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cedarpangolin t1_j5hkquv wrote

iPhone 4 design with latest SE 3 specs and edge to edge display would be such a smash hit in 2023.


abcpdo t1_j5ielll wrote iPhone 13 mini?


cedarpangolin t1_j5j30h8 wrote

I do love the 13 mini but it’s a little taller and thinner than the 4 design. I honestly loved my 4S so much lol


Business-Parsnip-939 t1_j5hyzzb wrote

Would need a better battery though, these old phones would drain all the way in a day not not even using it


PeanutButterChicken t1_j5im4x5 wrote

It would be so good that it won't sell at all and force Apple to stop making them


SequentialRights t1_j5srhgy wrote

No it wouldn't lol literally no one would buy it

Even the two dozen people demanding the 12 and 13 mini didn't buy them