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Im an Android Guy but my Buddy got an iPhone 14 and He loves it and now I want to try Apple too.

A new 13 pro would Cost me around 15€ more per month than a regular 14 but is it worth it?

Mostly looking for great camera, battery.. So is the 13 Pro still worth it choosing over the regular 14?



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yoghurtfries- t1_ixptqlj wrote

13 Pro > base 14 without a doubt.


YungScraggy t1_ixppi7c wrote

Yes. Wtf is wrong with people now a days? An iPhone 11 is still good in 2022. Idk why people think a phone that’s a year old wouldn’t be worth it. Seriously insane how some people are.


serge_kills t1_ixpo1ee wrote

Absolutely yes! Plus you’ll have Macro mode on the camera, 120Hz screen, 3X camera.


Commercial_Cover_198 OP t1_ixppo2j wrote

The 3x camera is really tempting ngl


TAbramson15 t1_ixpyntg wrote

The high refresh rate Pro Motion 120hz screen on the 13 Pro absolutely DOMINATES the 60hz panel on the 14… plus the regular 14 has the same exact processor as the 13 anyway so it’s pointless to get the 14… the high refresh rate alone is way better and more fluid.. even swiping for a minute on my gf’s 60hz iPhone feels choppy and crappy.. On top of that you get the more durable and premium build with the matte back glass that almost never scratches, stainless steel frame instead of aluminum on the 14 regular, and you get more versatility out of the 3 cameras on the 13 pro. The 13 pro hands down beats the absolute crap out of the regular 14’s. Definitely go with that one. Plus the 13 pro is still gonna get updates and be completely useable and fast till 2028 or later… don’t get the 14 lol unless you get the Pro.. either 13 pro or 14 pro but definitely not the 14 regular version.


king_joe93 t1_ixq11wk wrote

Obviously! I just bought mine a 2 weeks ago and its been great, the phone is ultra smooth and can handle anything i throw at it, even tried playing NBA2K23 Arcade edition and the experience was amazing, big step up in performance from the 11 pro max i was using especially with that 120hz display which makes a huge difference. And the camera is on a whole another level, it’s outright gorgeous. Lastly the phone has an A+ battery life and i was able to get 9+ hours SOT with heavy use (no gaming), i had to stay up all night to drain the battery and see the maximum SOT i can get which was 9+ hours on the regular 13 Pro. I highly recommend it.


Dellons_27 t1_ixpvxy3 wrote

Definitely. I only got mine for almost two months. No regrets


Yo_2T t1_ixq1npr wrote

15€ extra a month for how long? The 13 Pro is nicer than the regular 14, but not like 360€ nicer if this is for 24 months.


[deleted] t1_ixqj6vo wrote

Depends on the carrier. If you have AT&T, their C-Band DOD spectrum only works on 14 series and newer. Just throwing it out there.


Majestic_Theme_7788 t1_ixs3hzd wrote

Oh yes it is! I’ve had the 13 Pro Max since launch and it’s still good. Apple is gonna be supporting these phones for years👍


MelvinDiggs t1_ixt8zcy wrote

If you want to go even cheaper, get an iPhone 11. It does the same thing as the iPhone 13. ✨


RadioShk t1_iy01ts5 wrote

Short answer….. Heaven Yes!!!


hydrogen_sulfate t1_ixr4sj5 wrote

No. Get the 14. Unless you have used a 120hz display before you most likely won’t feel the need for a higher refresh display in a smartphone and the extra camera isn’t worth it in my opinion. The 14 has better battery life and is easier to repair. 15 euro / month is a big difference.