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dskatter t1_j1o5vcd wrote

Someone’s been using TikTok too much, and it’s done some screen burn-in.


LukasEleven OP t1_j1o6dho wrote

imagine if you was watching p_rn and it would burn into your display


masseyzac t1_j1o7dfr wrote

Burn in only happens when a static image is displayed for an extended period of time. I would hope you’re not staring at the same exact pr0n image for hours straight, but no kink shame here


sneikboi t1_j1qmfln wrote

I remember in the early 2000, a guy was house-sitting for my buddy. When he came home after a week, and turned on his plasma TV, it was burned in a still of g4y p0rn. Took weeks for it to fade away. Good times.


masseyzac t1_j1qmw0w wrote

Imagine watching the news and a guys peen is right there by the news anchors. Lmao 🤣


Misenk0 t1_j1pdh7u wrote

That’s not right. Burn-in is not exact term which should be used here, instead we should call it burn-out. This accumulates over time. It does not matter if you watch pornhub 4h in a row every 4th day or you watch it 1h per day in a period of 4 days. The effect is the same.


JonDoeJoe t1_j1p14x7 wrote

Actually burn in can occur regardless if there’s a static image or not


squareswordfish t1_j1p2c8y wrote

He’s obviously talking about an image getting burned into your screen. You’re not going to get a frame of a video burned into your screen unless you pause for a long time, let alone from having the video playing lol


JonDoeJoe t1_j1p3xyp wrote

I was addressing his statement of “burn in only happens” which isn’t entirely true.

Static images for extended time is the most common and obvious cause but isn’t the only reason.


TylerDeBoy t1_j1pekwy wrote

How would a moving image (non-static) burn a screen? Asking for a friend


AppleXOS t1_j1pgqrp wrote

It wouldn’t


JonDoeJoe t1_j1pigna wrote

It would. Do you know why burn in occurs? It’s because the oled pixels are organic and degrade with use. So the pixels are degrading the moment you they’re on, whether you have a static image on or not.

The colors of oled pixels also degrade at different rates too.


TylerDeBoy t1_j1pjcom wrote

You don’t know what burn-in means then. All screens degrade when they’re on… that isn’t what we’re talking about


JonDoeJoe t1_j1pn7mz wrote

Then tell me what burn in is? Cuz I’m sure you’re not getting it right


TylerDeBoy t1_j1qpz31 wrote

Stop Googling around and trying to prove us wrong 😂😂. You do not get burn in from black bars… we do not need links or sources to prove our point, so stop


[deleted] t1_j1r1o8e wrote



TylerDeBoy t1_j1rbjnm wrote

😂😂 keep going bro. Your karma is falling faster than FTX. You’re 100% incorrect


JonDoeJoe t1_j1rdf6f wrote

Nah I’m right. Karma doesn’t equate to being correct. And I don’t care about karma lol


JonDoeJoe t1_j1rdkpv wrote

And you’ve avoided answering what burn in means too. You’ve proved nothing


AppleXOS t1_j1ppjb4 wrote

Dude stop while you’re not too far behind. Burn in is caused by static images.

Sure all display pixels degrade in color over time.

But burn in is caused by a static image remaining static too long.


JonDoeJoe t1_j1pu657 wrote

If you use your screen to watch a ton of movies and the aspect ratio leaves you with black bars on the top and bottom, you’ll get burn in from the middle of the screen even if the middle has all dynamic images.

Even if you use the whole screen, say if a portion of the screen tends to use saturated color more than the rest of the screen, you’ll get burn in even if everything is non-static.

All burn in is is the uneven brightness of the screen due to the degradation of pixels. Having a static image is just the most common way for burn in to happen, NOT the only way.

> Update 05/31/2019: The TVs have been running for over 9000 hours (around five years at 5 hours every day). Uniformity issues have developed on the TVs displaying Football and FIFA 18 and are starting to develop on the TV displaying Live NBC. Our stance remains the same: we don't expect most people who watch varied content without static areas to experience burn-in issues with an OLED TV.

