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TAbramson15 t1_ixpyntg wrote

The high refresh rate Pro Motion 120hz screen on the 13 Pro absolutely DOMINATES the 60hz panel on the 14… plus the regular 14 has the same exact processor as the 13 anyway so it’s pointless to get the 14… the high refresh rate alone is way better and more fluid.. even swiping for a minute on my gf’s 60hz iPhone feels choppy and crappy.. On top of that you get the more durable and premium build with the matte back glass that almost never scratches, stainless steel frame instead of aluminum on the 14 regular, and you get more versatility out of the 3 cameras on the 13 pro. The 13 pro hands down beats the absolute crap out of the regular 14’s. Definitely go with that one. Plus the 13 pro is still gonna get updates and be completely useable and fast till 2028 or later… don’t get the 14 lol unless you get the Pro.. either 13 pro or 14 pro but definitely not the 14 regular version.