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BlackHole6Cut t1_iu9lay6 wrote

I'm curious to see comparisons for Q1 considering Samsung release their flagships in Q1, whilst Apple release theirs in Q3.


KoncepTs t1_iu9xn7p wrote

What do you think does better?

I think the Q3 launch being close to the holidays benefits apple more


TaerinsWhisper t1_iu9z97l wrote

Have to see the sales in Africa and Asia.

It may be the iPhone sells better in Q3 in those areas where there aren’t holidays.


BlackHole6Cut t1_iuaigzn wrote

You've got to remember that this is shipments, not sales. Both Apple and Samsung will ramp up production prior to and during a phone launch event. Shipments will drop off over the year as demand also drops off. I think sales and shipments will be similar.


esp211 t1_iuahy18 wrote

Overall Apple is slowly but surely gaining market share in the smartphone service. It might not be at a 20% clip but it’s definitely happening.


chum_slice t1_iuc4zwq wrote

People forget that the meme “Shut up and take my money!” Is referencing an Apple device lol so it doesn’t surprise me Apple is still making profit and people are still willing to drop the cash for their products.


flashbax77 t1_iu9wq5y wrote

10 best-selling smartphones of 2021

The only Samsung on worldwide top 10 was the A12, a cheap one. iPhone took the first five spots, none of them being a cheap one.

This is from April 2022. iPhone 13 had been around for half a year, Samsung S22 for just two months (end of February). iPhone 13, 13 pro and 13 pro max were still on top three spots, S22 on fifth.


GhettoStatusSymbol t1_iubx7tw wrote

is that why all the minimum wage workers around me have an iphone


RandyLeRam t1_iu8sg7g wrote

Says shipments, is that actually sales?


Diegobyte t1_iu9j2ug wrote

Do you not think they’ll sell them all?


RandyLeRam t1_iu9l6w3 wrote

Not all no. There will always be 14 plus stock available :P


Diegobyte t1_iu9ljhh wrote

It’ll wind up on Verizon or att get a free phone promo


Svr-boi t1_iu9nqob wrote

Nope how else will we get ” unboxing iPhone 14 pro max 10 years later “ videos


SmellySweatsocks t1_iuakvwu wrote

Apple has a product people trust.


MC_chrome t1_iuazp69 wrote

More importantly, Apple really isn’t in the business of randomly abandoning products out of the blue (I’m looking squarely at Google with this one).


bristow84 t1_iubhhod wrote

That’s one of the main reasons that got me to switch. I know if Apple abandons something, it’s for a hell of a good reason and not just because they feel like it.


jbetances134 t1_iubxs7v wrote

When they abandon it is usually years later. My iPhone XS had updates 5 years later


chasevalentino t1_iucfvjt wrote

Getting rid of the headphone jack was such a brave and great reason /s


j1ggl t1_iud4dzl wrote

Lmao @ people who still have the headphone jack living rent-free in their head, and never recognized that it has been a non-issue for five years now.


chasevalentino t1_iud6hxo wrote

Just for context, I moved on to wireless earbuds before apple found the 'courage' to remove them so it never personally affected me. However i find it very easy to sympathize with those out there who are serious audiophiles and have very expensive headphones that obviously do not work over Bluetooth.

You may not care about them then maybe you care about the countless number of people that just needed a private sound experience instead of using their phone speaker on public transport and didn't require any $300 pair of earbuds to achieve that?

Yeh. It was a shit decision only made to sell their airpods. Which evidently they did (look at the revenue brought in by it) but some people did fall through the cracks

Edit: this is response to a comment saying whatever apple does is for a good reason. I just stated one time that it was definitely not for a good reason for the end user...


AgreeableArm t1_iuaok83 wrote

This. So this. People underestimate this big time.


pina_koala t1_iuaurw2 wrote

I was an Android user for about 12 years until yesterday. Got so sick and tired of Google's bullshit and insane lack of support or innovation. Apple gets it. The other guys don't.


