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I’m wondering about the glass on 14 and Pro on the back of the phone. Is there a layer of coloured material underneath the glass or is the glass itself coloured?

Irrelevant: I’m one of the weirdos who chose a 14 over the Pro because of the blue colour. A reviewer described it as “ laundry detergent blue” and it sold me. I love soap, fragrance and cleanliness etc.



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TAbramson15 t1_it53zlg wrote

There’s a color coating underneath the glass, if you look up rear glass repair videos on these phones, they stick the phone in a Laser machine, and it basically gets rid of the adhesive and color coating underneath sticking the glass to the chassis so they can then chip away all the cracked glass. Once the laser goes through, you can see inside the phone with the glass still there so it’s just a coating on the underside of the frosted glass panel.


sOFrOsTyyy t1_it7ou2j wrote

I wish that light blue with matte sides was a pro version.. I’d pay an extra $100 for that color on a pro. It looks so nice.


dblrnbw30 t1_it5ruzz wrote

Just a warning since you said you like cleanliness, do not use solvents or anything other than isopropyl alcohol (70% or less) or water to clean your phone. Anything other than that can and will degrade your display adhesive and let moisture in.


breezy-shorts OP t1_it5sffh wrote

Thanks good to know. I have the polishing cloth and I’ll stick with isoprop.


dblrnbw30 t1_it5skct wrote

Perfect! And also, dont ever use alcohol on leather cases lol


H-TSi t1_it6lexv wrote

Alcohol on leather cases is a necessary evil due to the porus nature with grime


mcogneto t1_itkli3b wrote

That blue color is so nice. Wish it was a pro color. Only thing I went pro for was refresh rate. 60 is just out of date.


breezy-shorts OP t1_itklln7 wrote

Is the refresh rate noticeable for you?

What I like about the Pro is the glass on the back is frosted and feels better to touch.

I don’t use a case so I’m constantly touching the glass on the back


mcogneto t1_itl3iqt wrote

So here's my thing. 90hz is perfectly good, and a better compromise for battery life imo. If the non-po was 90hz I would probably get it. I don't even care for the cameras. The frosted glass is a super nice feel though.

60hz feels bad once you use a higher refresh screen.