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Rickythrow t1_irqhnbb wrote

I have a similar upgrade path, coming from the XR to the 14 Pro Max, and I figure I'd share some similarities and differences in impressions, even if our starting points were a little different.

> battery

Like the other person said, if your usage pattern is the same as before, this sounds like a defect. Either that, or you suddenly started using more intensive apps that you couldn't on the 8+.

> touch sensitivity

I find that how you hold the phone may affect this (yes yes, cue all the "you're holding it wrong" memes).

When I look at the dimensions, I noticed that the 14 PM with no case is about as wide and deep as an XR with a basic silicon case. I've equipped the 14 with a plastic MagSafe case, making it bigger, but also, making it edgier. The XR has more rounded sides, while the 14 has sharper edges. I think the way I grip my phone is triggering unwanted touches on the edges of the screen. The 14Plus has a similar aesthetic as well.

> dynamic island usability

I think it's too early to tell at this point. The phone has been out for only a month or so, and stock is still an issue worldwide.

That said, I thought it could be a better way to pop notifications. When I was actively texting my SO while doing other stuff on the phone, I kept noticing how the notification banner would come down, and then disappear upward. I remember thinking how it'd look like if the black spot would expand, show the notification, and then shrink back to the island.

> Camera

Hell yes. I hated how the XR has only one wide-angle camera and provides digital zoom only. I also don't like the processing the phone does, and enjoy the RAW shots more.

> taking the L

I think it might be worth getting accustomed to the 14 PM/plus's form factor before taking the L. I know I'm still not used to holding the 14PM just yet, having used the XR for years, and the 6S prior to that; both phones have the same rounded edge aesthetic.