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My iPhone 12 (6mos old) has gone to sh** ever since updating to iOS 16. I’ve updated all apps, deleted half on them that I don’t use. It won’t play videos, even short clips, won’t pay Spotify sometimes, overheats constantly, won’t load safari pages unless I wait several minutes, and it’s just SO SLOW! In every way.

Anyone else experience this? Should I downgrade the update? (And yes, I’ve restarted it several times)



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bigsmallhands t1_ixsl1ay wrote

You can’t “downgrade the update” as iOS 15 isn’t being signed anymore. Also no, I haven’t had any issues on either my 14 Pro or my 13 Mini. Try a factory reset. That’s the best way to figure out if it is a hardware or software issue.


redditravioli OP t1_ixsl7nr wrote

You can downgrade actually. It’s not a native function, though. My phone ran fine on 15. If I do a factory reset, won’t I lose everything?


bigsmallhands t1_ixslgts wrote

Yeah, I know how to flash software on iPhones, and once a firmware isn’t signed anymore (which iOS 15 isn’t being signed anymore), you can’t flash it anymore. Yes a factory reset removes all user data, but what other options do you have. Back up to iCloud and restore data afterwards.