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AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iu9az4w wrote

The media always spinning headlines to favor apple because that's where the money is in advertising and accesories sales. Example is a lighting cable cost $20 vs $1.25 for a faster USB-C charge cable. Advertisers like Bestbuy would much rather keep their customers in Apple Jail for "life without parole". Haha


SUPRVLLAN t1_iu9ndkl wrote

Show me a $1.25 USB-C cable.

If you link aliexpress/baba be aware that you can also get cheap lightning cables there too.


Svr-boi t1_iu9o7iy wrote

For real that was cherry picking if I ever saw it


thebornotaku t1_iuadjdw wrote

pretty sure the last time I bought lightning cables was like 3 for 6 off amazon too lol


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iua89dq wrote

Dollar Tree used to be $1.00 now $1.25 with decent review and personal experience.

One can get a dozen and leave several in every car or room. If it gets lost or breaks no big deal.🙂


tta82 t1_iuc3ehw wrote

One of the reasons why Apple does not want to move to usb c is this stuff. Not every USB C cable is the same and capable of charging at high power.


quintsreddit t1_iu9gz7w wrote

> The media always spinning headlines to favor apple

Ice cold take. There’s just as many article titles that disparage Apple. The real reason is because just putting Apple with a strong emotion (favor or disparage) is what gets people to click.


Vo_Mimbre t1_iu9qvir wrote

This. It’s “Apple” vs an huge sea of other brands. Media likes their easy stories. Apple vs Samsung carried them for awhile. But nowadays in the US apple is north of 50% of phones while it competws against scores of other brands and thousands (literally) if different android phones.


31337hacker t1_iuajhuf wrote

Here's a $20 USD USB-C to USB-C charging cable from Google:

Companies like Apple, Samsung and Google will always sell overpriced accessories. Accessories make up a big chunk of net sales.

Also, there are ways to get much cheaper Lightning cables.


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iualh9m wrote

From my experience even the cheaper lighting cables are like $5 from retailers so still 4x more for a slower cable. In truth lighting cables cost similar to make as USB cables. Apple created the MFI-Certifed standard out of profit protection and spin it to be a consumer protection standard.


Keep-Left t1_iuc30i4 wrote

lol the classic old Lightning debate, “because sales”

so narrow minded if you think that’s why Apple is still using lightning cable…


AlpsMysterious2419 t1_iudthxv wrote

Please explain your worldly wisdom on why Apple switched to USB-C for iPads but not iphones 😑