SmellySweatsocks t1_iuaztn9 wrote

I used android for years until I picked up this iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s the software for me. The health app is bananas.


Practical_Chart5263 t1_iub63tt wrote

I’m no expert and I don’t keep up with all this tech stuff. But, didn’t Apple get into trouble with a lawsuit several years ago? Something about deliberately messing with peoples phones that were older models to force them to upgrade? Around that time I had a friend from work that told me a story and first I thought “conspiracy theory” in my head, but after he told me the story I was like “well damn?!?” I don’t remember all of the details but basically his phone was glitching often. And he was convinced that Apple was doing it on purpose. And he caught up Customer Service and threatened them with this or that and told me that five minutes after he got off the phone with them his phone was working perfectly. As if his threats were taken seriously and they fixed his phone after he hung up with them even though they of course denied it all while still on the phone. I have Apple products I always have. And I’m not planning on switching or anything. I usually upgrade my phone after two years like most people do. Now this could be a complete coincidence, but I swear I never had a problem with my phone. This past August I hit my two-year mark with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Ever since then I’ve been having problems with my phone. It made me think back to that story my old co-worker told me. Maybe it’s nothing, but it’s awfully coincidental. But, it makes me wonder???


INSAN3DUCK t1_iubx624 wrote . Try reading this. If you are experiencing too many bugs try restoring phone using iTunes it usually fixes lot of issues. This due to upgrading phone directly on phone is not as clean as upgrading phone using external device which in this case is a computer which actually wipes the device and completely reinstalls os rather than upgrading existing os. Also I don’t think calling and threatening apple is what fixed his issue it’s probably placebo effect or he just simply restarted his phone which surprisingly fixes lot of issues not just phones but any kinda computer.


Dat1BlackDude t1_iuan36n wrote

Soon they will all slow, it’s the natural trend. You can’t infinity grow.


AgreeableArm t1_iuaoitq wrote

Maybe, but Apple is incredible in how they keep growing. It’s been almost nonstop for like 20 years now.


Dat1BlackDude t1_iuar7qq wrote

Yes and it will stop one day. At least smartphones will. That should be within the next 2-3 years tbh. Unless there is another great leap in phones.


Prince515 t1_iub3xnb wrote

I think the folding phones is that leap. I’ve played with them at stores and they are pretty cool. Use to be a straight up android guy but had the iPhone 4s and 6s and switched back again with the release of the 11 and been with them since and I think if apple releases a folding phone they’d dominate the market.


Kikoka099 t1_iubxjuy wrote

Serious question, what about folding phones appeals to you? Just seems like a gimmick to me but maybe I’m missing something


tta82 t1_iuc2rn9 wrote

They are a gimmick. A cool one. But nothing yet for main stream.


Prince515 t1_iucumgf wrote

Being able to whip out an iPad if you need something a little bit bigger. I’m a builder so would be pretty cool to be able to pull out my phone and turn it into a tablet to make it easier to look at plans etc.


MC_chrome t1_iuaztzq wrote

I think Apple still has tons of growth potential in India, particularly if they continue to move more of their manufacturing there (something which lowers the taxes on their devices considerably, because India’s tax laws are a bit shit)


RandyLeRam t1_iubjod1 wrote

Doubt it, Apple has a lot of “upgrades” in reserve. Areas where Android flagships have better features.


tta82 t1_iucqn3h wrote

What a universal rule you dropped here. Can be used for anything. But doesn’t mean it’s true if Apple pivotes into something else in the future. Also, the smartphone market is far from saturated.


gordito_gr t1_iubaasp wrote

Prepare for even higher prices with even less stuff in the box and even more expensive insurances and services


GlitchParrot t1_iuaw7mh wrote

Damn this comment section is vicious.


