wife traded in her 11 plus for the 14 plus. She seems to have the same responsiveness issue - could it be something to do with iOS 16?

Worth noting her device has been overheating to the point it stops itself from charging in normal scenarios - so we will be going back to apple about that. Perhaps we both ended up with defective units?

The iOS diagnostics say my battery health is 100%. Maybe 5G/5G UWB is draining it? I didn't have that with the 8+.



Midwest__Misanthrope t1_irpl672 wrote

Well my last phone was the 13 Pro so no noticeable difference in the touch screen. If you’re having touch screen and battery issues it might be worth bringing it in to an Apple Store if you can and get it checked out.

It could be an iOS 16 issue. I know battery problems have popped up because of that, but this is the first I’m hearing of touch screen issues.


mjrkwerty t1_irplws6 wrote

Thanks - that's helpful. I thought the touch screen issue was in my head and never said anything. So yesterday when my wife asked me if I was having the same problem - my response was "You too?!"

It's most noticeable near the edges of the screen. Like in the reddit app, if I launch and article and try to hit "done" in the upper left it's hard to hit.

Sometimes the touch feels "off" - like a pop up add will have an "x" for me to close it, but if I hit the "x" directly it doesn't respond, I have to do it a couple times or hit around the "x"

Seems like this is not normal so we'll be going to the Apple Store this week.


Generalrossa t1_irqcgat wrote

> Worth noting her device has been overheating to the point it stops itself from charging in normal scenarios - so we will be going back to apple about that. Perhaps we both ended up with defective units?

Worth noting that a lot of people, if not everyone is having overheating and battery issues with iOS16, which I’m 90% sure is the culprit.

> The iOS diagnostics say my battery health is 100%. Maybe 5G/5G UWB is draining it? I didn’t have that with the 8+.

Well of course diagnostics is going to say your battery health is 100%, lol your brand new 14 is what, not even a month old?

I’d say 5G would be draining battery.


Truly_Unending_ t1_irsjeey wrote

Yes you’re correct, these 14 pro models are insanely susceptible to high 5G battery drain, at least on this version of iOS. I would recommend everyone turn their 5G off for the time being if they care about long battery life. When I turned LTE on, I went from getting like 7 hours of SOT to now getting about 12 hours SOT. Insane difference.


Generalrossa t1_irst3tb wrote

Wow that is insane.


Truly_Unending_ t1_irt87ly wrote

Yes it is. I don’t know what’s causing the 14’s to not be able to handle 5G without massive battery drain but just TURN THE 5G OFF!!!


Sbmurray09 t1_irpz95f wrote

There was no 5G/5G UWB on the iPhone 8 Plus. Strictly LTE so it would make sense you didn’t have it. Also I’ve learned that 5G is a battery drainer for sure.


selfish_eagle t1_irq59eq wrote

Is there a way to know if your iPhone battery is defective, I also find my iPhone 13 battery to be below par, and not at all what they Claim to be in their website. I find my battery heath to be 100%


mjrkwerty t1_irq5m58 wrote

I'm curious to know as well - not sure why I'm being downvoted to hell because my 14 pro max is having issues with battery and touch response....


TheRavenSayeth t1_irq9pgy wrote

People are getting defensive in a lazy way, but honestly you need to go to the apple store and tell them what’s happening.


Truly_Unending_ t1_irsiy7j wrote

For some reason 5g is draining huge amounts of battery on the 14 pro models, I turned LTE on and now all of a sudden my battery is lasting longer than my 13 PM.

I remember 5g battery drain was an issue for the 12 pro’s but it wasn’t for the 13 pro’s, guess it’s back to being an issue again on the 14 pros 😅


Allenlee1120 t1_irpf6xs wrote

Seems like a case of resistance to change rather than a referendum on the 14.


mjrkwerty t1_irpi051 wrote

Did you read my post? With regards to the 14 pro max it is a better screen, better camera. The dynamic island is a new feature, which like all things apple, will evolve, it's not awesome enough for me to tell anyone it's a must have. I obviously ponied up $1k+ for the phone so clearly I WANT change.

The battery and touch issues are real with my device. The 8+ has a much smaller, less bright screen. It's not unreasonable to question if my 14pm unit is defective, or if the 8+ had a smaller battery but less relative power consumption due to way less features.

