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Upbeat_Foot_7412 t1_iu8cvd8 wrote

It feels great until you drop it. Then it‘s just a pain in your wallet.


[deleted] t1_iu7hwc1 wrote



Entertainnosis t1_iu8wz2i wrote

And very durable too. You could actually keep the phone looking pretty presentable even if you kept it caseless constantly.


Habit8902 t1_iuaaye4 wrote

Are you on crack. Haha I don't know how many times I cracked my 4 lol. I was a lot younger then. I guess I care for my stuff a lot better now hahaha


Entertainnosis t1_iuacj1o wrote

People loved to smash them I guess!

If you were even slightly careful though they didn't end up looking beat up as quickly as later 5/6 models.


SamuraiiNate t1_iu7hz3w wrote

I hate having cases on my phones. Been a minute since I had an iPhone but my last one was the 11 pro and it looked so clean without the case. I have the Z fold 3 now and been rockin it with out the case as well.


_Suspended_Account_ t1_iu7uzvy wrote

Cases weren’t as nice - and definitely not as easy to get - in 2010 when the iPhone 4 came out. I think back then, 99% of iPhone and Android users just walked around with a naked phone all the time. No screen protectors either. It’s crazy to think how normal that was for us lol.

I could never imagine doing that now, as much as I’d like to. Like you, I’ll take my case off for like an hour, and then I’m like “nope, can’t risk it”


HKHR2 t1_iub5y3x wrote

i think it’s also because of how big they became. while people with larger hands can still one hand phones like the 14 and 14 pro and some can even do it with the large models, most people likely can’t anymore. Also the sticker shock of new phones is much higher because we don’t have 2 year contracts to advertise a low $199 “starting price” like back in the iPhone 4 days. Funny tho because new iPhones are significantly more durable


tgeekb t1_iu7j3ww wrote

Superior? I use a case to protect my investment and it doesn’t affect me at all.


being_igor t1_iu7jixg wrote

Yeah it’s not an investment.


tgeekb t1_iu7m2ck wrote

It’s an expensive toy that I take care of.


-FancyUsername- t1_iu7ry7m wrote

„Investmens“ usually appreciate in value, or at least that’s the hope when buying it. A phone (if it‘s not something special like the first iPhone that only sold in low volumes) only surely depreciates in value.


tgeekb t1_iu7wczu wrote

We invest (spend a lot of money) in our phones because we do expect something in return. Not for the value of the phone to increase but because we run our business from it, keep in touch with friends and family far away or are entertained by it. We invest in things to improve our lives.


-FancyUsername- t1_iu7wxf9 wrote

It still sounds like you‘re confusing „spending“ and „investing“.

Here is the definition for investment I get from Google: „the action or process of investing money for profit.“

No doubt a phone is an extremely useful tool that can improve one‘s life. A phone is more useful to me than 10 $100 bills laying around and me not having a phone. but if you don’t use it to start and run a business, which I don’t think many people do, and just could not do that with any other means you previously had, it‘s just money spent on a fancy communication and entertainment device that will be worthless in 10 years.

On the other hand „investing“ is just the act of putting money into something to get more money, in a return-on-investment kinda way.


tgeekb t1_iu7xdhz wrote

So Google is your means of knowledge? Great. 🤣


-FancyUsername- t1_iu7znjm wrote

You think I‘ll read a book first because YOU misused a word? Lol what a pathetic conversation


tgeekb t1_iu805c4 wrote

Let me ask you a question. Can you invest your time in something? Like a relationship? In education? In your health?


Halio344 t1_iu96vl8 wrote

Yes, because you get a partner, a degree/knowledge, and a better QoL in return after spending that time.

A phone is just a luxury item, not an investment.


tgeekb t1_iua3s44 wrote

Thank you for the meaningful dialogue. I agree with your first premise. As far as the rest, that is subjective. For some, who use their phone to listen to music, watch videos or comment on Reddit that may be true. It’s subjective. At the other end of the spectrum, if you own a small business your smartphone is a pocket computer. It connects you to your clients and business partners. It’s a payment processing tool bringing in revenue. It’s with you 24 hours a day and you cannot risk it being damaged or not working. There is an ROI just like a relationship. That’s why you’ll see a range of answers to this question.


