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chas66 t1_j24spt0 wrote


Tchiiko t1_j25v3i2 wrote

Not available in France yet 😞


working-acct t1_j25x30h wrote

US only atm, as is with many "features" like Apple Fitness.

Funny bc the whole world is paying through the nose for iPhones while US users always get new features first.


AustinSA907 t1_j25xu2x wrote

It’s because of lack of consumer protections, not any homerism. If they could shaft people in the developed world for less, they’d move there too.

Also, the US isn’t the cheapest place for Apple products (at least in the recent future, no idea post-current events) Hong Kong is.


working-acct t1_j25z5c0 wrote

Well Brazil and Italy have fined Apple for not including chargers (while America hasn't) so they clearly care about consumers and your theory ain't valid.

Cool to know about HK but they're the exception. Rest of the world is still paying higher prices eg Europe and in the case of Brazil, Turkey and India it can be up to double. Maybe there are valid reasons for it but from the point of the average iPhone user in these countries it has got to suck. Paying double and you don't even get new features first.


AustinSA907 t1_j25zlti wrote

That proves my point? Developed countries with more consumer protections get features slower. The USA is unique in being developed and not having strong consumer protections.