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hamster_savant t1_iy2gpri wrote

I switched from a Pixel to an iPhone. I still use google calendar, gmail, and google photos. Google photos isn't very integrated on a system level though, which bothers me somewhat. For example in discord if I want to share a photo, it automatically pulls photos from apple photos. To share a photo from google photos, I have to go to the actual photo and click share and then click to share on discord. Also if I take a screenshot, it's automatically saved in apple photos. If I open google photos, it automatically syncs it to google photos (just from opening it) but the photo will still exist in apple photos until I delete it.


CuteCatBoy69 OP t1_iy2kd6k wrote

Luckily for me I'm not attached to my photos, I probably won't even transfer most of them. I can see why that would be obnoxious though since most people are more invested in their photos than that. Glad everything else integrates well though.


hamster_savant t1_iy2l3pt wrote

Oh I didn't transfer them. It just doesn't integrate well with other apps because they automatically choose apple photos. It's nice that google photos automatically syncs the photos from apple photos onto google photos when I open the app though. Oh I should add, third party keyboards are not well supported on iPhones so the only options really are apple keyboard and google keyboard. Google keyboard imo is the best option but Apple basically neuters third party keyboards. Like google keyboard and other third party keyboards just don't have all the functionality they have on android. That's the main thing that irks me about my iPhone lol. Like for example if you switch to symbols on the keyboard, the question mark always has to be in the middle of the bottom row?