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I'm getting a 14 pro whenever they ship again. I have a Pixel 6 Pro right now and a bunch of Google smart devices. I use every single basic Google app, like the Google Recorder, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes.

I cannot afford to lose any of the data in these apps. I know it's available online so the data won't be permanently lost, but I rely on using these apps and need to be able to use them on both my phone and computer so they sync up. I plan to stay on the Google ecosystem unless there's an easy way of switching since I have years worth of lyrics and voice recordings written in Notes and on the Recorder and it would take forever to copy everything manually.

I've also heard Siri sucks, and I use Google Assistant often, multiple times per day not even counting my smart devices. I have a Google Assistant device in every room.

What tips do you guys have for this, or switching operating systems in general?

I'm really only switching for iMessage and to just give iPhone a shot since I've never used one and I'm not super happy with Android lately. Plus iPhones look so much better aesthetically. Androids are very practical-looking and definitely don't feel quite as polished or luxurious. Still, I greatly enjoy the utility of Android and how intuitive it is to navigate with the new gesture controls, so I'm hesitant about the switch. Plus the battery life sucks on Android.



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hamster_savant t1_iy2gpri wrote

I switched from a Pixel to an iPhone. I still use google calendar, gmail, and google photos. Google photos isn't very integrated on a system level though, which bothers me somewhat. For example in discord if I want to share a photo, it automatically pulls photos from apple photos. To share a photo from google photos, I have to go to the actual photo and click share and then click to share on discord. Also if I take a screenshot, it's automatically saved in apple photos. If I open google photos, it automatically syncs it to google photos (just from opening it) but the photo will still exist in apple photos until I delete it.


CuteCatBoy69 OP t1_iy2kd6k wrote

Luckily for me I'm not attached to my photos, I probably won't even transfer most of them. I can see why that would be obnoxious though since most people are more invested in their photos than that. Glad everything else integrates well though.


hamster_savant t1_iy2l3pt wrote

Oh I didn't transfer them. It just doesn't integrate well with other apps because they automatically choose apple photos. It's nice that google photos automatically syncs the photos from apple photos onto google photos when I open the app though. Oh I should add, third party keyboards are not well supported on iPhones so the only options really are apple keyboard and google keyboard. Google keyboard imo is the best option but Apple basically neuters third party keyboards. Like google keyboard and other third party keyboards just don't have all the functionality they have on android. That's the main thing that irks me about my iPhone lol. Like for example if you switch to symbols on the keyboard, the question mark always has to be in the middle of the bottom row?


BigDogOnTheWindow t1_iy2go4t wrote

Those google apps are also available in iOS. Just download them and login to your google account. Everything will be there.


TAbramson15 t1_iy2hzap wrote

Well, if it makes you feel any better there’s basically every google app you can think of aside from google messages on iOS, and arguably they run better on iOS too lol. iOS gives you a much more polished app experience over all. You can use 90% of your google apps just fine on your iPhone, and you can even set your google apps as default for things like browser with chrome, or set google maps as your default maps app, or gmail as you default mail app etc. There’s even features on the iOS version of google apps that android doesn’t have which I find quite funny. Plus even social media is a million times better on iPhone, the images you upload to social media don’t look like they were taken on a 2004 digital camera like Android still does. And the cherry on the cake is you get 5-7 years of full software support where 90% of android phones lack far behind. Even the iPhone 6s on iOS 15 was on year 7 of support and ran very very well considering it’s age.. I can’t even find a single Android phone from 2018 that still runs decent, much less 2015. Now I’m not bashing Android, I love both sides, but just highlighting all the benefits of having an iPhone as your daily driver. Much more reliable and simplistic to use.


CuteCatBoy69 OP t1_iy2klj9 wrote

That's good to know. And yeah the simplicity will be nice too. My Pixel does have some annoying quirks, the worst of which is skipping audio if multiple devices are connected to one Bluetooth speaker, even if the others aren't playing. Looking forward to 99% of things just working, even if there's some 1% where having an Android may be more useful.