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N0Name117 t1_itznpjy wrote

I can’t go back to larger phones these days. It’s either the mini or the Samsung flip phones. Screen size be dammed I like having a phone that fits in my pocket again.


str8ridah t1_iu1szbl wrote

Get bigger jeans. Problem solved /s


N0Name117 t1_iu1yyk3 wrote

31x38 is already hard enough to find. Last thing I need is pants harder to find than a phone that fits in ‘em.


Pandaburn t1_itzlsa6 wrote

I went from XS to 13 mini and I love it. I use my phone a lot, and my wrist had started to hurt from it. Until I read your question about switching, I’d almost forgotten it used to hurt.

I make a few more mistakes on the smaller keyboard, but overall definitely like the mini better.


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mr-french-tickler t1_itznu71 wrote

I found the bigger notch on the 14 Pro creates a little shelf that rests on your index finger.
Edit: meant the camera bump


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OhHowINeedChanging t1_iu6um4c wrote

The insane camera bump on the iPhone 14 pro was the main reason I returned it, it was too sharp and uncomfortable to hold imo


Lanky_Pie_2572 t1_iu0ti10 wrote

Same here, just got the 14pro max. I had the 11. It’s a huge step up. I’ve always wanted a small phone tho, they seem really nice


Ok_Investigator45 t1_iu1g3jv wrote

Ever since the 11 pro max I decided no more big phones have been with the regular 13 and have been happy was considering the mini but couldn’t give up battery life


Lanky_Pie_2572 t1_iu1ms9h wrote

I just have the plain iPhone 11. So it’s a big change to the 14 pro max


Ok_Investigator45 t1_iu2t608 wrote

That’s for sure! The camera is a huge upgrade and the pro motion plus screen quality are a huge improvement


Alwaysaprairiegirl t1_iu1coou wrote

I also had the xs and am now on the 13 mini. Hopefully I can keep my phone until they come to their senses and being back the mini.

Aside from better usability for me I also love that it actually fits in my pocket. At this point, anything bigger would be a major disappointment. I don’t went to feel like I’m using an iPad instead of a phone.


InevitableRice13 t1_itzjc3e wrote

Went from Huawei P30 Pro to iPhone 12 mini. I consider mini more as a pandemic phone since most of my media consumption are either from pc or ipad. It takes some getting used to but worth it due to portability


1337su t1_iu0rvts wrote

Whatever you have to do to get away from HUAWEI 😵


InevitableRice13 t1_iu1rdop wrote

Their disconnection from google made switching to ios seem good. Not really a fan of samsung haha


piggletZZ t1_iu1ww1u wrote

I think Huawei's market really got needed by trump. The only place they sell us where Google doesn't exist anyways, and that's their homeland. Also random fact there's a subway station named Huawei in Shenzhen


1337su t1_iu2cn8u wrote

Cool man, One could of taken Mandarin but avoid as many Chinese components as possible 🥱

Yin Yang is cool tho?


piggletZZ t1_iu2id6c wrote

What are you talking about lah. Sounds like sinophobia to me tbh


1337su t1_iu2poxf wrote

Don’t live in HK, so… ? Enjoy your firewall scrub


iqeyial t1_iu3fftt wrote

What made you think he lives in China? Pure racism, enjoy the downvotes.


MeltyHazely t1_iu3u5rk wrote

this place ain’t for racists, those downvotes well deserved, uncle.


krgrayy t1_itzyo8y wrote

I went from the 11 pro max to the 12 pro and then finally to the 13 mini. I LOVE it.


PsycherKing t1_itzktru wrote

Depends on preference honestly. I have both 13 mini and 14 pro and I wish there was a size in between like a 5.8’ that would be the ideal size. Sometimes mini is too small for some tasks but I love the weight. The Pro has a lot of screen real estate but is sometimes too heavy. I would recommend testing the mini sized iPhone (if possible) and seeing it it’s worth downsizing.


bubbanbrenda t1_itzm0dy wrote

I 100% agree, I’m considering selling my mini and buying a refurbished 11 pro. The ideal size in my opinion.


xpxp2002 t1_iu07rit wrote

Without getting into the details of the reasons why, over the past 3 years I went X -> 12 mini -> 13 mini -> 13 Pro -> 13 mini.

I agree with everything you said above. The 13 mini's weight is just about perfect. Occasionally, I would appreciate the 13 Pro's screen, but it was mostly the telephoto lens and ProMotion display that I liked about the Pro. The quality difference between digitally zoomed photos I took with the 13 mini and the optically zoomed photos and videos from the Pro is quite noticeable. But it's just too large and too heavy. I really just wish I could get the ProMotion display and telephoto lens in a 5.4" (or even 5.6") iPhone.

After about 6 months, I've decided to go back to the mini and keep it. Switching back wasn't hard. I immediately enjoyed the comfortable size and weight again. I know there will be times I'll miss the telephoto lens. But a lot of times I'd be using the Pro in bed, and my fingers hurt just from trying to find ways to hold the phone and use it for more than 5-10 minutes at a time. The mini is easy to grasp one-handed. Fits into all my jeans pockets without jabbing me in the side. And fits into all my shirt front pockets.