As an example, the 8+ was 4G LTE only, 5G and 5G UWB do consume more power. Plus the screen on the 14pm is bigger. brighter, smoother, etc.

Case in point - the 12 pro max is notorious for a shit battery esp with 5G. So I am wondering - is the 14pm battery life being compare to the 12pm or other next gen phones that had early issues with battery performance? It surely may be leaps and bounds better for a next gen phone and I may be comparing apples and oranges with the 8+. For the record, I recognize the 8+ is old but I had great battery life on it when I traded it in at 88% battery health.

Also, I am not saying the battery is awful, it's just not stunning me. It is fine, and compared to all the features you get in return, likely a fair trade. My comment is for those hoping for one more year out of their 8+. Not the fanboys who trade up every year or trade in every 2.

I am also just stating my experience. I am open to perspectives to know if I should think about exchanging the device or not.


GameWizzard t1_irp66y5 wrote

I have a hard time believe that because this phone destroys my 12 pro max in battery life it’s actually kinda crazy how much longer this phone lasts than a normally used 2 year 12PM


mjrkwerty t1_irpilx9 wrote

12 pro max plus notoriously has a shit battery life with 5G. So no surprise there.

See my comment above, there are big differences between the 8+ which is a fairly legacy phone topping out at 4G LTE with a relatively smaller display and lower quality display than then models that came after. My 8+'s battery health was 88% when I traded it for the 14pm and would last a day and a half which is excellent. My 14pm is fine - but I am confused by all the hype about the battery because I'm not experiencing any difference.


SigmaLance t1_irqu3i2 wrote

I’m here to say that even with 5G turned off my 12PM battery is the only reason I’m having a 14PM shipped to my house.

Whatever else comes bundled in the 14PM is just a bonus to me.


GameWizzard t1_irqu6xl wrote

That shitty battery life I’m talking about on the 12PM was only using LTE the 5g sucked so much battery I wouldn’t use it… that’s why I’m so surprised the 14PM lasts so long while using 5g


Punk_Says_Fuck_You t1_irqxva0 wrote

12 pro max and 14 pro max have the same battery.


GameWizzard t1_irqyij6 wrote

My first google search shows that the 12PM has 3687 mAh and the 14PM has 4323 mAh, add in the new chips and it definitely last longer


LindX31 t1_irt9yo2 wrote

You clearly don’t deserve those downvotes. People just getting angry for no reason.

Redditors will be redditors…..


Rickythrow t1_irqhnbb wrote

I have a similar upgrade path, coming from the XR to the 14 Pro Max, and I figure I'd share some similarities and differences in impressions, even if our starting points were a little different.

> battery

Like the other person said, if your usage pattern is the same as before, this sounds like a defect. Either that, or you suddenly started using more intensive apps that you couldn't on the 8+.

> touch sensitivity

I find that how you hold the phone may affect this (yes yes, cue all the "you're holding it wrong" memes).

When I look at the dimensions, I noticed that the 14 PM with no case is about as wide and deep as an XR with a basic silicon case. I've equipped the 14 with a plastic MagSafe case, making it bigger, but also, making it edgier. The XR has more rounded sides, while the 14 has sharper edges. I think the way I grip my phone is triggering unwanted touches on the edges of the screen. The 14Plus has a similar aesthetic as well.

> dynamic island usability

I think it's too early to tell at this point. The phone has been out for only a month or so, and stock is still an issue worldwide.

That said, I thought it could be a better way to pop notifications. When I was actively texting my SO while doing other stuff on the phone, I kept noticing how the notification banner would come down, and then disappear upward. I remember thinking how it'd look like if the black spot would expand, show the notification, and then shrink back to the island.

> Camera

Hell yes. I hated how the XR has only one wide-angle camera and provides digital zoom only. I also don't like the processing the phone does, and enjoy the RAW shots more.

> taking the L

I think it might be worth getting accustomed to the 14 PM/plus's form factor before taking the L. I know I'm still not used to holding the 14PM just yet, having used the XR for years, and the 6S prior to that; both phones have the same rounded edge aesthetic.