Even though it’s rare for your average consumer, dynamic images still can and will cause burn ins. And this test doesn’t take into account for black bars and someone displaying content that has more saturated content in one portion of the screen over the other (it does talk about how each sub pixels degrade at different speed though)


dskatter t1_j1o79ju wrote

Pretty sure porn wouldn’t have porn controls burned into the screen.


Stiggles4 t1_j1p2t19 wrote

Glad I’ve never fallen victim to that app.


bayleafbabe t1_j1ranj9 wrote

I was barely beginning to the understand the Snapchat phenomenon when TikTok seemingly came out of nowhere. I guess this is what getting old is like


-K9V t1_j1rivn6 wrote

It’s cancer and nothing but a Chinese data farm. Kids brains are rotting away thanks to that spyware crap. Fuck Tiktok.


danyaylol t1_j1rrtgv wrote

Ah yes blame app for being addicted/being “brainwashed” instead of yourself.


-K9V t1_j1rt8uv wrote

I never did that. I just said the app was a bunch of Chinese crap spyware - which it absolutely is. And don’t you think they’ve meticulously created every little detail with the intent of keeping people scrolling for as long as possible? It’s kinda like what TV used to be, but modernized for the “techy” youth IMO. Just turn it on and infinite content streams into your eyes until you pass out.

These kids live off of Tiktok. They dress the same, they buy the same food/drinks, it’s like they’re all clones of each other. Same clothing style, same haircut, same dangling earring in their left ears. Same oversized 2000’s gangster jeans. Same baggy, ripped up 4th hand clothing. Individuality is dead.


awkwardtheturtel t1_j1owr3q wrote

I’m sorry but the “Is it sunburned” had me rolling. Merry Christmas, it’s Burn in, your best bet is screen replacement, and maybe go down on the TikTok addiction.


Foxxo02 t1_j1o6s0h wrote

Screen burn in

You’ll also notice that the wifi symbol, battery, and time all also get burned into your screen over time

That’s what happened for me, at least, lol


[deleted] t1_j1pax5v wrote



Hunter_Ware t1_j1pdc69 wrote

The iPhone 11 doesn’t have an OLED screen while the iPhone XS does. The thing you’re expiriencing is screen retention which goes away after a bit, OLED screens (every notched iPhone has an OLED screen besides the iPhone 11 *and iPhone XR) keep the image stuck forever.


itsmrsav t1_j1pfdt2 wrote

*every notched iPhone has an OLED screen besides the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11


Hunter_Ware t1_j1pfeyt wrote

Ahh yeah i forgot about the XR. Thanks!


itsmrsav t1_j1pfqfa wrote

Absolutely! Besides the XR and the 11 are pretty much the same phone so I see why you would forget about the XR. Happy Holidays!


FB_z t1_j1o6eom wrote

Screen burn-in


OkCommunication5792 t1_j1oehpt wrote

yup, definitely sunburned ✅


simpinsoru t1_j1of1bq wrote

how does it burn tho? i have an android phone and it "sunburns" sometimes. Is it normal?


squareswordfish t1_j1p2ioe wrote

It’s something that happens, yeah. On OLED screen phones the burned in image is usually irreversible (it’s called burn-in, in this case), on other phones it usually goes away after a while (that’s called image retention)


simpinsoru t1_j1p6jkv wrote

thnx for letting me know my g


OkCommunication5792 t1_j1peg1c wrote

if you are gonna watch videos on tiktok for so long better put your brightness at the lowest to avoid sunburn on the screen display, just an advice.


Ackeskywalker t1_j1r8c6a wrote

I had my reddit avatar in the corner of my phone for a while


Awkward-Life314 t1_j1po6um wrote

it's not "sun" burn lmao

it's oled screen burn-in and it's permanent.

The sun does not have to do with any of this, leave him alone fgs.