It's just crazy to me how people love these huge phones. Hands are the same size they've always been, but for some reason the iPhone gets larger every couple years.


RandyLeRam t1_iu0nsut wrote

Some people have different sized hands :P and or use a device two handed also.


NAT1274 t1_iu2ci1v wrote

I said I wanted a Mini with a telephoto and had someone argue with me about why the ultra-wide is better lol


thinking_Aboot t1_iu07dnn wrote

It's funny, but I switched to an iPhone this year and got the regular phone instead of the pro specifically because of the weight. Glad to hear it wasn't a bad decision!


profburek t1_iu0fco5 wrote

Wish I followed you, I sprung for the 14pro for the camera and screen but don’t notice a difference in screen 😪 camera is pretty nuts tho but i rarely take pics that utilize the extra features


MOIST_MAN t1_iu019kv wrote

I went from a 6s plus to se 2016 (the one shaped like an iPhone 5) to 13 mini

13 mini is still a bit large for my preference ; smaller is better for my pocket, my hands, etc


myninerides t1_iu0yztp wrote

iPhone mini is the absolutely perfect phone. You sacrifice a little battery life and screen size for huge usability gains.

I’ll never go back. When the iPhone 14 was announced without a mini I immediately upgraded my 12 mini to the 13 mini.


taletellss t1_iu2fiwg wrote

I did this too 😅


kj_011 t1_iu3dk4j wrote

How do you guys wrote iPhone 13 mini under your username?


No_Goat4544 t1_iu3dvyc wrote

It’s called User Flair. Go on to the main page of r/iPhone and click the three dots in the upper right corner.


GhostGhazi t1_iu4oa87 wrote

I’m on a 12 mini but not sure if the battery is that different to upgrade to the 13 mini. Is it that much better?


myninerides t1_iu5sw18 wrote

It’s a modest improvement, maybe a couple hours, but hard to say how much of that is the 13 and how much is switching to a brand new phone with 100% battery health.


GhostGhazi t1_iu903ex wrote

That’s exactly my concern, it’s not something I’m comfortable paying out of pocket for if most of the effect is due to it being a new phone.

I’ll consider just replacing my phone battery.



pm-me-ur-joy t1_itziqof wrote

I went from the XS Max, and holding my phone uncomfortably, to the 12 Mini, which I get to hold uncomfortably.

Neither phone really suited the measurements of my hands, but the Mini was cheaper, and I tend to use it a lot less than the Max, which I also consider a bonus. It's just for texting and calling because it's such a wee little thing.


MajorasFlask00 t1_iu05tb7 wrote

This hilarious because the mini still has a fair screen size of over 5 inches. I use a 4.7 inch iPhone SE for work and I watch content on it all the time. I would imagine the 13 mini to be a perfectly competent device for most content

I remember the days when I had 3.5 inch iPhones and they were my main computing devices for around 6 years. They replaced any need for me to have a desktop


Captain_Alaska t1_iu3750p wrote

>This hilarious because the mini still has a fair screen size of over 5 inches. I use a 4.7 inch iPhone SE for work and I watch content on it all the time.

Not really because you can't compare screen sizes like that when the screen ratio is different. The 12 Mini shows identical amount of content in terms of width as the old 4.7in phones (375px), it just has more height (which is somewhat negated by the safe zones).

The old Plus phones (5.5in) showed significantly more content on screen than the 5.4in Mini because of the ratio differences (12.9in^(2) vs 11.1in^(2)).


CeruleanCynic t1_iu1719j wrote

Funny, I was thinking the added weight of the regular phone people are mentioning would be a good motivator for me to not be on it all the time. But good point for the smaller screen as well.


SKV25 t1_itzxnv6 wrote

I’m having this similar consideration but I’ll likely be going from my 11 to a 13 mini and I think the general gains such as OLED screen and better cameras will make it worthwhile. I used to think the mini were too small but the weight of the 11 is getting to me.


zelfaes t1_iu0o1qa wrote

absolutely. i came from an 11 and recently got a 13 mini. i love that the mini is easily pocketable (sometimes i forget it’s there) and usable with one hand. it also doesn’t hurt my hand like my 11 used to because it was too wide and heavy for me. i also feel safer now using my phone outside because the mini actually fits in my hand, unlike the 11 which was always just on my hand but never in it, if that makes sense

screen is a little too small for me sometimes, especially when watching videos, but it’s fine in a pinch + i have an iPad and laptop anyway

will hold on to my mini for as long as i can!


124psu t1_iu06r30 wrote

I’ll be honest my pinky is pretty fucked. Planning to get the reg size when my upgrade is due.


1337su t1_iu0s1w9 wrote

iPhone 12 mini here, considering the 13 mini because 14 they went basic with the large again.