Dazzling_Job9035 t1_iu84var wrote

I’ve always had naked iPhones since 2010 and never regretting the decision (despite dropping and breaking two historically)


tgeekb t1_iu80qkf wrote

The best thing about a case is I can set my phone face down on a table and not have to worry about scratches on the screen.


Portatort t1_iu85m3f wrote

I’ve been caseless since iPhone 7

And since then I haven’t dropped my iPhone…

My pet theory nowadays is that cases make the phones harder to hold, more slippery or more clumsy

And/or they provide a false sense of security

Yeah my phone is fairly scratched up, but some of my friends have phones with absolutely destroyed screens and their cases are fairy dinged up

What’s the point in protecting your phone from scratches and scrapes only retire it from use in mint condition?

That said… iPhone 7plus jet black to iPhone 12 mini to iPhone 13 mini

So all in all a range of either easy to hold or small and easy to hold phones iPhone7 jet black was the best finish iPhone has ever had


Xx420Swag420xX t1_iu9ptkk wrote

i never understood that. there’s absolutely no point in keeping a case on when the screen’s already cracked. you’ve defeated the purpose


PizzaWall t1_iu85x8q wrote

I went naked years ago after Apple was having problems with the iPhone 4. If you remember correctly the back glass could shatter if you had grit between the case and the phone. Apple even sent me a replacement case which later they admitting would still cause the problem.

Ever since I have gone caseless. I don't drop my phone, so that's not an issue. My screen isn't scratched because I don't leave anything in the pocket I keep it except the phone.

Your iPhone is not an investment as some claim, it's a piece of hardware that Apple wants you to replace every two years. Maybe thats why my iPhone SE 2020 battery is failing. You can replace the battery and allow it to be used a few more years, but then they don't support older phones with the current OS. So like it or not, eventually IOS will no longer work on your "investment" and you'll be upgrading just so you can use current apps. I'm sure the old phone looking clean, sparkly and useless will be a great investment to store in the chingas.


Simon_787 t1_iu8i3t9 wrote

Not really a big fan of cases on larger phones in particular. It's just makes them even heavier and bulkier.


__K-Dot__ t1_iu8n7ko wrote

I never use a case on my iPhone, and the only case I actually used was back on the iPhone 5, because it was a custom case for my brand (at the time).

Give me a screen protector so I can lay my phone face down, and I’m golden… Also, I never drop my phone, so a case just makes the phone look cheaper for no reason


nrvous1 t1_iu8yjv2 wrote

No case here. I use a Crazy Horse Craft leather sleeve the majority of the time.


Conscious_Inside6021 t1_iu9s67y wrote

Same, removed the case from my iphone 11, love it! Looks way better!


fiddle_n t1_iu88aeb wrote

My favourite thing about this topic coming up is seeing people have the word “caseless” autocorrect to “careless”. Quite a nice Freudian slip there :P


_co_li_bri_ t1_iu8d9oe wrote

I don’t like the feeling of a naked iPhone these days. I can afford the newest model every year (not the wisest choice though), but it’s way too wasteful to allow the phone to degrade so quickly without care. It could be used by a family member or my child later on and I kinda feel it’s silly not to use the case. Also I don’t feel like I even enjoy to hold a slippery phone, plus some cases are so cool and pretty. P.S. remember using Nokias and Blackberry phones case free? Was amazing. Indestructible!!


constellationthinker t1_iu8olwd wrote

It didn’t cost $1299 back then, and also not heavy as a brick and large as a book like it is now.


owldropgrove t1_iu9qngw wrote

It does feel better without a case, but if the slipperiness of the back bothers you and if you’re the clumsy type then a case is for the best.


maw9o t1_iuagbzr wrote

My phone with a case is a disaster, I’ll repair it every few weeks


ellllly t1_iub39ew wrote

i find that i enjoy using phones much more without cases, and life’s too short


Messiah_Knight t1_iub5v88 wrote

That’s lame af. But it’s your money down the drain not mine. 👍🏼


YaBoiMigz t1_iubjos5 wrote

Having an iPhone without a case is like having unprotected sex, it’s sexy and it feels good, but it’s dangerous lol


turbodad37 OP t1_iudfx6h wrote

Not when you’re not scared of the consequences;) check mate!