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GoodFroge t1_j0g39lz wrote

Like others have said, it’s going to be stripped for parts.

But, beware! An extra part of this is that you’ll start getting phishing texts to try and trick you into unblocking the phone. Do NOT respond to them or click on anything they send you.


BZXY741 OP t1_j0g3ury wrote

O right! Thank you very much for reminding, I didn’t know this


unsteadied t1_j0gfrfq wrote

Got these for literal months after I got robbed at gunpoint while living briefly in Colombia. They didn’t stop until I logged onto the phishing site and filled in the password and email fields with “go fuck yourself you thieving cunts” en espanol.


chiahri t1_j0g61h9 wrote

Oh that makes sense cuz we have this online shop that directly sells from china and they have a lot of “original iphone parts” in stock, always been wondering how they got it, I thought they had it as a surplus from factories. Sucks that it came from stolen devices


josiahw79 t1_j0gpce3 wrote

What is the link to this website that you speak of if you don’t mind?


chiahri t1_j0gpsta wrote

Shopee and Aliexpress


josiahw79 t1_j0ib90a wrote

hm. surprising aliexpress has genuine anything regarding iphone parts, thanks though


inno7 t1_j0hofkw wrote

Question- is there anything bad that can happen if I only click the link and later close the tab?


Creative_Addition736 t1_j0hzhco wrote

Depends what device your using. iPhone, definitely not (unless you click something on the website), Mac, probably not, Android, potentially, Windows, highly likely


AbhishMuk t1_j0iigsw wrote

I get that this is an iPhone subreddit, but fyi Android exploits go for much higher than iOS ones. Iirc zerodium has a “periodic” table with the reward money for every level.

Edit: see

>Quote: “The zero-day market is so flooded by iOS exploits that we've recently started refusing some them," Zerodium's founder Chaouki Bekrar wrote

And this has been so for a while - the article is from 2019, but current top payouts are still 2 & 2.5 mil for iOS/android on

Re-edit: ofc I was downvoted for giving detailed information, why am I not surprised


Creative_Addition736 t1_j0iv4na wrote

Thanks, I don’t have time yet to read them, but I assume these are text vulnerabilities? The closed architecture of iOS makes it very hard to exploit, which may be the reason for the cheaper iPhone Vulnerability prices? It might not work against the System Architecture


AbhishMuk t1_j0jgoev wrote

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with what you mean by system architecture or text vulnerabilities in this context. The wired article talked about iOS having memory vulnerabilities.


rust-crate-helper t1_j0ibe40 wrote

This isn’t really accurate. Not only would a zero day not require clicking, but windows zero days are really not that common. I doubt a phone thief would have one. Maybe a certain Israeli security company.


Colefinney1234onyt t1_j0gi9k5 wrote

Maby you should you most likely will never get the phone back so why let it be iCloud locked


joshi95 t1_j0gkubu wrote

And give the thieves wat they want? Why would you?


Colefinney1234onyt t1_j0gle5y wrote

You ant geting that phone back would you want it to be ewast or at least have some use. Lots of phones fall victims to iCloud lock would you make another one.


linsage t1_j0gt8nl wrote

Woah that’s some communist idealogy you’ve got there.


BarneyrealG t1_j0gufqq wrote

“someone just stole you 1000$ dollar phone you worked so hard for, let the thieves be able to get away with it”

yeah thats the most ridiculous shit i’ve ever read in here not gonna lie


linsage t1_j0guza8 wrote

Right like… mayyybe making thieves lives more difficult will encourage them to find different careers??


bigsmallhands t1_j0gvtk0 wrote

Exactly. Scammers and thieves only keep doing what they do because they get rewards. People need to keep the lights on somehow and if they aren't getting any "business" they will quit and find something else to do.


francis8721 t1_j0gwscj wrote

They have the software to remove iCloud activation via rootkit so either way our devices are history.


bigsmallhands t1_j0h65u4 wrote

Yeah I have a hard time believing that with how many devices are for sale with iCloud lock on them. If it was easy or at least possible to remove the lock, you’d sure think these large eBay sellers would do it to be able to sell devices for more money. Also iCloud lock is administered through the phone contacting Apples servers when it’s connected to the internet, so removing the lock wouldn’t work unless the device somehow stayed offline from Wi-Fi and cellular data which is unrealistic as doing anything these days needs some form of connection to the internet. The only way to get around the lock would be to change the serial number and IMEI so that way when it phones home to apples server, it would show as a device that wasn’t locked.


bayleafbabe t1_j0he61l wrote

It’s pretty dumb but let’s not confuse it with communism.


Xindependent777 t1_j0i9fs1 wrote

Of course i don’t give a fck about ewaste lol


Colefinney1234onyt t1_j0idls0 wrote

Then why don’t you put it in lost mode if you did not and get the police involved if you have not allredy Maby they could go to that location and get them back


Xindependent777 t1_j0lr46w wrote

Yeah because Police in chine will bother to help a foreigner help recover his stolen iPhone from the chinese mafia like community of resellers.. as if putting it lost mode will help so they don’t disassemble it lol


EndlessWondersWisps t1_j0f5ayg wrote

That phone is worth a few hunned depending on the physical condition, same for the MacBook. China is tech parts central.