Mini is the real secret, same processing power..

Plus you have a tablet/pc for the screen


Chairzard t1_itzjlh2 wrote

I don't fit exactly into the parameters of your question. But in terms of switching from a larger phone (Google Pixel 3A XL) to a much smaller phone (iPhone SE 2022), it was exactly what I was looking for. It's way less clunky to use one-handed and more comfortable to carry around.

The only real downsides you might run into are the reduced screen real estate (some, but not many, apps are poorly optimized for smaller phones) and lower battery life (in general, bigger phone = bigger battery).


MisterCorbeau t1_iu0z9wr wrote

Xr to 13 Mini, wow, life changing!

My GF has a 11 and every time I pick it up, I find it heavy and just too big


thinking_Aboot t1_iu070xs wrote

Not exactly what you're asking but I went from a big Android phone to an iPhone (regular one, not mini or max). Also, I got the non-pro version so it weighs less, and I don't use a case - again for the size/weight.

It's awesome. To get the most important thing out of the way - I don't notice the smaller screen at all. And it's not even "I got used to it and now I don't notice it," there was never a need to get used to it.

Otherwise, few other upsides to using the smaller phone:

  • It fits in every pocket, not just in my big pockets
  • It's smaller, so my fingers don't tire from being 'stretched'
  • It's much lighter so my wrist doesn't care how long I hold it

I definitely recommend upgrading to a more portable phone. It's worth it.


profburek t1_iu0f47h wrote

I went from 12pro max to 14pro

First day it felt weird, by day 2 I was 100% accustomed

It’s been about 10 days now and I went to pick up my 12pro max and legit couldn’t use it, felt like a tablet

Max to mini might be a drastic change, maybe look into the regular / medium sized ones


logjames t1_iu10p7u wrote

It’s awesome! I didn’t realize how ginormous the big phones were getting until I went from XR to 13mini. I hope they rethink the small display in a new phone. It’s slightly smaller than an iPhone 6.


phoonie98 t1_iu1q3n5 wrote

I have an iPhone 13 mini and an iPad mini. The smaller sizes are perfect for me. I don’t want a tablet phone and a laptop tablet


mightymitch1 t1_iu17i97 wrote

iPhone SE (2016) -> 8 plus -> 13 mini. The weight and size is great for me. I hated wearing shorts and feeling like I had a brick in my pocket and harder to get out when I need it. To me the smaller design with comparable parts to the 12 pro- it was a good buy. I’ll cross my fingers for small phone promotion and that would probably get me to upgrade. My only gripe is the mic placement on the bottom of the screen, sometimes I’ll cover it with my pinky accidentally and the person I’m FaceTiming won’t hear me


luechirst t1_iu0xaah wrote

went from the iphone x to the 13 mini and i‘m loving it!


Fair-Frozen t1_iu05aji wrote

I moved from a larger Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+) to the 12 mini and I love being able to one hand my phone very easily and have something that's so easy to pocket. My partner has the 13 regular and it's size isn't bad but the iOS UI is just wholly unintuitive for one handeduse.

After 22 months with the mini, I am considering upgrading to the 15 Pro when it comes out, not because of size but because of the improvements in the camera tech.


[deleted] t1_iu067ek wrote

I went from the XS to 12 mini and then to the 13 pro. Liked the mini overall but there were two things I didn't like: the battery and the fact that I couldn't type with both thumbs, it was just too cramped. So if you text a lot you might want to consider that.


wakawah t1_iu0jyzr wrote

Had a galaxy s10 and switched to a 13 mini. Very happy with my purchase and switch to the blue bubble life. Fits nicely in any pockets


struggling4realsies t1_iu0v4pg wrote

I loved my mini but I don’t think I could go back to it after switching to 14 pro. The battery life and camera quality are a must for me.


mrflibbles t1_iu0zx6k wrote

I went from the xr to the 12 mini and will never go back to a big screen. I don’t watch much on my phone, I mainly use it for music and podcasts rather than tv so that may be a reason I’m happy with the smaller screen. I like being able to hold the phone in one hand and text and it fits in my pocket much easier than my xr.


R0KK3R t1_iu19982 wrote

Went XS to 12 mini and was/remain very happy with it


SneakyCaleb t1_iu1rlwb wrote

The 13 mini is the best phone I’ve ever had and I’m a tech nerd who’s owned more phones than I can count


Mpulsive_Aries t1_iu2tp24 wrote

My wife went from a X to a mini she loves won't get rid of it. She's mad because she knows it's only going to last so long unless Apple decides to bring it back.


alderete t1_iu2ylga wrote

I’ve bought a new iPhone every year since the first one. My last few iPhones have been:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 13 mini

I hated the Max size, and won’t ever get the largest phone again. The “regular” pro models seemed fine, until I held a mini. It was love at first grasp.

I occasionally miss having a zoom lens. I would prefer to have the pro camera systems.

But I skipped the 14-anything this year, because no mini. Next year is questionable, too.

