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SuitableDepth5 t1_iy2895a wrote

Some of the smoothness may be from the oleophobic coating on the glass. If the screen protector has an oleophobic coating, it may be similar to the Apple screen.


OhSixTJ t1_iy29z13 wrote

If there’s a difference it’s so minimal you won’t notice. That being said some of you look at your phone too close and try to look for a defect. I prefer a screen protector as I can swap it out when it doesn’t feel smooth anymore. Can’t do that (cheaply) with the original screen.


CuteCatBoy69 t1_iy2cqhn wrote

I can't imagine not using a screen protector because I'd really hate how many scratches I'd have on my screen after a year of ownership. I've had to change the TPU protector on my Pixel 6 Pro like once a month because of falls and scrapes that have taken chips out of it. Sure am glad it's scratching a cheap rubbery film instead of an expensive screen.


OhSixTJ t1_iy3hlmv wrote

Me either. I always have one on. Can’t stand all the micro scratches that accumulate. I work outside so they can be pretty obvious.


Rocket-Legs t1_iy26ied wrote

My tempered glass screen feels smoother than the iPhone screen.

amFilm, from Amazon, BTW.


kiss-my-flapjack t1_iy3qzon wrote

I love amFilm. That's what I use for my Nintendo Switch and it works like a charm.


Pheonixxdark t1_iy2kvkx wrote

get a branded one. not a cheap one and they will have smooth surface and good oleophobic coating. you will not feel the difference. and give you twice protection


Upbeat_Foot_7412 t1_iy4ch6u wrote

It definitely feels better than having cracks in the screen.


kappanhoz t1_iy4dahc wrote

Never really used a phone without tempered glass, but I have noticed differences in feeling between different tempered glasses. Right now I am using Spigen EzFit on 14P and it has definitely the most pleasing feeling so far (this is also the most expensive one I have ever bought though), but it’s worth it. I do recommend it.


airysunshine t1_iy4uyzh wrote

I always use tempered glass and I hardly notice a difference, honestly. I’ve used cheap dollar store tempered glass and I’ve used fancy Otterbox tempered glass.


Remarkable-Sector-44 t1_iy2g6ex wrote

The smoothness comes from the Oleophobic coating. It degrades after time. So buy a screen protector that has the coating and change it as needed.


djgitn t1_iy2exuy wrote

Just like sex, it doesn’t feel as good with protection but you need it.