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blueskyn01se t1_j2dk4ie wrote

Just wanted to say thanks for helping me find another utility app to download, hahaha. I absolutely love hoarding these sorts of utility apps that show me technical details and stats about my device. Had never seen this one before 👍


X6benzine OP t1_j2dsg96 wrote here is a shortcut utility for the battery, im sure you will appreciate it 😁


xsacter t1_j2e4va1 wrote

I never got that one to work for me, keeps telling me to go to analytics data but what am I looking for exactly


X6benzine OP t1_j2ebup0 wrote

U need to go to settings/privacy&security/ scroll down to analytics & improvements / analytics data, then check for the last analytics data file, open the file, then hit the share toogle up top, scroll down and u will see battery stats press then and it will show the data, if u have share analytic data turned off, turn it on then do a overnight charging session, in the morning u will see the file pop out


Pauliboo2 t1_j2fnr5v wrote

That’s brilliant thanks for sharing, it gave me the battery status of both my iPhone 12 Pro (577 cycles, 86.3%) and my series 1 Apple Watch SE (356 cycles, 82.9%)


dubtrainz-next t1_j2dtafg wrote

Care to share some?


blueskyn01se t1_j2dytku wrote

Hell yeah man. Here’s a screenshot of my admin folder:

  1. Fing is a network scanner. You can use it to get information about your current internet connection. It can scan your Wi-Fi to detect other devices that are connected to the network, alert you if any unknown devices try to connect, run speed tests, find open ports and security vulnerabilities on your router, and you can use ping and traceroute tools.
  2. Usage - System Widgets will tell you all about your phone’s storage breakdown, memory usage, network details, and tons of detailed hardware and software specs about your device. And you can create custom widgets with any of this information!
  3. Network Utility is very similar to Fing, but you can also track data sent and received over a monitored period of time.
  4. Net Analyzer is yet another network information app. Only new functionality compared to the other ones is its ability to also analyze any connected VPNs
  5. System Status has a bunch of fun technical information it’s great. but my favorite thing is the real-time graphs it provides of your phones cpu and memory usage, and network activity.
  6. BT Inspector will scan for any nearby Bluetooth devices, which you can then connect to and interrogate to find out information about them
  7. CPU-x will give you super detailed technical information about your phone’s hardware, and it has diagnostic tools you can use to check out how your device is performing. it can also clean up memory usage
  8. iCharging will give you tons of details about your phone’s battery, and you can use it to run tests to determine the speed and capacity of your chargers
  9. Ampere Test, similarly, can test charging speeds. It can also measure the battery usage of your other apps

Pretty cool, right?? :D …. god im such a nerd lmao


breakingcustoms t1_j2f9ell wrote

Thanks for this! I’ve always wanted to dabble in this stuff, so I downloaded the whole folder of apps to try out


btk79 t1_j2fn4xg wrote

Nice! Is there an app to measure the temperature of the device?


human__body t1_j2dzx27 wrote

Yooo send screenshot of that folder


blueskyn01se t1_j2e3zmt wrote

Check out the other reply I just posted to this thread :) I shared a screenshot and some deets about my fave utility apps


bc032 t1_j2dj45r wrote

Is there a task you would perform on your phone where you would notice the difference in storage speeds?


X6benzine OP t1_j2ds61d wrote

Absolutely not, but this is the reason why 128 still doesn’t have 4K pro ress


reddit0r_123 t1_j2ef393 wrote

The 128GB model is fast enough for ProRes 4K. But it would fill up ridiculously fast.


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j2f7ivo wrote

Did Apple ever said this or are you making this up?

I believe (no Apple comment here) that the 128gb version would simply fill up too fast. But it’s totally capable.


fuelvolts t1_j2ekh34 wrote

Count me in the 128 Pro gang. I literally store nothing in my phone and it’s a glorified still photo camera , GPS, and music streaming device that happens to also make phone calls.

The speeds are way more than I need. But understand why people could be concerned with speeds.


Retops t1_j2dxrmt wrote

Very interesting readings. Thanks for showing us something new. I will definitely check my phones.


LowTierStudent t1_j2ee8qs wrote

Hope someone can share 512GB and 1TB variants


trojuhelnik t1_j2evodc wrote

It depends how much free space you have left. If you have full storage with 1 gb free, it will be slow as hell.


cedarpangolin t1_j2dxg1w wrote

Compare transfer speeds through lightning port of 13 pro Max and 14 pro max and die inside a little. 14 pro max is using 20 year old usb tech - they went backwards in quality on several crucial components of the 14 lineup for cost and availability issues. Should’ve just delayed launch.


X6benzine OP t1_j2ed1pt wrote

I can see worrying about this when u do intensive filming with your phone, but for me who i use a phone by taking some casual videos and photos, ive never used the cable for anything besides charging, just bought some extra i cloud storage and everything is fine for me.


cedarpangolin t1_j2edmrk wrote

Agree, it’s just the concept pisses me off lol


X6benzine OP t1_j2eegr7 wrote

Exactly, the reason why i made this post, even though your case is more involving than mine which basically a capitalist thing 😂


xShinGouki t1_j2ei1eh wrote

It’s mostly write speeds that are improved. That’s where the significance really is. Good news is most of our work done on a phone is read speeds. Which are similar and likely not noticeable


FizzY2239 t1_j2ez3n2 wrote


siraaerisoii t1_j2f12bi wrote

Amount of storage free plays a part as well


FizzY2239 t1_j2f7yet wrote

I'm gonna test that again when storage gets fuller then. 54 gigs free as of now


Baodinh94 t1_j2ffkhf wrote

It also happens with iPad pro, I bought 128 and 256 ssd iPad pro 11 M1, the gap is pretty big. Apple forces user to buy larger ssd.


X6benzine OP t1_j2fiaik wrote

Im curious to see the speeds on the 64 gb models


Jimbonatius t1_j2fvgak wrote

Damn, my 1tb iPhone 14 pro max is slower than the 256gb?


Lunafreya_NoxF t1_j2f7pfn wrote

And yet the über slow Lightning conector.

Like all these speed that could transfer your 50k photos or ProRES video and you’re stuck with…