That’s how much I prefer the mini over the other sizes.


munchlaxsleeps t1_iu371l9 wrote

Went from 13 pro to a 13 mini after my phone got stolen. I honestly don’t want to change my phone back to a pro anymore. I use my gf’s pro sometimes and it’s so annoying to hold. The mini is such a nice size. I hope the 15 would have a mini again so I could upgrade!


mr-french-tickler t1_itzmhwi wrote

Went from 11P to 13 mini to 14P. I loved the small size of the mini. It was like going back to the 4/5 series. I did however miss the better camera and battery life. I also struggled to type on the mini.

Going back to the Pro series has fixed all of those things, but I do miss having a one-handed phone. I wish the mini was every so slightly bigger.


pyromnd t1_itznfjn wrote

I bought the 13 mini when it first came out, I had the one plus 9 before than. The mini is nice because it fits in your pocket great and you don’t need to worry about sitting on it. I traded that in for the 14 pro. The camera on the mini was so lack luster… idk all iPhone cameras seem lackluster . I hate zooming in on a phone just to get a picture of the moon. Or something close. But besides that I had no problems with the mini


Beautiful-Sock-6283 t1_iu08mma wrote

Have the 13 mini since launch…when you don’t compare it to other phones, it’s great, small, very light, ultra reachability,

….but when you start to compare it to other phones, for example hand in hand vs a normal phone, you really see the cracks in its armor… battery life is atrocious. That screen really is tiny, makes you have to jack up text size if you want to see info clearly and quickly…any video or email, you’ll have to turn your phone to landscape…granted it’s easily done with one hand, but gets tiring. Did I mention how horrible battery life is ?

If you’re used to a big phone, browsing Webb pages normally, without zooming in, or watching YouTube videos in portrait without bringing your head closer…you’re not gonna like the mini.

It shines when you’re laying down and browsing or watching videos, one handed thumb scrolling and swiping can’t be beat in a device so light..


NMLWrightReddit OP t1_iu0t6da wrote

How long does the battery last usually?


Beautiful-Sock-6283 t1_iu0wihf wrote

Browsing the web or Apollo in dark mode ? even at full brightness, no worries…I’m good for the first half of the day, perhaps closer to 4 hours of SOT ? (Also another note, the latest updates to iOS have decimated the battery life and health) if you use the phone for anything else, binge-ing some YouTube, a family photo session, forget it, embarrassing to even mention….but, it’s a small battery, so it charges quick. A quick plug in with a fast charger or battery pack and you’ll be back at it.


CurlyOtaku_ t1_iu1cpo1 wrote

I think there’s something wrong with your iPhone? Most people I’ve seen get up to 7 hours with their 13 Mini.


Beautiful-Sock-6283 t1_iu1gfad wrote

Of SOT ? Perhaps if I turned on dark mode and adaptive brightness , 5g off, and tweaked every setting I could…definitely.

I’m running this bitch hard and fast, plugged in fast charging, full brightness, dark mode off, Waze and Spotify running while I’m recording 4k video every few minutes….no mercy Tim apple….


dmcochran22 t1_iu0af71 wrote

Loved the mini but the brightness and battery sucked so switched back to pro.


daleth50 t1_iu0tpd2 wrote

I moved from and android to a iPhone SE and I May be able to use a regular 6.1” iPhone like the 14 but no way I’m back to a phone bigger that 6 inches


misterk2020 t1_iu14qvc wrote

Went from an 8plus to the mini. The actual screen size is almost the same and the mini is way lighter. No regrets.


JustFoFunlol t1_iu190u2 wrote

I had the iPhone 12 mini its super lightweight and super cuteee~ The battery is the same as other iPhones :) Its rlly lightweight


littleswenson t1_iu1czmj wrote

Love it. iPhone Mini now feels big to me after a couple months. Battery is fine. Weight is great (super light).

Edit: went from iPhone 13 Pro to iPhone 13 Mini


BANSH33-1215 t1_iu1fd1s wrote

Carry an Xr for work, and traded Galaxy S20 for 13 mini for personal. Very sad the mini line is discontinued. Love the small size, almost never miss having a (slightly) bigger screen.


letstalkaboutyrhair t1_iu1h8s0 wrote

I went from an 11 to a 13 mini. It’s nice being able to use it one handed, but I honestly still use it two-handed most of the time when typing.

I love the size, screen size is perfect for me and I personally keep it on the smallest font setting because I prefer the look of it. Reading content on it is easy.

I primarily use my phone for social media and consuming music and podcasts. I don’t watch too much content on it — primarily use my iPad mini and MacBook for youtube, netflix, etc. but the mini is fine if it’s what I have on hand.

Battery life is decent enough for my usage and I don’t mind having to juice up in the evening or throughout the day. Having a battery pack does come in handy. But if I drained the battery completely I could get a solid 6 or 7 hours of SOT.


ddunham t1_iu1kakh wrote

I would have bought another one to replace my 13 mini, but that wasn’t possible (as a developer, I need recent models). I wish the 14 Pro had a small size, I like the better camera but sometimes struggle to pocket it (I wear male pants).