OkCommunication5792 t1_j1preed wrote

i know bro, just making laughs here. chill, but for real the sunburn term got me like 🤣😭


TonopahDawn t1_j1oifez wrote

Yeah that's the dreaded OLED screen burn in from long term usage. If you download a gray background off google images and blow it up to fill in your whole screen I guarantee you'll see burn in from the battery, cell bar signal, and clock icons at the top of your display since they are constantly illuminated for long periods of time (depending if you use dark mode often).

Definitely annoying but totally normal after a few years of use. My 12 pro max had it before I got my 14 pro.


mehdotdotdotdot t1_j1osz7q wrote

Not normal at all. Only if you run at max brightness and heat the phone up. My old xs is still going strong with zero burn in. I do take care of my phones though. Also my 11 pro has zero burn in.


kian_ t1_j1pmz1d wrote

just chiming in with my anecdote as well, i bought my XS used in mid-2019 and i’ve had no minimal issues with burn in (even though i probably have reddit open an average of 5 hours a day). i rarely use brightness past 50% though, usually around 25-35%.

edit: just checked, i have some mild burn in where the time and cell/wifi bars are, but that’s it.


TonopahDawn t1_j1q910z wrote

I always run my screen brightness at around 30-40% brightness for battery saving purposes and I still had it on my XS, 11 pro, and 12 pro. But hey, everyone has a different experience


LivingBuzzard55 t1_j1pt6pa wrote

It’s called screen burn in. Was this phone purchased as used or refurbished? Are you addicted to tiktok? How many hours do you spend on tiktok?


_Suspended_Account_ t1_j1p1pg7 wrote

So glad I never got into TikTok. I see posts like this every few weeks, and it’s always the damn TikTok UI burned in. The app seems to be a cancer, both for the person AND the phone lol


nikolatech t1_j1pdose wrote

That app is cancer, and people who use it for hours are like zombies, cancer ffs


753UDKM t1_j1q6csv wrote

And by cancer you mean a really good time


_Suspended_Account_ t1_j1quqxi wrote

Lol it’s definitely subjective, mostly by age. I’m going to guess you’re somewhere between 19 and 24 years old, right? If you’re any older and you still enjoy it, you might have developmental issues.


753UDKM t1_j1qxkuo wrote

I’m 39 and sometimes I just need a break from work and want a good laugh. No need to go to insults.


_Suspended_Account_ t1_j1rbiua wrote

My bad, I thought you were the OP. If you’re 39 and you use TikTok, that’s fine, because you’re not using it so much that it’s burning into your display. Sorry for the insult. I’m sure I’m into things that you’re like “how tf can you enjoy that” lol


-K9V t1_j1rj5u9 wrote

That guess is way too high. Tiktok users are like 14 and below. At least the power users. I think they just managed to squeeze into the generation that were brought up by an iPad with infinite, seemingly AI generated “kids” videos. Tiktok is a cancer on society and the youth.


Hunter_Ware t1_j1pdukc wrote

Protip, use tiktok dark mode to avoid burn in on OLED screens. You only have to worry about this on every notched iPhone expect the iPhone 11 *and iPhone XR as the others have OLED screens.

It can still happen on non oled screens but by playing a simple “fix stuck pixels” or “fix screen retention” video playing at full brightness for half an hour, you can fix it.

This particular phone is an iPhone XS, which has an OLED screen. That is going to be there forever… (or at least until you replace the screen)

There do exist ways to “fix” OLED burn in and that is by equally burning out all of the pixels around it.

Really, it’s more like fizzling out.

“Fixing” burn in on an OLED screen will almost always leave some remanence of burn in. It will also make the peak brightness a lot darker because it’s making all of the other perfectly working pixels around the burnt in pixels the same brightness basically.

Tell me if I can explain anything better or I’ve messed something up. This is all off of the top of my head and it’s 3am so I’ll edit this to correct any mistakes I have made. Re-reading it now reveals no errors, grammatically or logically.


