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thatsimsgirl t1_iufq5nh wrote

I personally just use BOM - they’re weather apps, and all weather apps have a certain amount of discrepancy between data. BOM is our official weather service, so I’d lean more toward their data being more accurate than any others. Just my opinion though - if I want a more detailed forecast, I look out of my window ;-p


geeneepeegs t1_iug9ojw wrote

I use AUS Weather namely for its widgets and rain notification alerts. It takes data from BOM, and I don’t think you can get more accurate than the weather bureau for Australia.


Flair_Helper t1_iuh0jtq wrote

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itsckphotog t1_iug5lr9 wrote

Basically every other weather service (including Apple's own app) is almost useless in Australia. I just use the BOM app, it has push notification warnings built in and live weather observations that are updated every 10 minutes, sure the UI isn't as nice as some of the others but at least you're getting the right info.

By far the worst is Google, who will literally send me alerts saying "rainfall expected at x time" when in reality it's a clear sunny day with no clouds in sight.


orbit123 t1_iugwunu wrote

Apples Weather app in iOS 16 uses forecast data directly from the BOM.


itsckphotog t1_iugx8l6 wrote

It just refers to them using the bom as a "data source" - it doesn't specify that they use forecast data.

For the suburb I'm in right now, the BOM forecast tomorrow is 21-25 degrees with a 100% chance of rain. The Apple forecast for the exact same area is 17-24 degrees with a 70% chance of rain. That's a pretty big difference. Even the current temperature is wrong, the BOM's data is showing that it's currently 24 degrees here, while apple is saying 26.

The only BOM data I've ever seen on the Apple weather app is weather warnings, and when there's a severe thunderstorm warning it'll show up on my lock screen widget as well as in the weather app with a link to the BOM warning text.