MannekenP t1_iu1m00k wrote

From 11 pro to 13 mini and quite happy about it.


blubluebleu t1_iu1par7 wrote

I had a IP X —> IP 12 Mini —> IP 13 Pro, and now I’m here to stay with my IP 13 Mini.


voynaz t1_iu1xt9q wrote

Been rocking the 12 mini since launch after trading in my 11 Pro. Going to hang on to the mini for as long as possible. Perfect phone for me.


Munkreadsreddit t1_iu23nvr wrote

I honestly hate that they don't have a 14 mini. For just casual photos of outfits and nights out it's great, small enough to type, light, not obnoxious.

I also have pretty thin hands & good eyes so don't have any issues typing or seeing anything. Overall will upgrade my 12 mini to a 13 mini soon, and ride that for 2-3 years & see if they ever come out with another one.


GooseEvil t1_iu25duw wrote

I went from the 11 to the 13 mini and I really like it. I don't want to go back to a larger phone anymore, so I hope Apple will eventually go back to making smaller phones. It's not for everyone, so I suggest first holding it if you can.


katmndoo t1_iu26j8v wrote

The 12 mini didn't work for me because of abysmal battery life. I've heard the 13 mini is much better in that regard.


namesartemis t1_iu2bg03 wrote

My hand and wrist daily pain has vanished

I miss the better camera and the screen sometimes when online shopping or trying to read small text but it’s not worth the physical pain 😟


lexiearrieta t1_iu2ga66 wrote

YES do it!!! I “downgraded” from the iPhone 13 Pro to the 13 mini and have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS. The 13 pro was just too bulky and heavy for me. I rarely used the pro features anyway, I only use my phone to call, text, scroll through social media and take photos of my dogs. The media consumption device of choice is my 11” iPad Pro. If you have an iPad or tablet of some sort, you should be all set for going smaller, phone-wise. Only thing to take into account is if you need the battery to last all day with heavy usage - you’re not gonna get that with the mini. My mini gets me through the day with medium use (about 4 or 5 hours screen on time) on iOS 16.1

I am very very happy with the smaller phone.


RevolutionaryFuel528 t1_iu2h12f wrote

Went from xs max to 12 mini to 14pro amd honestly i miss the mini although it isnt small its screen is bigger than a iphone 8


[deleted] t1_iu2sz05 wrote

I went from the 11 Pro to 13 Mini. The 11 Pro wasn’t really a “big” phone, but the switch was enough that I’ll never go back to a big phone. I love the new phone. My wife’s regular 11 feels like a damn tablet.


knubby t1_iu2v9xf wrote

12 mini since launch. Love it. Battery is slightly lacking but I can make it all day no problem.


G-Don2 t1_iu2xeyj wrote

8 to 13 mini. Not exactly who you want answering the question but I dig the smaller lighter devices and almost no finger gymnastics to touch a part of the screen.


littlest_teaspoon t1_iu2xr10 wrote

I moved from an iPhone 5s to the iPhone 13 mini- if that counts, I really like it lol


ashiquropu t1_iu36ihc wrote

Moved from 11p to 13mini and I don’t regret it at all. Of course the battery of the 13m is a bit poor but I am not a power user. Heck, a few days later the 13m looks like perfectly normal size and now my wife’s 14p looks gigantic. I’ll keep the mini, even if I decide to move to 15p (if with USB C). 13m thing is just so comfortable to hold.


Pink_Molly t1_iu37kkh wrote

I had XR, now 13 mini. No regrets. Fits in every pocket I have. Even in that tiny mesh/net thing inside of a pocket of gym pants or shorts. Battery lasts all day even with high business call volume. And if I need more juice it charges super fast (percentage wise) cause battery is smaller.


pawner t1_iu39a88 wrote

Best phone ever. Honestly I'm keeping my 12M until the SE becomes this form factor again. Perfect phone.


hasars t1_iu3aoxf wrote

Went from 11 Pro to 13 Mini to 13 Pro. The mini was my favourite out of all of the phones by a long shot. Perfect size, good battery life, performance etc, everything you’d expect. I upgraded to the 13 Pro for the camera, but the 13 mini is just as good, just lacking the telephoto that is barely used anyway. Would go to a 15 mini if they released one next year.


_bazinga_____ t1_iu3d8v0 wrote

only bummer is the battery. Otherwise it’s okay.

