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JacoBee93 t1_irqqt2e wrote

Why would anybody chose this over 13 pro max?

Telephoto, promotion display is something that alone is worthy of couple bucks extra. Not to mention you can get 13 max for almost same price in many places.


gulabi_jahaaz t1_irt2lql wrote

Weight, hand feel with the smaller lens, feel of it being "new" maybe?

The weight is specifically what I'd imagine is the real selling point.


runnyyolkpigeon t1_is4k4kc wrote

Plenty of people that couldn’t care less about the “Pro” features and just want a larger display and maximum battery life in a device - without having to pay the premium for the Pro Max model.


Randy_Magnum29 t1_irqxe3u wrote

I’ve tried looking around online for 13 PMs and they’re very hard to find new.


[deleted] t1_irqr7xt wrote



JacoBee93 t1_irqrbh4 wrote

Both phones are heavy af and requires both hands most of the time. In such a scenario you are grabbing worse phone just to save weight you wont notice unless you have them side by side. But ok i take that as one point


SpamMysubis t1_it1he7l wrote

Personally, sat comm sos battery life and weight.


JacoBee93 t1_it1him3 wrote

Appreciate your response and agree that’s enough reasons!