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markaznar OP t1_iuhk72q wrote

I’m trying to look for a brand new one. Some stores may have them still, hopefully. Rule of thumb for myself is to avoid buying second hand as much as possible, especially when it comes to electronics


TAbramson15 t1_iuhlme8 wrote

Do you plan on activating it? Or just a wifi device? If so go check out TotalWireless. It’s a 3rd party phone carrier that’s owned by Verizon. I got a 6s plus a couple years ago from them so they usually carry a bunch of older devices new. They might still have 8 plus’s for sale new there, but don’t quote me. Not sure how their supply has changed but they had them last year when I was using their service before I switched to T-Mobile.


markaznar OP t1_iuhlvdt wrote

Well, I could also use it as a spare phone, I’ll try to check