Most probably, I’ll switch next year


kj_011 t1_iu3dgez wrote

Only con is battery life rest everything is perfecto 😘🤌


GoodbyeNarcissists t1_iu3hvcn wrote

I went from 6 > 6S Plus > 7 Plus > X > 14 Pro Max… I never really forgave Apple for not turning out an X Plus, the newer models had a Plus/Max in their range but - not being a camera or social media person - the upgrades were never enough for me to swap from the X which is still a gorgeous little phone

Now I’m with the larger iPhone’s again I honestly cannot say if I am having a better experience or not, I definitely find it annoying trying to find pockets and using one-handed isn’t a cakewalk either

Would I recommend it? I’d say find one that suits you, like you would a pair of shoes, you’ll adjust and won’t be able to clearly tell a difference in experience


umopap1sdn t1_iu3lups wrote

Went from SE (mini size) to X to mini. Prefer the smaller ones. They actually fit in pockets, I don’t drop them as much, and I can do more with just one hand.


PickleRickleJr t1_iu3mbxh wrote

Came from 11 to 13 mini. No regrets. Battery life is awesome too.(1-1,5 day) 11 was heavy and thick mini is awesome for daily use. I don't needed a phone for watch things because i have mac too and easy to switch across devices. Screen size ideal for me


warp-speed-dammit t1_iu3nzel wrote

Yes. Moved from 11 to 13 mini and LOVE it. This is the size I want a phone to be. Portable, easy to hold for long durations, good enough battery life.

I'm on screens all day and use an iPad for media consumption so the phone is mostly used a phone, podcast and gps device when I'm out.


badg0re t1_iu3uy01 wrote

Switched from iPhone 7 to SE. still on SE until I can afford some mini. It just very handful when you can put your phone in pocket with ease.


SkayoFox t1_iu41jwm wrote

Went from Xs to the 13 Mini. Best choice for my small hands. The phone has the perfect size for me. The screen is big enough for everything, but the phone fits everywhere and perfectly into my hand.

I really hate that there is no 14 mini anymore, because whay phone should I get next then? I'll keep my 13 mini until it is unusable, but after that? Please Apple, bring newer models as mini as well.

ONe downside to the mini tho: it's missing the macro lens that I need a lot. Good thing my better half has a 14 Pro, so I can just borrow that one.


Dweight888 t1_iu448c7 wrote

Had XR and it just did not work. Bought 13 mini and I fell in love instantly.


MegaAkuma t1_iu4j4ll wrote

Definitely go for mini, it will make your life easy. You will feel as if you were holding a mini tv through out your life so far :)


jwink3101 t1_iu5t6f0 wrote

I moved from a Pro Max to a regular Pro. I honestly haven’t really thought about it what I am missing with the larger screen. Websites, etc work just fine. I even read books (with large font!) on it just fine (just lots of page turning…).

I have really big hands but I still like how much better this fits.


antdude t1_iu7pkt4 wrote

I went from 4S to 6 + to 12 mini. I love the smaller and lighter sizes. The bad size part is their smaller batteries. :(


blasto2236 t1_iu8wrl0 wrote

I went from the X to the 12 Mini in 2020. The increase from 5.7 on the Pro Models to 6.1 seemed just a tad too big for me.

After 2 years with the Mini, I was personally ready to go back to a larger phone. It was fine during the throes of the pandemic, but now that I’m out and about more, the battery just wasn’t cutting it. I was sick of having to charge 2-3 times a day.

Also, I’ll say that in 2 years, I never quite got used to typing on the more cramped keyboard. It feels good to be able to sprawl out again.


Portatort t1_iuj9am3 wrote

For me it’s been a one way switch.

iPhone mini brings so many usability benefits that I simply can’t go back


Tater428 t1_itzioso wrote

Not exactly what you’re asking, but I moved from the 11 Pro Max to the 14 Pro and am not regretting the downsize.

Fits better in my pocket. Feels better in my hand.


Straight_Squirrel_51 t1_itzjmgs wrote

I don’t suggest it. I went from the iPhone XR to the 13 mini last year and am now using the 14 Pro. It didn’t feel better in my hands like I thought it would, still dropped it on my face in bed just as much because I had to hold it closer and squint to read things, and using the keyboard got annoying because everything was so close together. The battery life throughout the day was crap too. Don’t do it!


Midwest__Misanthrope t1_iu0jhbs wrote

Size- Well obviously this is the huge draw of the device and even that had drawbacks for me. Typing was more difficult for me, and then I realized I consumed a lot more media on my phone than I realized and that screen just wasn’t cutting it.

Battery- For my use the battery was pretty terrible and traveling with the thing sucked. I don’t really want to carry around a battery pack or go find an outlet somewhere so the Mini just had to go. I remember walking around Vegas trying to find a fucking outlet to use or somewhere to buy a battery pack.

If you don’t use your phone that much for media, work, or whatever, than I can suggest the phone for sure. The feeling in your hand/pocket is just fantastic, but if you consume a decent amount of content or care about battery life I’d suggest staying away


RandyLeRam t1_iu0kdd8 wrote

No, it’s decent. But even the mini is a two handed device in some situations (due to how iOS works). And when typing with two hands it’s cramped (two is faster than one).

I also miss the larger versions for video consumption (YouTube etc).


