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dskatter t1_iy8tky7 wrote

Is your name Casey?


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iy8toe5 wrote



dskatter t1_iy8trlc wrote

That’s it then. As someone else just said, it pings a particular person if you use their name in a chat.


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iy8twu9 wrote

Never knew this, thanks for the help!


vanhalenbr t1_iy96hk2 wrote

You can use by adding the @ before the name


Kungsgrillen t1_iy9qdm8 wrote

You don’t need the @


vanhalenbr t1_iy9qkbj wrote

It works better using it, it’s not mandatory but then you need to type on the name


MrEcksDeah t1_iya2w3a wrote

Literally no different than just typing the name


Dexrad24 t1_iyat8z2 wrote

It pings them regardless of do not disturb being on or off


MrEcksDeah t1_iyb5vlf wrote

Source for that?


Dexrad24 t1_iyb5zdb wrote

I use it to ping my friends lol. They were blown when I showed them


MrEcksDeah t1_iyb6btc wrote

I mean it does that when you just type it and tag them. I don’t believe having the @ changes anything.


Dexrad24 t1_iyb6o4h wrote

@[name] automatically bolds it. Just typing in the name of the recipient, your phone would prompt you if you wanna bold it (for pinging). You can try it right now on iMessage


dskatter t1_iy8ubmh wrote

You’re welcome! I believe this was added in iOS 15, but could be wrong.


Penumbruh_ t1_iy9vux3 wrote

You are correct! This feature was added alongside the focus mode features and was poised as a way to take break and tailor you phone to certain times of the day but also still be reachable in cases of emergencies (via tagging in iMessage)


Imaginesafety t1_iy9akxc wrote

They typed @Casey or whatever your contact is for them and it filled in like that. I use that feature in group chats or when I’m feeling weird.


AHrubik t1_iy9w773 wrote

Just wait till they long press the send button the first time.


Feralpudel t1_iybg3q8 wrote

My weird tech-phobe husband discovered this by accident and I couldn’t figure out why the hell his messages were being sent quietly and loudly (and of course he certainly didn’t know). The bubbles were also hilarious. For a while there he was an imessage version of boomer facebook.


KingReef90 t1_iybcqop wrote

Wow do you have any more hidden features?


AHrubik t1_iybhpf8 wrote

You can control to focus distance of Portrait mode in the camera app using the circle "f" button that appears in the upper righthand corner of the app.


sannair96 t1_iybk5h6 wrote

Instead of recording a Memoji message, make the face you want then press and hold to drag that as an emoji and place anywhere on a message


cardinalsfanokc t1_iy97jzt wrote

You have to tag them, not just use their name but yes, this is why.


A_SnoopyLover t1_iyafdwz wrote

No I’ve had it do it without typing the @ sign doesn’t always work but sometimes it does.


GrumpyKitten514 t1_iy99bot wrote

interesting, someone did this to me recently and i was like huh, weird.


rockdangelo99 t1_iy9nnof wrote

Threw you off for a moment I see. Lol It’s a cool feature. Works in group chats really well.


65D0S t1_iy91rg2 wrote

Casey wake up! I don’t like this…Casey wake up!


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iy91xkw wrote

I’m trying to damnit!


KingOfTheCouch13 t1_iyahqlm wrote

If you're reading this, you've been in a coma for almost 20 years because of a car accident. We're trying a new technique. We don't know where this message will end up in your dream, but we hope we're getting through. Please wake up, Casey.


AskMeIfItsMyBirthday t1_iyajal8 wrote

redditors fr gotta be one of the most corniest people on the internet


65D0S t1_iyanwvv wrote

you must be fun at parties


Disquiet173 t1_iybj19a wrote

Come on guys let’s downvote him to smithereens! It’s definitely not his birthday but he can have a blue down arrow for a present anyway.


AskMeIfItsMyBirthday t1_iyb1n0e wrote

shut yo ass up you don even go to parties with yo lame ass


65D0S t1_iybxvhj wrote

lol your insecurities are showing there dude. don’t worry about me. Worry about yourself. This is an iPhone forum and you’re getting angry 😂


TNAEnigma t1_iydqb3j wrote

You’re not wrong but idk why this is the meme that got you to say that lmao


4d3d3d3__Engaged t1_iy8uofh wrote

There’s a couple notification settings that you can toggle on/off for iMessage. One of those settings is a specific notification if someone mentions your name.

This is helpful for a like a group text that you have muted, for example. You would get notified if someone said your name in there even though the chat is silenced.


Paranomac t1_iy9hnlu wrote

Casey wake up it's almost 2pm!


i_spread_ligma t1_iy9fzxh wrote



mt1337 t1_iy9g5mn wrote

that's just the @ mention in iMessage. You can get it by typing @<your-contact-name>


Kungsgrillen t1_iy9qccz wrote

You don’t need the @


MH2019 t1_iyatrc5 wrote

You either need the @ or you need to type the name and then select it from suggestions (I find using @ faster)


Wylde117 t1_iy92g99 wrote

When your mom typed "Casey", she has tapped on the contact displayed in the suggested word bar which highlights it in blue like this.


brokenfl t1_iy97e8y wrote

follow the white Rabbit.


aliensmadeus t1_iy9g70o wrote

massages from outside the matrix are either imessage nor SMS, they're native quantum and therefore in grey. (names get resolved via dna to the host and therefore are hyperlinked)

*unnesessary fly-away


[deleted] t1_iy9otbg wrote

Blue letters/grey bubble means a contact was mentioned.

