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fegodev t1_iujfrls wrote

5.7 would be nice. The X was 5.8 and loved it.


Ok_Abbreviations4687 t1_iujvl51 wrote

I'll bet looking at the current trend apple is doing, it's going to launch at $549 with some weird missing key feature and just not be worth it at all. Just like iPad 10th Gen


RatRob t1_iuka61l wrote

If they make another phone around the 5.8” mark I’ll head to the store and trade in this 13 on day one.

That size was literally perfect.


TurboPGT t1_iujtaqz wrote

6.1 OLED makes almost no sense in the context of the lineup.

Unless Apples actual is to make the SE even more expensive.


0000GKP t1_iuixn77 wrote

I’d love for this to be an XR clone with a 6.1” LCD. Too bad this is rumored for 2024 instead of 2023. I’ll need to replace my XR before then.


[deleted] t1_iuj10bi wrote

LCD in 2024???? Ufff


Sam5uck t1_iuj8e12 wrote

lcd > cheap rigid oled. decent flexible oleds used in iphones are more than 3x as expensive as rigid. iphone 11 planned rigid oled for regular model but stuck to lcd, theyre just not up to par and look problematic (terrible viewing angles, uniformity, black crush and purple smear)

flexible oled cost may be affordable enough in 2026.


Anon_8675309 t1_iujebza wrote

I think some people are affected by PWM so maybe it’s for them.


XayeeX t1_iuk0052 wrote

I don’t think apple would use something to cater to 10% of people. They’d use LCDs for cutting costs or to differentiate the phones in their lineup easier. If anything the PWM issue is just a thing that would come with it but I don’t think that’s their priority


Tabard18 t1_iujsj6g wrote

LCD screens are fine. Especially a good quality one


steamedandhammed t1_iuk27mo wrote

I’m with you there. Not sure how much longer my XR will last but I’ve loved it! Would love an updated replacement.


restockthreestock t1_iujov5e wrote

Hmm that’s interesting, I thought the SE4 would for sure be based on the XR, as it makes the most sense.

The SE was always about retooling an older body style iPhone to save costs. The X/XS/11 Pro were 5.8 inches and are too expensive of a body to retool for the SE, unless they really raise the price. Making an new body for the SE at 5.7 inches would also be costly. The XR/11 body seems like the perfect fit. Especially as the 11 was just dropped from the lineup with the 14’s release.

also, if they wanted to, they could do XR = SE4, then refresh it a year later with dual camera aka SE5 = 11


[deleted] t1_iuixkyt wrote



ImpartialHawk t1_iuj93j2 wrote

2016, 2020, 2022. The SE has never been yearly. 2022 is just a 2020 refresh with 5G; an SE 2.5 if you will. Each SE should be a different design. Maybe the 2028 SE will feature the Dynamic Island while the Pro iPhone is all screen.


kaljisnedekha OP t1_iujuwm9 wrote

I hope the new SE will be 6.1”, so there will be room to house a bigger battery. And the 11 and Xr this new device will be based on had amazing battery life. I had both!


w3bCraw1er t1_iuj94qh wrote

Good. Don’t think anyone really waiting for this phone.


Tabard18 t1_iujsq2x wrote

Yea and also no one cares about the max lineup