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GameWizzard t1_irp66y5 wrote

I have a hard time believe that because this phone destroys my 12 pro max in battery life it’s actually kinda crazy how much longer this phone lasts than a normally used 2 year 12PM


mjrkwerty t1_irpilx9 wrote

12 pro max plus notoriously has a shit battery life with 5G. So no surprise there.

See my comment above, there are big differences between the 8+ which is a fairly legacy phone topping out at 4G LTE with a relatively smaller display and lower quality display than then models that came after. My 8+'s battery health was 88% when I traded it for the 14pm and would last a day and a half which is excellent. My 14pm is fine - but I am confused by all the hype about the battery because I'm not experiencing any difference.


SigmaLance t1_irqu3i2 wrote

I’m here to say that even with 5G turned off my 12PM battery is the only reason I’m having a 14PM shipped to my house.

Whatever else comes bundled in the 14PM is just a bonus to me.


GameWizzard t1_irqu6xl wrote

That shitty battery life I’m talking about on the 12PM was only using LTE the 5g sucked so much battery I wouldn’t use it… that’s why I’m so surprised the 14PM lasts so long while using 5g


Punk_Says_Fuck_You t1_irqxva0 wrote

12 pro max and 14 pro max have the same battery.


GameWizzard t1_irqyij6 wrote

My first google search shows that the 12PM has 3687 mAh and the 14PM has 4323 mAh, add in the new chips and it definitely last longer