IllegalJoystick t1_iu0l32x wrote

Just like Shrek, I have sausage fingers. An iPhone Mini is smaller than the palm of my hand. I don’t really have a choice here.


ih_786 t1_iu0nht2 wrote

I like bigger phones so 14 pro max is it!


Hermit2049 t1_iu1byiy wrote

I regretted getting the 12 mini. My old eyes couldn’t handle it. I now have a 13.


Inevitable_Shirt3697 t1_iu1hu4k wrote

Went from 6 inch android to se2, basically 100% got used to it within 3 days, youll be just fine. Good luck with your purchase


MisterSpicy t1_iu1k0rh wrote

Never had a mini but always thought it was appealing. The only nitpick for me would be to somehow get the pro max battery into the mini


BlaqShinobi9513 t1_iu1lda6 wrote

I went from the XR to the 12 mini and love it for the sole reason that I can reach everything on the screen a lot easier. I also happen to drop my phone a lot less often. To be honest, all that extra screen you have with other models I don’t miss. The only way I see it being a problem is if you like to play games on your phone or read books on it and have a difficult time seeing anything that small.


Prior_Two_2818 t1_iu1q38c wrote

I own a 13 PM and have a 13 mini as work phone. I would change them if the mini came with a 120 hz screen.


dberry05 t1_iu233h0 wrote

I moved from 7S to mini. Mini is fun and fits well in pockets, but I miss the big screen. Getting older.


0th3rs t1_iu27jsf wrote

I am concurrently using the 12 Mini and Pixel 7 for work and personal. Love both the experience!


DigitalJEM t1_iu2px19 wrote

I went from XS Pro Max to 11 pro and it was great. Loved the smaller size and that I could one hand the phone perfectly. Life was awesome for the past 3 years. Then I got 14 Pro Max recently. Decided having the bigger screen is awesome because it also gives you a bigger on screen keyboard. I have noticed I’m making less typing mistakes with the bigger keyboard. The extra screen real estate has been nice too.


NotRiightMeow t1_iu2pz20 wrote

Went from iPhone XS to the SE3 and I love it. The only thing I miss is the bigger screen overall but I do not miss the weight on the XS. I may try the Max version next.


nekosama15 t1_iu3d1ki wrote

I’m using the 14 pro for promotion alone. If the mini had promotion I would use that instead. I love the mini.


Kriskao t1_iu4bghi wrote

Went from the 7+ to the 12 mini

Much smaller phone but same approximate screen size.

I am 100% happy with my smaller phone, but it is worth pointing out that I almost never leave the house without an iPad or MacBook. So if I need to do something that would not be comfortable on the phone, and I am not walking or driving, I'll use the iPad.

Also, before switching to the mini, I noticed that more than 70 % of my interaction with my iPhone were done without using the scree. By that I mean I use the CarPlay screen, the Apple Watch or the headphone buttons, or I just talk to Siri. In none of those use-cases, the size or quality of the iPhone display are relevant.

Also, worth pointing that if I am not wearing my glasses, I could not read my mini, but having one or two extra inches of display would not make a difference. There might be people out there who have a hard time reading the mini, but their eyesight is just at the point where a plus or pro max is readable for them.


computerteacher t1_iu4egb7 wrote

I have an iPhone 6... trying to decide what is next?


manylostfingers t1_iu5beqr wrote

2 iPhones here: iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro. My work involves a lot of calls and emails, along with travelling using maps/podcasts/audiobooks while driving.

I have been using the Pro because of the screen size and battery champ, but honest, when I walk and have to use one hand, it is scary how big the Pro is. You can’t swipe through emails to delete because you risk dropping the phone. Benefits for me on the bigger phone: the 120hz display is just awesome; the screen size helps when I need to look at spreadsheets, charts, documents, etc; battery is good, left with 30% evenings after heavy use; I don’t take photos, so camera doesn’t matter; and that’s about it!

Honestly thinking of swapping back to use the mini for work, the battery never died in one day with heavy use and if I need to see a spreadsheet it’s probably more useful to look at it on the laptop, right ?

If they ever come up with iPhone mini with 90 or 120hz display, I’ll pay extra for it. It’s the dream phone !


[deleted] t1_iu615ju wrote

Got a 13 Pro Max and I wish just got the Pro. Pro Max size gets annoying.


thehappypuppy t1_iu0jbj6 wrote

Went from X to 12 mini, loved the size. 12 mini battery sucked so tried the 13 pro the next year. It was too big and heavy my hand hurt. Returned after 3 days then got the 13 mini. This year got the 14 pro because the 13 mini battery still wasn't that great. First few days I thought I could go either way, keep the pro or keep the mini. The more days I kept the 14 pro the more I fell in love. Ultimately kept the 14 pro and yes sometimes still too big or heavy but all the added features I get with the 14 pro outweigh the only pro of the 13 mini (size/weight). My advice try them out and give it a full week or two then make your decision. Don't make the decision too quick.