Clienterror t1_iuasfkn wrote

Well yeah, morons complain about them never being resigned and having stagnant designs then buy the new model anyways. I don't know how many posts I've seen over the last 10 years that say something like "The New one looks like the old one how will people know mine is new". Shits comical, and gives insight into the people throwing money at them. I'd bet 99%+ of people who own a MacBook haven't even heard of Terminal much less opened it.


BouncingPig t1_iucd4h9 wrote

Idk why people complain about cellphones being the same. I rely on my phone for work, school, gaming (discord), and socializing with family and connecting with friends.

If I had to learn a new operating system and UI everytime I got a new phone I would be pretty darn upset.


Icy_Holiday_1089 t1_iudhgfd wrote

Doesn’t surprise me as the only phone ads I see these days are for apple products


Anon_8675309 t1_iu8tseb wrote

Alt headline: Samsung maintains lead in smartphone global market share.

IE: one can read a chart many ways.


weedpal t1_iu97o0p wrote

Samsung selling cheap phones in poor countries helps their market share count.

Apple doesn't even cater to this low profit segment.


Anon_8675309 t1_iu9axa6 wrote

That doesn't change my point.


weedpal t1_iu9bg9e wrote

> IE: one can read a chart many ways.

That's how I read the chart


jmk338 t1_iu9vqdl wrote

Samsung leads in market share, apple is the only one with annual growth in the positive. That’s a much more important metric IMO


Anon_8675309 t1_iu9y4n6 wrote

And that's fine. But there are a lot of different ways to read that chart is my point. Wasn't here to piss on Apple, just the article. But so many iBros instantly take offense.


Hopeful-Sir-2018 t1_iuaf4ky wrote

People, in general, take being critical as someone who hates a thing or is against them. It seems to be a worldly phenomenon not related to any specific country. It's just Reddit it's much easier to see it in action.

You can read a chart many ways but what you're communicating may not be relevant to the discussion.

It depends on what you're planning on applying that information with. If you're looking to invest money - then the article's point of view is considerably more important than who is, overall, at the time.

If you bothered to read the article you'd see your point was mentioned:

> Samsung defended its first place in the market despite an 8% decline

However if the context is iOS versus Android then it's very clear Android is absolutely wrecking iOS. In this case there are many things one can infer from this. So, for example, is you were writing software and wanted to reach as many people as possible - Android is a very clear winner.

However if IAP's and income are your point then it's more likely iOS is your preferred path due to more frivolous spending (not indicated in the chart or app).

However, unrelated to much else, this line should be telling:

> The popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, in particular, will contribute to a higher ASP and stable revenue for Apple.

I view this as a knock on Apple implying the iPhone 14 was a dud. Personally, and I have nothing to back this up, I suspect the normal folks are waiting for USB-C next year to upgrade as well as the fact that the iPhone 14 isn't a large upgrade over even the 11. I think that's what held back the regular version. The Pro's and up usually have significantly more expendable income.

But it seems most people all over only care about "winning" or "the other guy losing". It's quite disheartening to see such communities so insecure.


RegularFinger8 t1_iua4g8r wrote

Apple can thank young girls getting their first phones for their continued success. The vast majority of girls in the USA have iPhones which means that is their first phones. Boys follow suit to avoid being “green bubble boy” in iMessages. The cycle repeats as they get older and sustains itself as young girls get their first iPhones.


kickstand t1_iuaiqx0 wrote

In other words: young consumers prefer iPhones.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_iuaokqk wrote

There was a post recently about people moving between android and iOS.

A far lower % move from Apple to android.


chasevalentino t1_iucl7ln wrote

Because you're locked in


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_iucmr78 wrote

Mentally, for sure. I’d say iOS is more intuitive. Android is a great OS too, and runs on almost anything.

We’re very lucky to have two really good phone OS products to choose from.

Back in the day it was Nokia, Ericsson or some shitty product from Microsoft.


chasevalentino t1_iuco2xo wrote

Honestly they are so close and do literally the exact same things AND most importantly just portals for people to use their favourite apps that it really doesn't matter what either is.

