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Sylvurphlame t1_j23ozc4 wrote

I was sitting here (looking at your user flair) for a hot second trying to figure out how in the hell you have a functioning iPhone 3G in 2022. Lol. and this was after I wondered “huh, what widget is that?”

Lmao. It’s early for me.

But yeah, “Landscape Status Bar in Portrait Orientation” bug. Haven’t seen that for a minute. If you haven’t tried it yet, turn portrait lock on and off, rotate the device back and forth, and/or do a restart. Should clear up.


N0Xc2j t1_j23w4uo wrote

Love the widget! What one is it?


ImpartialHawk t1_j24f8ai wrote

Imagine thinking people will judge you for your carrier. What are you on, US Cellular? It doesn't matter, my dude. No one cares.

Rotation bug with the status bar. Been around for a few major versions (it was in iOS 15, maybe 14 as well). Usually harmless. Though, I usually see it go down the right side.


Diastolic t1_j24zune wrote

Imagine feeling the need to blank out your carrier? 😂


dancingkisses t1_j25wc8l wrote

That use to happen to me on my iphone 5s with the top icons like the wifi would be in landscape mode.