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tgeekb t1_iy6o41j wrote

This makes no sense.


BadDoezy t1_iy6mrau wrote

What question are you asking is it ‘What charger do you take with you when you go out’ or ‘do you carry a charger when travelling’ because man if it’s just going out and you need to take a charger with you…. Dam you need help lol but if it’s travelling then of course you’re gonna take a charger when you’re travelling…


SamsungAppleOnePlus t1_iy6n06w wrote

Maybe put the actual question in the title.

I personally take a No charger with me. Nothing wrong with a Yes charger though.


bigsmallhands t1_iy6oe26 wrote

Yeah, I like to keep the No charger in my truck and keep the Yes charger in my backpack. Very convenient.


SillyBoy68 t1_iy6rozb wrote

I read this question and the answers and thought I’d had a stroke and my brain was damaged. 😂


kiss-my-flapjack t1_iy6mrp1 wrote

I used to when I had an older phone. But the Pro Max of the last couple of years have had such outstanding battery life that I never felt the need to anymore.


hillandrenko t1_iy6x06v wrote

I bought a MagSafe battery pack and realized I could use it instead of my wireless charger plus it charges my AirPods. So I take one device which acts like three, extra battery for phone, phone wireless charger, AirPods wireless charger.


Random4970 t1_iy8cvjj wrote

When I go do some errands I make sure to always have a charger in my back pocket. Rather safe then sorry 🤡