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youthcanoe t1_j5gwrpm wrote

iPhone 3G was my first back in 2008. Great times


jmedina94 t1_j5h60mn wrote

There were a small amount of other students at my high school that had iPhones around then. My parents would’ve just laughed at me if I asked for one. I had an iPod Touch though.


cedarpangolin t1_j5hkquv wrote

iPhone 4 design with latest SE 3 specs and edge to edge display would be such a smash hit in 2023.


abcpdo t1_j5ielll wrote iPhone 13 mini?


cedarpangolin t1_j5j30h8 wrote

I do love the 13 mini but it’s a little taller and thinner than the 4 design. I honestly loved my 4S so much lol


Business-Parsnip-939 t1_j5hyzzb wrote

Would need a better battery though, these old phones would drain all the way in a day not not even using it


PeanutButterChicken t1_j5im4x5 wrote

It would be so good that it won't sell at all and force Apple to stop making them


SequentialRights t1_j5srhgy wrote

No it wouldn't lol literally no one would buy it

Even the two dozen people demanding the 12 and 13 mini didn't buy them


h1r0ll3r t1_j5gzjsh wrote

iPhone 3G was my first. I thought people have to be a fucking moron to pay $500-$600 for a phone. Even with the carrier subsidies back in the day. Like please, how stupid is that?

Fast forward ~15 years and I really just can’t fathom life without my iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB.


GavinG15 t1_j5i50ag wrote

Bottom right was the one I got, good times on that


speeljepiano t1_j5hjd1v wrote

I love the iPhone 4 and the iOS that went with it. Incredible design


plan_mm t1_j5gmuy3 wrote

I wish I was patient enough to wait for the 2008 iPhone 3G with my Philippine telco rather than importing a ATT 2007 iPhone 2G and use hacks to make it work with my country's SIM.

Another regret was not getting the next largest storage space as base storage was not usable until 32GB became base model with the 2016 iPhone 7 Plus


h0w_u_doin t1_j5hjxv8 wrote

Imagine the next iPhone, having the design of the back plate of the first iPod touch, the third one or the fourth one that would be sleek. Of course the sides will be contoured towards the back glass to have wireless charging or maybe make a iPhone that doesn’t have wireless charging. I’ll be down for that with the full metal casing.


TAbramson15 t1_j5iuid0 wrote

The iPhone 4s in black and the iPhone 5 in black with that blueish tint, are still the sexiest iPhones that ever existed. They were so ahead of their time it’s insane.

Also am I the only one that misses the old realism design of iOS, with the notes app looking like actual notepad paper, the old 3D look to the icons and such. The ones that had the old stock iPhone YouTube app! I liked those app icon designs way more than what we currently have.. imagine those icons but on our modern almost 2k resolution displays, how crisp and amazing theyd look. Hell I’d even prefer if apple used the new Mac OS icons on iPhone, they’re more 3D.


KingOfTheCouch13 t1_j5inchs wrote

Someone posted something similar last week. People here called them weird and downvoted me to hell when I said it’s no different than any other collection.

Anyway, nice collection!


NohrianInstinct t1_j5iac5l wrote

This brings memories. Miss the 3GS. Favorite iPod.


Darkmage4 t1_j5iqbrv wrote

I had the iPod 2nd gen and iPod 4th gen. The iPhone 14 pro max is my first iPhone.


tha_oz t1_j5j120f wrote

I remember I wanted the iPod touch so badly when I was in middle school in 2013


xShinGouki t1_j5j93oy wrote

That all metal iPod. Nice design. Would love for that to come back. Don’t need cases just a screen protector


Tiny-Ice-5379 t1_j5jn2fw wrote

the iPhone 4/4s are my fav and will forever be, i never owned one tho :( my cousin had it and the design was simply beautiful, down to the last bit of it


Explicitt t1_j5m8j7o wrote

First iPhone was the 4 and I thought I was living in the future back then.