You’re stuck with burn in forever. Get a screen replacement


owais_am t1_j1qpg0f wrote

You’ve got a grammatical error. A typo probably: 2nd paragraph. I think you mean “by playing”. Had to read that paragraph 4 times. 🙃


ArcherLabs t1_j1ommus wrote

Yeah Tik Tok is what keeps getting stuck on my screen too. After I noticed the add button stuck, I decided to add a time limiter lol


ThrowYourDreamsAway t1_j1pxezh wrote

The issue isn't even the "too much TikTok", it's more likely "too much TikTok with the screen brightness cranked up for long periods".


f-as-in-frank t1_j1pi139 wrote

you know you're addicted to tiktok when...


dattebayo_7 t1_j1ppca6 wrote

Your XS has been possessed by TikTok. Call the Warrens


playaplays777 t1_j1q0sot wrote

That's the beauty of OLED displays! Literally how AAPL became one trillion dollar company


FlamboyantRaccoon61 t1_j1q7esk wrote

I've had like 6 or 7 iphones so far and not a single screen burn. Some people are just unlucky I guess? I just don't think it happens enough for us to say that this is literally the reason behind apple's profits


Stringsandattractors t1_j1q8j1k wrote

When it’s been on phones for a lot longer than apple have used them and they’ve probably burnt in a lot worse!


RedditMarcus_ t1_j1p2yyj wrote

I had this happen on my iPhone 7 Plus somehow


Hunter_Ware t1_j1pdfqu wrote

Screen retention is what you call “burn in” on non oled screens. It can be solved with a video made to fix image retention playing at 100% brightness for half an hour.


Class_444_SWR t1_j1pu7n2 wrote

For me on an SE 2nd Gen it will just go away after a while once it’s off that image


zurik97 t1_j1p670x wrote

Rarely burn in happen on LCD displays , unless the display quality is a crap.


EnteiCosmos t1_j1qx4e1 wrote

My 7 Plus also had this issue very badly too. It was very off-putting lol.


xMETRIIK t1_j1oshur wrote

It's burn in ghost image. You can try using it in night mode for a while and try to even out the burn. Not sure if thats possible on TikTok tho I don't use it.


Darkmage4 t1_j1pa5op wrote

Usually low brightness helps keep the burn in down. Also limiting your time on TikTok. If you spend 2-3 hours a day usually straight doom scrolling, it’ll burn in. I usually watch for 30 minutes with a low brightness, then go to another app for awhile with moving pictures throughout the entire screen or I would usually scroll Reddit for a bit to refresh the pixels in that area to something different.


ShitpostingLore t1_j1ply5o wrote

That's a sign that you have now consumed enough garbage.


Skyhill55 t1_j1pphrj wrote

My iPhone X has a similar problem, instagram icons got screenburnt


Ok-Metal2887 t1_j1pr4mk wrote

Lmao. Used Tik Tok too much and you get screen burn in. The display shouldn't display static images for too long because it results in screen burn in and dead pixels.


MirkoLord t1_j1pssi0 wrote

Thats the clear sign you are tiktoking too much 😂


Inevitable_Ad_7326 t1_j1qoea4 wrote

Sunburn ahahahah. No OP, it’s OLED burn in, meaning that when you leave a static image on an oled panel for too long , it stays there forever. Hence “burnt” in.


Tzagor t1_j1pm6pj wrote

How much time do you spend on TikTok?


OptimusTron222 t1_j1pmn8x wrote

Screen burns are displaying in your iPhone. Try tomuse tik tok less with lower brightness(the higher the brightness the faster the screen burns)


beanie_0 t1_j1pnuwv wrote

Yeah looks like burn in. Just find a white picture on google, turn the brightness right up and leave it for 5 mins


bradynmarch t1_j1poer3 wrote

Burn in or shitty wallpaper screenshot? Try different wallpaper..


Several-Ad-4187 t1_j1pr7y4 wrote

oled screen burn in,thats why i prefer lcd screen


Not-Poirot t1_j1pubrd wrote

God wants you to read the book “Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport”.



Rafa_10 t1_j1qquuv wrote

On my XR happen a lot.. I don’t know what it is


mikepoland t1_j1r3a4e wrote

Luckily there are apps that you can use that will correct it. It will take an hour or two but they do work.


joecollette t1_j1r9267 wrote

Try rubbing some aloe on the screen. It may not fix the issue, but should ease the pain.