Also you need to pay one of those chicks who do beat producer tags to say “WAKE UP C4SEY” now…


ricketyrick1 t1_iy9pmvy wrote

Do you have a cat? Seems like something a cat would do…


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iy9prtx wrote

I do have a cat, his name is Lars Jr


chrisv267 t1_iybzu1u wrote

Go to settings -> messages and scroll to the bottom of the page. There’s a setting called Notify Me, you have that enabled if your name in your phone is Casey


BonnieLozanie t1_iy9d3e3 wrote

It means you’re saved as a contact in their iPhone.


fffffanboy t1_iybs458 wrote

yes. you did.

source: i looked at casey’s screen snap.


nickyg1028 t1_iybwmvz wrote

Idk if anyone’s said it already but only the messages you send go in the colored bubbles. Everyone’s messages to you show up as grey


caricatoa t1_iyc9wik wrote

“It’s the first of the month”


Viicafc t1_iy9lnt4 wrote

Username checks out.

However! It is when you “@“ someone


buck_blue t1_iyaw1qs wrote

In a group chat? Is the initial notification not good enough anymore? Like sending a text to someone is the ultimate “@“.. I can’t seem to find any functional use with it, but I’ve only tried it texting with my SO.


loudmelon21 t1_iy9q6jd wrote

new feature with iphones letting you know that your name was mentioned


didyoucurbthewheels t1_iy9z4nz wrote

Hold up, you’re telling me my name will turn blue if it’s typed?


Trickybuz93 t1_iya18hr wrote

It’s like if you’re tagging someone in your message (as long as they’re saved in your contacts)


SkepticalHikerr t1_iyal0pt wrote

If you write your contacts name and then hold it and let go you’ll be able to do the same. If your contact is John smith, write John, hold it and let go, then you’ll be able to do it


buck_blue t1_iyav7ok wrote

What is the point of it though? I saw someone else say it’s like tagging someone. But if you’re already texting them, they’re tagged, are they not? Group text could be useful if it notifies that person and that person alone, but you could just send a regular text at that point.


kejok t1_iyb6k1t wrote

Casey wake up. I dont like this


xela0422 t1_iybq2zk wrote

Maybe click it and it might do something??


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iycvtne wrote

Oh no! I clicked it and now I’m in the 1995 cult classic movie “Hackers”


juanmiindset t1_iybr8q6 wrote

You can do this by doing @Name of person in chat or message


jmarston4 t1_iycz1nd wrote

Blue letters? GRAY BUBBLE?!? Unless you want to have your phone explode in your pocket, destroy it IMMEDIATELY!!



ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iyd8x7y wrote

Threw the phone just seconds before the explosion, thank you for saving my life! I am writing to you off my new phone


Ok-Antelope-1923 t1_iydjxl7 wrote

Casey wake up! The call is coming from inside the house! 🤣


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iyeb3dg wrote

Oh wow! What a twist, you could be the next M Night Shamrock lawn


[deleted] t1_iy92vsl wrote



ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iy937g5 wrote

The drug stuff? It has a happy ending cause I’ve been clean going on 11 months now, almost a year!


n8best t1_iy9xwwu wrote

It broken!?


stevrevv59 t1_iya07t3 wrote

You can do it too! As long as they’re saved in your contacts and you are messaging them directly or in a group chat. It’s kind of like tagging them if you’ve ever worked with MS Teams or similar.


cjh6793 t1_iyb9ac3 wrote



locololus t1_iybdn1k wrote

They mentioned you. When the letters are Bildes it means someone mentioned someone they did @Casey and it did it.


guardiansword t1_iybk6j0 wrote

… Your Government Has You … follow the blue bird called twitter 😄


gedankensex t1_iyblc6q wrote

😶‍🌫️ does it have to be blue


ike54ato t1_iybmz9n wrote

Can anyone explain why this happened to me with the words “the shampoo” as that is definitely not my name?


coolguyclub-pres t1_iybxsxp wrote

Take the red pill 💊


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iycvlrf wrote

I took the blue and the red pill at the same time and I think that may be part of the problem


AncestralSpirit t1_iyc4xvk wrote

Hey can I ask a quick question? I only ask because I know also of someone who wakes up very late in the afternoon (like no amount of alarms can wake them up). Or is it one type of thing? I tried all sorts of things for them, but they need at least 12 hours at night and then can even fall asleep in the evening as well. Meanwhile I can wake up from my neighbor sneezing.


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iycvibg wrote

I work overnights so I sleep late anyway, but I am a heavy sleeper so anything short of blowing my phone up or a natural disaster I’ll pretty much sleep forever


[deleted] t1_iyc6u7d wrote

You’re in the upside down Chrissy, oops, I mean Casey


mum4519 t1_iycjr6j wrote

Let’s talk about why you’re sleeping at 130pm Casey…


bubbib2 t1_iydd7ae wrote

it's just somebody tagging you. how is this its own thread.


fabioirl t1_iydgolq wrote

Sent by a Nokia 3310 perhaps.


BostonAz21 t1_iy9mw0j wrote

Because it’s a link for contact info


GtheCi t1_iy9wv7m wrote

Follow the white rabbit


ipianomantann t1_iyaul6x wrote

How do some of you survive a normal day outside? Like - you couldn’t figure this out?


milkwithiceinit t1_iycv120 wrote

Did you really label this support?


ClumsyDopeFeen OP t1_iycv5z3 wrote

First time ever posting here and I needed help figuring out what this was, support seemed to be the only thing that fit