WalterMelons t1_j0ggkae wrote

Specifically Shenzhen. Every post you see about stolen goods turning up on Find My it’s always there.


EndlessWondersWisps t1_j0hlbqc wrote

Yup as a phone tech I’ve experienced so many scam attempts. Many phones that are scammed off people go to Florida. Maybe shipped maybe torn down, along with phishing attempts to remove iC locks to have a full value device.

Apple tried to make stealing devices not a good idea, but with devices worth so much, the parts definitely are worth it. Most definitely a trafficking ring for Apple devices


DTUOHY96 t1_j0fzs2b wrote

Most likely going to be stripped for parts and sold, stolen phones etc aren’t useful for much else


Western-Guy t1_j0fzx3o wrote

My guess is it’d be soon stripped for parts and sold to various repair shops around the world via Aliexpress. Sorry for your loss. I hope you have Apple Care plus.


BZXY741 OP t1_j0g51py wrote

Sadly Apple Care Plus in the country I bought didn’t have Theft and Loss Claims.. sigh


BZXY741 OP t1_j0f85w4 wrote

I am wondering if there are any more information can be checked from my apple account since I am using Apple Watch, iPhone, Macs all the time:(


[deleted] t1_j0fyrmw wrote



BethWinchester t1_j0g2go0 wrote

Stolen bag? I can imagine a lot of ways this could happen


BZXY741 OP t1_j0g329l wrote

yea it is in my briefcase with a Magic Mouse and AirPods pro, stolen also.. it has been the saddest day ever


Tillthechequeredflag t1_j0glsm0 wrote

go to r/stoicism if you are having a hard time, you’ll find peace and comfort


cyprus20010 t1_j0gckrt wrote

Go track them down murder them and all the witnesses and get your phone back


Huhken99 t1_j0ge45z wrote

Hey OP I’m in Shenzhen, do you need any help?


BZXY741 OP t1_j0ggm4m wrote

Thank you very much! Based on Find My, it should be in “通天地通讯城” But I am not sure how we can track it inside the building. It was first in Sham Shui Po area, Hong Kong last week, and I have been on spot to search and ask, could not locate it inside buildings at all:(


Huhken99 t1_j0gl1sd wrote

I see, don’t spend anymore time there but please don’t give up just yet. Search “找回iPhone” on Taobao and they might be able to help you out, you might need to get police involved if they can locate it. Hope this helps!


Playep t1_j0humd7 wrote

Sorry about this OP. There’s often dodgy people around Shum Shui Po


tthrashh t1_j0gvps3 wrote

I was mugged in London back in the Summer and this is near enough where mine ended up too. Sucks.


stop_lying_good_god t1_j0gmgv2 wrote

Send in the Predator and Reaper drones equipped with Hellfire missiles.

Teach these thieves a lesson.


a-big-simp t1_j0gpuo1 wrote

Rip. Always ends up in this place. No wonder apple stopped producing high-end iPhone models in their Shenzhen Foxconn factory.


seimungbing t1_j0hsobt wrote

this location is the reason why apple wants to serialize every part in their products.


Xindependent777 t1_j0i95d8 wrote

Shenzhen rip devices they are going to the markets, to be taken apart and sold part by part


Takane350 t1_j0hq2ut wrote

Make a shortcut to make the find my iPhone chirp always go off


codysonne t1_j0htf5l wrote

Happened to me too. Phone was stolen in Vegas and ended up on songling road in shenzhen hahaha


itsfeykro t1_j0i78va wrote

Not very bing chilli of them


DeLaArapaklas t1_j0kdp2d wrote

first thing to do in China is get out of there

rip that phone


tornow1500 t1_j0itv9t wrote

I Hope you got insurance


mylord55 t1_j0ih14t wrote

They want to go back home now


BZXY741 OP t1_j0k26ge wrote

Thank you for all the commends! So the iPhone is still at the same spot today and I received a message an hour ago, is this a fraud or legit?


whatsadmin t1_j0mf0c2 wrote

That is NOT legit


BZXY741 OP t1_j0ngt8m wrote

Ok, they even sent it again with another language lol


whatsadmin t1_j0olcy5 wrote

Please don’t give any hope at this point As long as you marked it as lost and signed out the device Did you swap phone numbers as well?


BZXY741 OP t1_j0ppev7 wrote

Yes, this was the first thing I do.


whatsadmin t1_j0rbx1u wrote

Great stuff. I praise apple for its lost and found features

Which iPhone model did you end up getting as a replacement?


[deleted] t1_j0hwnya wrote



myth2988 t1_j0ksgjm wrote

You gotta cross the border, pretty sure you gotta get a visa to do that.


MurkyFoundation2132 t1_j0lkea1 wrote

oh damn i thought hong kong was in china


myth2988 t1_j0llj2p wrote

Technically yes, but the location where the phone got stolen and end up has different set of rules, regulations and border crossing.