It's just easier to keep using whatever someone's been using for years beforehand


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_iucooci wrote

I’d say you can get hooked in to the Apple brand more because of the AirPods and communications between the laptop, phone and watch. Eg the watch unlocks the laptop, and seamlessly moving a call between all three devices without thinking about it.


[deleted] t1_iuaxuhv wrote



RegularFinger8 t1_iubumhz wrote

You’re telling me that a young teen picks an iPhone because of their quality and longevity? Like they researched it? Lol. For real?

And even apple knows that the color of the chat bubbles matters and it how it locks people (teens) into the ecosystem. It’s also the reason they will not open up iMessages to Android. It’s a fact.


tta82 t1_iuc358n wrote

The majority of buyers is not young. You’re not wrong that they care about the bubble etc, but the buying power is with the 20-40 year old people, not teenagers.


RegularFinger8 t1_iue0fe2 wrote

Not sure what you’re referring to with “buying power” but that age group would be the parents of those teens. So even if they are paying they would be buying the devices the teens wanted.


tta82 t1_iuc32wf wrote

You’re very wrong about the color of the chat bubble. It’s the main reason for Google to push Apple to adopt a standard because they’re losing so many users to Apple because of iMessage.


Most_moosest t1_iuclbvp wrote

>People buy them for their performance and longevity.

I doubt it. People buy them because of their reputation and because their friends have them too. Especially in the US.

I bet your typical iPhone used doesn't even know what resolution their display is.


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iu9az4w wrote

The media always spinning headlines to favor apple because that's where the money is in advertising and accesories sales. Example is a lighting cable cost $20 vs $1.25 for a faster USB-C charge cable. Advertisers like Bestbuy would much rather keep their customers in Apple Jail for "life without parole". Haha


SUPRVLLAN t1_iu9ndkl wrote

Show me a $1.25 USB-C cable.

If you link aliexpress/baba be aware that you can also get cheap lightning cables there too.


Svr-boi t1_iu9o7iy wrote

For real that was cherry picking if I ever saw it


thebornotaku t1_iuadjdw wrote

pretty sure the last time I bought lightning cables was like 3 for 6 off amazon too lol


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iua89dq wrote

Dollar Tree used to be $1.00 now $1.25 with decent review and personal experience.

One can get a dozen and leave several in every car or room. If it gets lost or breaks no big deal.🙂


tta82 t1_iuc3ehw wrote

One of the reasons why Apple does not want to move to usb c is this stuff. Not every USB C cable is the same and capable of charging at high power.


quintsreddit t1_iu9gz7w wrote

> The media always spinning headlines to favor apple

Ice cold take. There’s just as many article titles that disparage Apple. The real reason is because just putting Apple with a strong emotion (favor or disparage) is what gets people to click.


Vo_Mimbre t1_iu9qvir wrote

This. It’s “Apple” vs an huge sea of other brands. Media likes their easy stories. Apple vs Samsung carried them for awhile. But nowadays in the US apple is north of 50% of phones while it competws against scores of other brands and thousands (literally) if different android phones.


31337hacker t1_iuajhuf wrote

Here's a $20 USD USB-C to USB-C charging cable from Google:

Companies like Apple, Samsung and Google will always sell overpriced accessories. Accessories make up a big chunk of net sales.

Also, there are ways to get much cheaper Lightning cables.


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iualh9m wrote

From my experience even the cheaper lighting cables are like $5 from retailers so still 4x more for a slower cable. In truth lighting cables cost similar to make as USB cables. Apple created the MFI-Certifed standard out of profit protection and spin it to be a consumer protection standard.


Keep-Left t1_iuc30i4 wrote

lol the classic old Lightning debate, “because sales”

so narrow minded if you think that’s why Apple is still using lightning cable…


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iudthxv wrote

Please explain your worldly wisdom on why Apple switched to USB-C for iPads but not iphones 😑