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TuaAnon t1_ixqh8we wrote

pencil support on iphone was something I expected to come at some point. but I really hope it‘s not a DIFFERENT pencil than the existing one 🤦🏻


undavorojo t1_ixqxhj4 wrote

Bro, they charge you for a cloth that was included in the macs previously. If they can charge you for something they will. No matter how.


TuaAnon t1_ixqy9et wrote

Apple Pencil Case incoming :(


moldyjellybean t1_ixsqdec wrote

It’s probably capable, going to software unlocks for refresh rates, pencil support , wide angle . They only made 100 billion or whatever last quarter. Need moar


Tumblrrito t1_ixrzuz1 wrote

I for one hope it is a different pencil. I don’t want to have to carry such a large Apple Pencil around me to us with my phone.


Weird_Cantaloupe2757 t1_ixs40xg wrote

It would absolutely have to be a different pencil, the existing one is way too fucking big. I loved the one on the Note, it slides right into the body of the phone so you just always have it.


flimspringfield t1_ixsg415 wrote

One of things I liked about the Note was that when the pencil popped out you could take handwritten notes that were then translated to readable text.


az116 t1_ixsj01g wrote

I mean the iPads do this so an Apple Pencil for an iPhone would as well.


StreetlyMelmexIII t1_ixu0g96 wrote

I had one for testing and I think the pencil was literally the only thing I liked about it. The level of friction made for great penciling.


Frisky_Potato42nite t1_ixscbwy wrote

The Apple Pencil makes sense for the iPad. It's sized for the iPad. On the iPhone, its too bulky and cumbersome. Plus, where are you gonna put it?? In your pocket?


TuaAnon t1_ixtpsez wrote

it will stay on the ipad of course. which is meant to be taken with you anyway.

look, they can make a new pencil for iphone for all I care, all I‘m saying is please make the existing one at least work with it! know what I mean?

I just dont wanna HAVE TO buy another one


whocaresfuckthisshit t1_ixqyiu2 wrote

Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave right now.


JamesRustleford t1_ixrxuhj wrote

"Who wants a stylus? You have to get them, put them away, and you lose them, yuck. Nobody wants a stylus."


Tumblrrito t1_ixs01uy wrote

He was right about a stylus being a lousy primary input device, but the success of the Galaxy Note has proven that there is utility in having a stylus for certain things. I’d love one for notes and annotation, as fat-fingering a drawing just doesn’t work well.


GeneralZaroff1 t1_ixscenk wrote

Yep. So many people completely misunderstood that the stylus at the time he was talking about was before capacitive touchscreens.

Capacitive touchscreens still are still infinitely better than the stylus-based devices like Palm Pilots at the time.


Quin1617 t1_ixsku1o wrote

Agreed. I loved my Note and used it’s stylus pretty much daily.

Jobs was right about one thing though, I lost it on more than one occasion.


modulusshift t1_ixsjetw wrote

Also note that he said “nobody wants to watch video on a small iPod screen” at the iPod Photo launch event, only a year before releasing an iPod that could play video as the new selling point. Steve Jobs was a salesman first and foremost, he’d always tell you that anything he doesn’t have couldn’t possibly compare to what he did have, right up until he had the other thing too.


Captain_Alaska t1_ixt3jzi wrote

>Also note that he said “nobody wants to watch video on a small iPod screen” at the iPod Photo launch event, only a year before releasing an iPod that could play video as the new selling point.

I mean, you're leaving out that they bumped the screen size between the 4th and 5th gen iPods.


Noah_PpAaRrKkSs t1_ixt8ars wrote

He was a bad guy, who gives a fuck?


whocaresfuckthisshit t1_ixt8kwg wrote

Maybe but he was a product genius.


Noah_PpAaRrKkSs t1_ixt9ybk wrote

He was just so abusive that sometimes he got remarkable results.

Genius? Was he good at math or something?


whocaresfuckthisshit t1_ixta5rn wrote

Steve Jobs had an incredibly high IQ. He created many of apples most legendary products and he perfectly understood what made a good product versus a bad product. He was a severe micromanager and decided the most minute details of products Apple released. He even OKed apples most successful Mac awareness campaign in the mid 2000s.

You can hate all you want but the man is a legend.


Noah_PpAaRrKkSs t1_ixtblum wrote

Lol, IQ? Why not just say the wrinkles in his skull prove his genius? Stop buying into a billionaire’s self-mythology.


whocaresfuckthisshit t1_ixtbvpz wrote

I wish we could continue arguing but you genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about and that much is very clear. So go on thinking what you want. Cheers.


Noah_PpAaRrKkSs t1_ixtc46c wrote

IQ is not and has never been a good measurement of intelligence. So whether or not Steve Jobs had a high IQ is about as relevant as phrenology which is what I was describing with the skull thing. You also didn’t even back up that he did have a high IQ. He was abusive, narcissistic, and willing to take advantage of people. Those were his only skills.


toonddd t1_ixtvdfu wrote

Dragging successful people you've never met down to feel less disappointed in your mediocre life is also a bit narcissistic mate. Getting a group of grown-ups to do what you want, eg. being a leader, will not work if being abusive is your only quality lol. The world is grey, not b&w.