3dforlife t1_j1rclv8 wrote

Yes, he caught too much sun.


wah_modiji t1_j1oyqas wrote

Yeah you forgot to use your SPF 500 cream on the screen man


Awkward-Life314 t1_j1po169 wrote

yeah sunburned lol..... use some sunscreen 🧴


Dude10120 t1_j1pxgwc wrote

Put some sunscreen on ur phone lol😂😂


VapidRapidRabbit t1_j1q22to wrote

I’d Dark Mode and lower the brightness level.


n8best t1_j1q474h wrote

It broke


BrownForce t1_j1q53sw wrote

Wow. The amount of hours needed to cause this kind of burn-in is INSANE! I’m surprised you still function with all that time exposed to mental poison.


jacobeatsavocados t1_j1qbhqi wrote

This happened to my dad’s Samsung S9+, he got screen burn in from Instagram.


CouchHam t1_j1qd3ej wrote

How the hell. I used reddit constantly but still not that much.


collgab t1_j1qfiv8 wrote

Same happened on my samsung galaxy s9+… i think the tiktok white icons with black background make it more susceptible to burn in


PapaGroot21 t1_j1qfyu9 wrote

Yea it’s sunburnt 😂 no it’s called burn in and if you have the XS I think it’s still LED or their old LCD panel they switched to OLED (I think) on the iPhone 11 and later. Turn the brightness down a bit might help make them disappear


AnonAltProfile t1_j1qjiqd wrote

Bro everybody knows you have to put sunscreen on your display when leaving your home


agentelite t1_j1qk5od wrote

Bro is using TikTok light mode


lostinthespace- t1_j1qm3f8 wrote

screen burn. only thing you can do is to replace the LCD


Mr-RS182 t1_j1qs42c wrote

Looks like burn in. You can watch videos on YouTube that will in some cases clear it up


landenone t1_j1qt9a4 wrote

Yep, burn in. People like to act as if it isn’t an issue with phones however my last two phones have had OLED burn in. Starts around year 3.

My X had burn in from the notification tray and the keyboard. There’s nothing you can do if you are somewhat of a power user beyond ignoring.


theSPEEDCAT t1_j1qwdly wrote

I take it you’ve been burning hours in tiktok?


Kammen1990 t1_j1qwlxl wrote

Please tell me how many hours of TikTok do you watch? 😂


EnteiCosmos t1_j1qww9t wrote

My 13 Pro has no burn-in whatsoever. But yeah, to burn-in a modern display like that. It’s either a crap ton of hours you spent on full brightness in that particular app or just a cheap display. Would like to think its the former especially at damn near full brightness.


Sleeponitgirls t1_j1qwzix wrote

Another reason why Tik Tok is what’s wrong with this world.


YawaruSan t1_j1qyl6n wrote

Yeah, that’s the sunburned icon, it’s scratch and sniff, very high tech!


CautiousCheeseCake42 t1_j1rgb6d wrote

Most Samsungs before the s10 series had this issue, my old s6, s7, and s8 active all had a major burn in on the screen


jamitech t1_j1rlo53 wrote

Screen burn in


neil890 t1_j1rs8ck wrote

I’ve had my XS since launch and it doesn’t have that. I would say your display is faulty.


lucellent t1_j1s7719 wrote

That's why kids, we use dark mode...


MegatronsJuice t1_j1s8iqq wrote

Im guessing you fall asleep watching tik tok huh


djmexi t1_j1sdeec wrote

It’s called burn in


Longjumping_Cup_1777 t1_j1t6qai wrote

Technically a sunburn would be a burn caused by the sun, which isn’t the case here, so no, it wouldn’t be a sunburn


Paranomac t1_j1oq9c2 wrote

yep, it's screen burn, my 6s suffers from the same but not from usage, but because of it's 7yr old display probably

edit: seems that many ppl watch p*rn 7h/d lol


guygonzo t1_j1oexrf wrote

It’s called burn in. Are you using a third party display?