Bacong t1_irp4ve7 wrote

“Its 6.7-inch display and processor is taken from the iPhone 13 Pro Max”

this just in, the iPhone 14 Plus has a ProMotion display.


browhocares t1_irpgfc4 wrote

I went from the 13 Pro last year, to the 14 Pro this year. Returned it after a week because the battery was horrible. But I went out and got the 14 plus on Friday and it’s been freaking great. The battery really is amazing. I don’t miss the dynamic island (which I only used for a week, but still). I don’t notice the lack of “pro motion” display at all. And I could care less about the telephoto lens. I feel it should be a little cheaper than it is because it lacks those things. But between the battery life and the big screen but lighter weight, I definitely feel like it’s the second best option in the line up.


carlonia t1_irqasvr wrote

I mean, congrats on getting a worse phone??


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irrclh7 wrote

Some people don’t need the latest and greatest. Think of the 14 Plus as this year’s XR.


carlonia t1_irrhpbv wrote

Oh for sure, not everyone needs the newest and greatest


JacoBee93 t1_irshgj6 wrote

He went from better to worse tho


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irsi2ui wrote

So? If it serves his needs then who cares?


JacoBee93 t1_irsi7p4 wrote

Your sentence doesn’t make sense in his scenario. That’s all I said no need to be mad 🤷‍♂️


onlytony441 t1_irq45nb wrote

Thank you for speaking honestly and commenting on what the 14+ really is; a big iPhone with a beastie battery. Im very positive that this phone would suit many ppl fine. Got one for my wife and she’s fine because I know she only cares about a good camera, a bigger screen and a battery that last all day.

This checks all the boxes.


TamjaiFanatic t1_irqjx5l wrote

Battery of a new phone is always worse at first week my guy


browhocares t1_irszhlg wrote

I’ve been buying phones for years. “Battery of a new phone is always worse at first week” That’s generic response my guy. My XR, 11 Pro Max, 13 Pro and the 14 Plus were all great right out of the box… my guy. All my Samsungs (with the exception of the Note 4) were shit with battery, and so was my 12 Pro Max and 14 Pro.


mjrkwerty t1_irq5sti wrote

I commented the 14 pro max battery has been meh at best and the dynamic island needs work to be worthwhile and got downvoted to hell. Do you think you got a bad 14 pro unit?

Did you talk to apple/ your carrier about it and did they have a response?


ripstep1 t1_irr4r5r wrote

Personally my battery lasts 2 days. I don’t use the AOD though


browhocares t1_irt058c wrote

I could have received a bad unit. But after two updates in the same week from Apple and multiple reviews all saying the same thing. I just think iOS 16 is a battery killer and needs a bigger battery to last.


kpt1010 t1_irtmg8s wrote

Exactly how I have felt (my got my 14 plus this afternoon).


JacoBee93 t1_irqqx77 wrote

Didnt notice 120hz vs 60hz, thats something for eye check lol

You went for worse phone. Or what is suppose to be better on 14 plus in comparison to 13 pro max?


browhocares t1_irt0y5s wrote

I didn’t notice it when I got my 13 pro last year. Didn’t notice the lack of it when I “down graded” this year. iOS runs too smoothly to really notice or care. You seem to be really into insulting people you don’t know though. May need your IQ checked.


jasamer t1_irqxfmx wrote

The comparison isn’t between pro max and plus, it’s between pro (non-max) and plus.

> Returned it after a week because the battery was horrible. But I went out and got the 14 plus on Friday and it’s been freaking great. The battery really is amazing.

It seems like that is what’s better.


odeepaanh t1_irrobjf wrote

How much screen on time do you usually get on one charge?


browhocares t1_irt0n4d wrote

I got 11 hours screen time out of the box and a little over 10 after the first charge.


odeepaanh t1_irthmns wrote

Gotcha, I’ve been getting over 9 hours the past few days


noproblemforme t1_itep2qu wrote

I had the max but took it back because it was too heavy...are you loving that weight ?


browhocares t1_itewea1 wrote

Yeah man, it’s lighter then my 13 pro was. I don’t have to worry about it dragging my pants down lol


Kyle_67890 t1_itptoic wrote

Yesss I want this phone gonna order mine this wee k hopefully:)


BaseToTheApex15 t1_iromc4y wrote

Im still waiting for this I missed friday delivery

Have to wait till tomorrow Monday. Can't wait!


JacoBee93 t1_irqqt2e wrote

Why would anybody chose this over 13 pro max?