victuringan t1_iu2g2cz wrote

Not a mini but 11PM>12PM>13PM>14Pro


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_iu2iydw wrote

I went from 13pm to 13 mini with iPad mini 6. Couldn’t stand less than 120hz. Now back to 14PM. I loved my mini though, I just hated the iPad mini 6 awful screen.


tcripe t1_iu2q89b wrote

I switched from the X to the 12 Mini. Tbh honest I hated it. The battery experience was horrific. Disliked using the 12 mini so much I upgraded to the 14. Wasn’t planning on originally upgrading till the 15 or 16.


crichdav t1_iu2qkzr wrote

Not what was asked, but I did near the opposite here. Had big phones in the past, went to iPhone XS, then 13 Mini, and just got the 14 Pro Max. Absolutely love the larger size and wish I had done it sooner. Can't imagine going back. (Worth noting I have very large hands, so the bigger size doesn't feel like a tablet).


ShotByBulletz t1_iu2yp5o wrote

My fiancé had the X, went to the 13 mini and loved it, but within the year of release the battery had degraded 10% and it would never make it through the day. She upgraded to the 14 pro, it’s about as big as she’d want to go with a phone. I guess it’s all based on your needs


Electronic_Sorbet200 t1_iu2ypix wrote

I went from a 12 mini to a 14 plus and I honestly don’t think I can go back to a smaller phone.


gadgetluva t1_iu2znlm wrote

I’ve owned:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro

I still have the 13 Mini, 13 Pro Max, and 14 Pro. The 14 Pro is my daily and I don’t see that changing for a while. The only reason I got a 13 Pro Max was because I went through a period of time where I just needed the bigger screen plus battery life. The 13 Mini is great, but only if you use it for like an hour a day and spend a lot of time on quick things. Otherwise, the screen is too small for extended use IMO.

The difference between the 5.4” and 6.1” is significantly greater than the 6.1” to 6.7” IMO.


tr3sleches t1_iu31472 wrote

I have a pro max and I had to use my kid’s iPhone SE the other day and I felt like I was using a toy 😩


ohcrapanotheruserid t1_iu34pny wrote

I love the size but can’t work with the battery. It’s 20% late afternoon in my normal use. I’ve ordered a 14 pro.


billybobjimmyjoe t1_iu3bfe8 wrote

I tried the 12 mini before and it was nice to hold and put in your pocket. But for pictures and videos. I don't like it. It's too small.


rcayca t1_iu3gwef wrote

I have both the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 Pro. I end up missing the telephoto lens with the mini. The screen size usually isn’t an issue, but some apps have things cut off due to the size of the phone. Also the battery life is obviously worse. I usually have to charge mid-day. But that happens sometimes even with the regular sized iPhone. I use the bigger iPhone 95% of the time.


Impossible_Top_8363 t1_iu3n3ms wrote

I went from an 11 pro max to 13 mini back to 14 pro

Max phones are just to big to carry about. So went to the mini. Absolutely loved the little bugger. Hands down the best looking iPhone.

Sadly it only last 6months as I went back to a 14 pro. The mini is unfortunately to small for medium to heavy use people. The missing features, the extra battery, screen was to small to reply to emails etc.

So the 11 pro max went to the wife and the mini will be handed down to my kid. I’ll miss the little thing. But the 14 pro is the perfect balance of power and size.


ManHazNoUsername t1_iu3ov29 wrote

It depends on what you use it for. If you use it for some social media and texting, go for a smaller phone.

If you consume visual media go for a bigger one. You’ll ruin your eyes.

Or get a smaller phone and an iPad.

I currently have the XS and will move to the 14 Pro soon, I hope, due to battery reasons, poorer eyesight, and the camera.

Nevertheless, I believe a phone should easily fit in a front pocket and not be huge. For research or visual media I’ll use my iPad or PC.


anyankana11 t1_iu3sf5e wrote

Went from the xs max to the 12 mini, lasted a month before I went back to the 12 regular, way too small for my big hands I couldn't stand it


chris34728 t1_iu3sia6 wrote

Ordered the 14 pro couldn’t get used to the size so sent it back for the 14 pro max


belfastbiker t1_iu3un74 wrote

The reduction in battery life sucked. So I upgraded to 13 pro max. However, the battery life on that is ridiculously long and the phone is a little unwieldy. So this time I am sidegrading to 14 pro.


aj017010 t1_iu3upqx wrote

A mini as the only phone might be a problem as you will have to charge twice a day(just in case you dont like that), unless you are a light user. Mini is best as a second phone if you are in a work environment and keep phones for work and personal use. I genuinely wish that they could have made the mini a bit thicker and packed in a bigger battery. Would have caused half the user base to turn to it.


fearofnormalcy t1_iu44ozf wrote

went from 8+ to 12 mini to 14 pro.

i loved my mini…..except for the battery life.

that was the dealbreaker for me in the end. absolutely dismal if you’re on your phone a lot. currently loving getting through the day on a charge.


Cliffjumper02 t1_iu25zzn wrote

Look at the iSheeps chatting away