Diegobyte t1_ixrwj2i wrote

Steve Jobs would come back to earth and murder Tim apple


give_me_a_great_name t1_ixte96a wrote



CANIn16 t1_ixu3uvh wrote



gus2155 t1_ixukuvc wrote



Confusedmonkey_ t1_ixtqdrl wrote

Still Apple not selling stylus for iPhones, Steve never talk about iPads I guess.


iDarkville t1_ixqe3pp wrote

“There would also be no battery in the Apple Pencil. Instead, it would be powered by by the screen that it was touching.”

Come on, man. We don’t have to believe all the made up stuff.


mechanical_banana t1_ixqizkm wrote

I mean, that’s exactly how the S-Pen works?


tomelwoody t1_ixqo30l wrote

*Old S-Pens, newer ones have batteries.


wankthisway t1_ixssrtf wrote

They only need the "battery" for air gestures and a few other things. My Tab S7's pen is charged like once a month and it can still write.


iDarkville t1_ixqn3my wrote

The S-pen doesn’t have a battery?


Embarrassed_Win9189 t1_ixqqu7d wrote

capacitors, for the purpose of spen it achieves the same thing


iDarkville t1_ixrac0n wrote

So it does have a battery.


TagalogGyro t1_ixrc56v wrote

No it doesn’t have a battery, it has a supercapacitor.


oreo-boi t1_ixrvly0 wrote

Batteries and capacitors are completely different circuit components.


imsolowdown t1_ixr6bhd wrote

“Stuff I don’t understand” = “made up stuff”


judge2020 t1_ixse1h3 wrote

I mean, what happens when your finger touches the screen is literally closing an electrical circuit; run some 5V through that safely and you’ve got power.


OfficalBigDrip t1_ixqzinf wrote

Good. Who wants a stylus? You have to get them and put them away and you lose them. Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus.


mechanical_banana t1_ixqj2yh wrote

Surely in order to work, the iPhone screen would’ve needed some extra layers. If the leak was true, supply chain leaks or at the very least disassembly videos would show the existence of the digitiser


prokachu t1_ixrrhhz wrote

iPhone Ultra Note Max Pro


Hydeburns t1_ixrfvom wrote

I so hope this rumor comes back to life and to fruition by next fall. I plan on updating from an 11 pro max to whatever the 2023 iPhone is. Yet, I still tote around a Note 9 simply for on the fly photo editing and such.

I realize a lot of apple fans think it a dumb idea, and that Jobs thought the same. But, cmon. If the pencil is optional and the extra screen tech doesn’t add to the overall iPhone price, what would it hurt?

…..Jobs also said big phones are dumb….so…..


CavingGrape t1_ixrxgym wrote

I’m literally buying a note for the pencil when I have the money as a back up to my iPhone lmaoooo. I’m with Steve on this one tho, iPhone shouldn’t have a stylus. Just seems wrong


SigmaLance t1_ixsw2v3 wrote

The Note is now the Ultra series of the Galaxy line. Just an FYI if you were looking to get the latest and greatest.


realgamerperry t1_ixrlbq9 wrote

Ok, I have an Apple Pencil already, using it on an iPhone might be neat, a little extra functionality and a tighter ecosystem. Cool

Would I buy a second Apple Pencil that I can use on both an iPad and iPhone? I mean its not impossible. Now would I buy a separate Apple Pencil for use only on the iPhone? Absolutely not.


fastjeff t1_ixsxmmb wrote

I tried going back to android after getting a S22U, but couldn't get back into the flow of it. I have an ipad and apple pencil, but it's just too damn unwieldy sometimes. I'd be one of the first on board for a iphone with a pencil of some kind.


lucellent t1_ixr2l2n wrote

If this is real, then there would be leaked images of it soon.

I doubt it is tho, we're just supposed to trust some sketchy person with no track record.


evilbowlofcereal28 t1_ixsftyi wrote

It would literally have to be a different one because of how large the first and second Apple pencils were. Interesting leak tho.


esotericsean t1_ixsnbsn wrote

I didn't know this was something I needed, but that actually sounds really nice to have!


SigmaLance t1_ixsvton wrote

Before moving over to the iPhone I always used every Samsung Note that was released, but in the beginning the pen was kind of meh.

After a few iterations of them working out ideas and adding a ton of functionality I found it to be a huge plus to owning the phones.


Crispynipps t1_ixsx5fj wrote

I don’t believe anything is scraped at apple. They just pulled it and they’ll refine it some more. Just like that wireless charging Mat.


adrian_shade t1_ixu1q2n wrote

These leakers are so cringy. Just making up stuff, assuming things lmao


PerpetuallyOffline t1_ixxsrtw wrote

If this happens, the existing pencils better be compatible. I already have one for my iPad and wouldn't want to buy another.


Two_Faced_Harvey t1_ixsiz0k wrote

Looks like someone was smart enough to kill it


TheElderCouncil t1_ixs8rfx wrote

“Who wants a stylus? Yuxkh*”

I’ll never forget that from Steve.