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I put my iPhone 13 Pro Max on the mag safe charger last night with about 40% battery. I was busy during the day and didn’t notice it was dead until I got a call and it only rang on my Apple Watch this evening. It is dead, dead, dead. Tried putting it back on mag safe charger, plugged it onto the wall charger and attempted to reset it with no signs of life. I will be going to the AT&T store where I bought it tomorrow. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?



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thefireofice237 t1_iuayrpg wrote

I would go to an apple store if you have one close by. Your phone should still be under warranty.


TehJonezi t1_iub8imq wrote

Happened to my iPhone Mini 13 the other day, this fixed it for me:

‘Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the side button.’


Forsaken-Ad-7502 OP t1_iub8tq7 wrote

I tried it, no luck. Thanks!


sunnynights80808 t1_iubafxp wrote

Forgive me if you’ve tried this already but I ran into a similar issue awhile back and what fixed it was doing the restart but holding the side button for like 30 seconds. Try looking at a clock or setting a timer after you’re sure your phone as a charge and try holding onto to the button for a long time and seeing if the Apple logo comes on


TAbramson15 t1_iuayv4s wrote

Have you tried using the normal lightning cable that came with the phone to try and turn it on? Could be a dud MagSafe charger. If the MagSafe charger isn’t working it’s not gonna turn on. It could also be the wall brick you’re using that failed, apple bricks aside from the old 5w small ones, tend to fail. My gf has two failed 18w official apple chargers that both don’t work. Try another brick with the MagSafe first, and then definitely try using the lightning cable that came with the phone in the box as it could be the MagSafe charger that’s busted, or possibly even the wireless charging coil inside your phone, though that is the least likely culprit of the sort.


Forsaken-Ad-7502 OP t1_iub086h wrote

I did plug the phone into the wall charger I was just using using on my iPad mini, it’s been on charge for over an hour, still dead. Oh well, I’ll be taking it back in the morning. I just wondered if there was any easy fix. Thanks for answering.


TAbramson15 t1_iub1pen wrote

Do you have a computer?? If you have a PC plug it into iTunes and see if it recognizes it, if you have a Mac, see if the Mac recognizes it in the Finder app. If the computer can recognize the device it could possibly be a faulty display problem. If it’s not recognized then probably a motherboard or battery issue. Maybe the battery failed due to the heat of the MagSafe charging. Wireless charging is the worst you can use in terms of battery health and safety as it generates the most heat out of any charging method.


Forsaken-Ad-7502 OP t1_iub71hi wrote

I do have a MacBook. I completely forgot about using it to troubleshoot!! I’ll give it a whirl. 👍🏻


TAbramson15 t1_iub7974 wrote

Yes! Try and see if it recognizes it, if so it’s more than likely a display issue. Could be powering on and not showing the display, or a battery issue. Best case scenario it could be a bunk battery and that’s a $70 repair instead of a full replacement claim, or display repair.


Forsaken-Ad-7502 OP t1_iubc5xu wrote

MacBook didn’t recognize it, I’m guessing the battery failed. Thanks for the suggestions.


TAbramson15 t1_iubcd21 wrote

Oof.. sorry bud. I hope it’s an easy and inexpensive fix for ya.. that’s a shame. But gotta remember it happens, millions and millions of units manufactured some are bound to be messed up. No problem bud, good luck.


Nitin-2020 t1_iub9u5n wrote

Please keep us updated, I will not be able to sleep tonight now


TheMr91071 t1_iubfafh wrote

Take it to Apple. You should end up with a replacement phone. Sorry this happened to you.


eurosonly t1_iucfama wrote

Sounds like a dead motherboard. Hope you get the phone replaced for free at the Apple store. There's been a few posts like this lately. Ans this is probably not the last one. Is Apple using cheaper internals this time around?


dbcooper4 t1_iuc279g wrote

Same thing happened to my 12 a couple of months ago. Took it to an Apple Store and it ended up being one of the circuit boards that failed.


milita_grunt33 t1_iucd6q5 wrote

My iPhone 14 Pro has been doing this randomly. Usually it’s just for a minute or 2 but today it took a whole hour of resetting it to get it to turn back on. It works for now but I’m afraid of it happening again


aquablaze69 t1_iucn5yd wrote

That sound defective. Take it in to apple and get a replacement.


Forsaken-Ad-7502 OP t1_iueefrk wrote

I tried the force restart 3 times before I headed to the Apple Store today. The 3rd time the Apple logo came up and it powered up completely. It seems ok, but still taking it to the Genius Bar to have it looked at and run diagnostics.