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browhocares t1_irpgfc4 wrote

I went from the 13 Pro last year, to the 14 Pro this year. Returned it after a week because the battery was horrible. But I went out and got the 14 plus on Friday and it’s been freaking great. The battery really is amazing. I don’t miss the dynamic island (which I only used for a week, but still). I don’t notice the lack of “pro motion” display at all. And I could care less about the telephoto lens. I feel it should be a little cheaper than it is because it lacks those things. But between the battery life and the big screen but lighter weight, I definitely feel like it’s the second best option in the line up.


carlonia t1_irqasvr wrote

I mean, congrats on getting a worse phone??


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irrclh7 wrote

Some people don’t need the latest and greatest. Think of the 14 Plus as this year’s XR.


carlonia t1_irrhpbv wrote

Oh for sure, not everyone needs the newest and greatest


JacoBee93 t1_irshgj6 wrote

He went from better to worse tho


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irsi2ui wrote

So? If it serves his needs then who cares?


JacoBee93 t1_irsi7p4 wrote

Your sentence doesn’t make sense in his scenario. That’s all I said no need to be mad 🤷‍♂️


onlytony441 t1_irq45nb wrote

Thank you for speaking honestly and commenting on what the 14+ really is; a big iPhone with a beastie battery. Im very positive that this phone would suit many ppl fine. Got one for my wife and she’s fine because I know she only cares about a good camera, a bigger screen and a battery that last all day.

This checks all the boxes.


TamjaiFanatic t1_irqjx5l wrote

Battery of a new phone is always worse at first week my guy


browhocares t1_irszhlg wrote

I’ve been buying phones for years. “Battery of a new phone is always worse at first week” That’s generic response my guy. My XR, 11 Pro Max, 13 Pro and the 14 Plus were all great right out of the box… my guy. All my Samsungs (with the exception of the Note 4) were shit with battery, and so was my 12 Pro Max and 14 Pro.


mjrkwerty t1_irq5sti wrote

I commented the 14 pro max battery has been meh at best and the dynamic island needs work to be worthwhile and got downvoted to hell. Do you think you got a bad 14 pro unit?

Did you talk to apple/ your carrier about it and did they have a response?


ripstep1 t1_irr4r5r wrote

Personally my battery lasts 2 days. I don’t use the AOD though


browhocares t1_irt058c wrote

I could have received a bad unit. But after two updates in the same week from Apple and multiple reviews all saying the same thing. I just think iOS 16 is a battery killer and needs a bigger battery to last.


kpt1010 t1_irtmg8s wrote

Exactly how I have felt (my got my 14 plus this afternoon).


JacoBee93 t1_irqqx77 wrote

Didnt notice 120hz vs 60hz, thats something for eye check lol

You went for worse phone. Or what is suppose to be better on 14 plus in comparison to 13 pro max?


browhocares t1_irt0y5s wrote

I didn’t notice it when I got my 13 pro last year. Didn’t notice the lack of it when I “down graded” this year. iOS runs too smoothly to really notice or care. You seem to be really into insulting people you don’t know though. May need your IQ checked.


jasamer t1_irqxfmx wrote

The comparison isn’t between pro max and plus, it’s between pro (non-max) and plus.

> Returned it after a week because the battery was horrible. But I went out and got the 14 plus on Friday and it’s been freaking great. The battery really is amazing.

It seems like that is what’s better.


odeepaanh t1_irrobjf wrote

How much screen on time do you usually get on one charge?


browhocares t1_irt0n4d wrote

I got 11 hours screen time out of the box and a little over 10 after the first charge.


odeepaanh t1_irthmns wrote

Gotcha, I’ve been getting over 9 hours the past few days


noproblemforme t1_itep2qu wrote

I had the max but took it back because it was too heavy...are you loving that weight ?


browhocares t1_itewea1 wrote

Yeah man, it’s lighter then my 13 pro was. I don’t have to worry about it dragging my pants down lol


Kyle_67890 t1_itptoic wrote

Yesss I want this phone gonna order mine this wee k hopefully:)