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Dat1BlackDude t1_iuan36n wrote

Soon they will all slow, it’s the natural trend. You can’t infinity grow.


AgreeableArm t1_iuaoitq wrote

Maybe, but Apple is incredible in how they keep growing. It’s been almost nonstop for like 20 years now.


Dat1BlackDude t1_iuar7qq wrote

Yes and it will stop one day. At least smartphones will. That should be within the next 2-3 years tbh. Unless there is another great leap in phones.


Prince515 t1_iub3xnb wrote

I think the folding phones is that leap. I’ve played with them at stores and they are pretty cool. Use to be a straight up android guy but had the iPhone 4s and 6s and switched back again with the release of the 11 and been with them since and I think if apple releases a folding phone they’d dominate the market.


Kikoka099 t1_iubxjuy wrote

Serious question, what about folding phones appeals to you? Just seems like a gimmick to me but maybe I’m missing something


tta82 t1_iuc2rn9 wrote

They are a gimmick. A cool one. But nothing yet for main stream.


Prince515 t1_iucumgf wrote

Being able to whip out an iPad if you need something a little bit bigger. I’m a builder so would be pretty cool to be able to pull out my phone and turn it into a tablet to make it easier to look at plans etc.


MC_chrome t1_iuaztzq wrote

I think Apple still has tons of growth potential in India, particularly if they continue to move more of their manufacturing there (something which lowers the taxes on their devices considerably, because India’s tax laws are a bit shit)


RandyLeRam t1_iubjod1 wrote

Doubt it, Apple has a lot of “upgrades” in reserve. Areas where Android flagships have better features.


tta82 t1_iucqn3h wrote

What a universal rule you dropped here. Can be used for anything. But doesn’t mean it’s true if Apple pivotes into something else in the future. Also, the smartphone market is far from saturated.