Telephoto, promotion display is something that alone is worthy of couple bucks extra. Not to mention you can get 13 max for almost same price in many places.


gulabi_jahaaz t1_irt2lql wrote

Weight, hand feel with the smaller lens, feel of it being "new" maybe?

The weight is specifically what I'd imagine is the real selling point.


runnyyolkpigeon t1_is4k4kc wrote

Plenty of people that couldn’t care less about the “Pro” features and just want a larger display and maximum battery life in a device - without having to pay the premium for the Pro Max model.


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irqxe3u wrote

I’ve tried looking around online for 13 PMs and they’re very hard to find new.


[deleted] t1_irqr7xt wrote



JacoBee93 t1_irqrbh4 wrote

Both phones are heavy af and requires both hands most of the time. In such a scenario you are grabbing worse phone just to save weight you wont notice unless you have them side by side. But ok i take that as one point


SpamMysubis t1_it1he7l wrote

Personally, sat comm sos battery life and weight.


JacoBee93 t1_it1him3 wrote

Appreciate your response and agree that’s enough reasons!


newecreator t1_irp2r0e wrote

I thought of getting this, but I realized I wear my iPhones like a pendant, and this is just too big.


cajonero t1_irpx7wm wrote

This must be some saying I’m not aware of, or do you literally wear your phone around your neck? 😆


newecreator t1_irq8sso wrote

Yeah. I wear mine like a pendant. Basically, I wear a lanyard with an iPhone in a case attached to it.

I have been doing that since 2002. Well with the phones at the time.


TheRick619 t1_irr6x4k wrote

I’m happy with my iPhone 13 mini.


onlytony441 t1_irq4hjf wrote

I think the 14 Plus a great option for most. I think if you care about for ProMotion, sure you can go with last years 13 Pro Max but outside of that there’s not a huge difference. You get a lighter phone, with better battery life and the large crisp display.


pwnedkiller t1_irpkzaz wrote

I plan on getting the 15 Pro Max or whatever the highest end is next year. My last big phone was the Xs Max.


eorlx t1_irql5y9 wrote

Using the XS Max too until it dies


TheMayMeow t1_iswxiqy wrote

I had 13 PM which i switched to 14 Plus and saved few bucks. It was heavy and I didn't used all of his "PRO" features - don't need proRes, proRAW or whatsoever what PRO iPhones have. I'm using iPhone as 2nd phone (work) and only reason I bought 13 Pro max was that the regular iPhone (in that time) didn't have bigger screens.


bmyvalntine t1_irpvvov wrote

If only this had 120Hz display, I’d buy it in a blink.


Rasimione t1_irqd2h2 wrote

I reckon the phone is a bit more than I can stomach cost wise.


swamshua t1_irrnl0u wrote

I’ll go home


sivan69 t1_irohbj6 wrote

Isn’t the plus now called pro max? Or the 14 plus is even bigger than?


cbwyatt t1_iroio3b wrote

There is the 14 Plus, then the 14 Pro Max. Same screen size!


sivan69 t1_irolcs4 wrote

Oh I see. Just curious what is the main difference between the 14 pro max and the 14 plus?


IncredibleGonzo t1_irqluqb wrote


  • Dynamic Island instead of notch
  • 1-120Hz variable refresh rate vs fixed 60Hz
  • Always-on capability
  • Higher max brightness
  • marginally smaller bezels


  • Larger, 48 Megapixel main sensor vs 12 Megapixel (though still larger than the 13, same as the 13 Pro I believe)
  • 2x full 12MP zoom 'virtual sensor' using the central 12 MP of the main sensor
  • Better ultrawide sensor with autofocus and macro mode
  • 3x zoom sensor vs none
  • LiDAR sensor enabling night mode portraits
  • ProRAW


  • A16 chip vs A15 (but it is the one with 6GB of RAM and an additional GPU core from last year's Pros)
  • steel vs aluminium frame
  • matt back with glossy camera bump vs shiny back with matt camera bump
  • different colour options

I think that's more or less it.


Nike_486DX t1_iroqvpf wrote

The screen, in pro max its next gen. While 14 Plus is equal to 13 except the overall size


islandmiler t1_irph805 wrote

In b4 seething iPhone 12/13 mini handlets